Carolines World | Style with Isabelle   15 mar 2014 00:39   by Style with Isabelle
This week has been really good, besides that I feel healthy (hello 4 times at the gym and lots of protien!), I landed a HUGE styling job this week which has always been sort of a dream to work on. The summers workwise for a freelance TV stylist are usually quite uncertain and quiet since most productions that film and produce during the season are few and not many require styling assistance, so now knowing that my summer calender is taken care of is also of course quite a relief. Now I just wanted summer to arrive even quicker (imagine the backlash when I walked home from the studio just now in snow mixed rain) and I have about a million ideas in my head. Hard work pays of, so does believing in yourself and trusting your instincts. And rewarding yourself is just as important and thats why i believe a new bag is in order for me.

Charles, Harry and Keith

Carolines World | Style with Isabelle   14 mar 2014 14:26   by Style with Isabelle
There was something about these earrings when I first laid eyes on them, maybe it was the stones, the horrible puke green color, the vintage feel as if I'd found them in my great grandmothers jewelry box, or again that terrible green color that somehow makes them feel so luxurious and expensive, I bought them and I love them. From Charles, Harry & Keith.

Shape Up!

Carolines World | Style with Isabelle   14 mar 2014 05:53   by Style with Isabelle
I don't know if I've mentioned this here before but I figure as fashion & beauty editor for the magazine Shape Up and each issue I have a page where you can ask me annything regarding those two topics, from which shoes to buy for spring to the difference between sythetic and natural hair make up brushes. Anyways the latest issue is in store right now.
And speaking of Shaping Up, I got a new gym card earlier this week and have worked out 4 times thus far (it's only friday!) - My other half is very training orientated so I have the perfect Personal Trainer for free at home. We've relooked our dinners during weekdays, focusing on only eating greens and protien. My goal with this is to build some muscles, build a stronger back & posture (since I carry alot in my work, and POSTURE is everything) and of course perhaps raise my butt a few centimeters and get some booty. I know you guys always ask about my workout routine or how I stay so skinny and in shape, and to be honest I've always been a yoyo type of person when it comes to excersice, food and finding that motivation- so would you think this would be fun to follow? If i share some tips, before and after shots, recipes and dinner suggestions? COMMENT please!
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