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Carolines World | Style with Isabelle   24 mar 2014 10:52   by Style with Isabelle
As most of you probably know I have extremely thick, wavy, voluminous hair- and you know the grass is always greener on the other side. I hate washing my hair as drying and taming it is such a hassle- it can take me up to 2 hours with a blow dryer to get control over my mane. But now finally I have found the perfect flat iron! I didn't think it was possible to get my hair straight in such a short amount of time. Seriously within 15 minutes my locks are straight! The people who founded ghd are behind Cloud 9. The C9 touch which I have, heats up instantly and have you not used it within 30 seconds it automatically turn off (!) no more running back to the apartement to check that you turned it off- which I always do with all my utilites- hello OCD. It sounds so cliche to say but my life just got a whole lot easier when it comes to my hair rutines- and to not mention the money I'll be saving not going to the hairdressers for a blow out that lasts 3-4 days.

Karl's Emoji's

Carolines World | Style with Isabelle   15 mar 2014 19:40   by Style with Isabelle
Ok so seriously this is one of the best apps to come out of app store since Candy Crush- Emoji's featuring Karl Lagerfeld, his kitten Choupette, and his many glove dressed hand gestures. How much do we fashionistas love this? The only down side is that the app doesn't link with your iPhone keyboard like your regular emoji's so you can't use them in your texts but you can save them to your photos, link directly to instagram, facebook, twitter etc. I've been having fun with this for the past hour and a half haha.


Carolines World | Style with Isabelle   15 mar 2014 00:39   by Style with Isabelle
This week has been really good, besides that I feel healthy (hello 4 times at the gym and lots of protien!), I landed a HUGE styling job this week which has always been sort of a dream to work on. The summers workwise for a freelance TV stylist are usually quite uncertain and quiet since most productions that film and produce during the season are few and not many require styling assistance, so now knowing that my summer calender is taken care of is also of course quite a relief. Now I just wanted summer to arrive even quicker (imagine the backlash when I walked home from the studio just now in snow mixed rain) and I have about a million ideas in my head. Hard work pays of, so does believing in yourself and trusting your instincts. And rewarding yourself is just as important and thats why i believe a new bag is in order for me.
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