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Carolines World | Style with Isabelle   4 nov 2014 09:03   by Style with Isabelle
In a little less than 2 months, my dude and I as well as a couple of friends are flying to Barbados, and from there planning to boat hop around the Grenadines up to St. Vincent. You guys are always so good when it comes to travel tips- so reaching out to you here again! Anyone who has any experience from the Grenadines- what Islands should I not miss along the chain up to St Vincent? Restuarants? Excurssions? Beaches? Suggestions on Barbados and other islands around are of course more than welcome as well, as we may change or mind and go further up to Gaudeloupe or St Lucia as well. Looks like pure paradise.

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Carolines World | Style with Isabelle   2 nov 2014 16:37   by Style with Isabelle
Last week I went to my new hairdresser for the second time and let her work her magic! I'm quite picky about my hair and hardly ever have it dyed or cut- but I let Nathalie decide what to do. We put in a darker color in the roots- ridding my hair of those red and light tones, and cut up and layered the front which frame my face. I have quite frizzy hair naturally - you should see me in a humid climate- and have thought about getting a brazilian blowout for years (but have read such mixed reviews and the cost has scared me of a bit considering the lenght and thickness of my hair it would cost a small fortune or rather a new bag). Nathalie introduced me to Kerastasé 's fusio dose- a deep nutrition treatment which will rid my hair of its dryness, lack of gloss and frizziness- We're going do a dosage every other 4-6 weeks, and my hair already feels way softer and healthier but it's going to be interesting to see if it holds up after a couple of washes at home. So far I'm loving this Jaclyn Smith / Charlie´s Angels look!


Carolines World | Style with Isabelle   31 okt 2014 08:32   by Style with Isabelle

First- Happy Halloween!!

Wearing sneakers from Zara, Jeans from Lindex, and my favorit secondhand piece- this fur that I got at a flea market in Berlin last year.

For those of you whom follow me on instragram you'll have seen that I was at the hairdressers yesterday for a complete fix up, cut and color. I am so pleased! Will show some before and after pics soon. (above is obviously before)
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