Carolines World | Style with Isabelle   8 okt 2014 13:49   by Style with Isabelle
A look from Paris. Wearing asos jersey flares, zara tee and bag, slip ons from åhlens and a jacket from supertrash.


Carolines World | Style with Isabelle   4 okt 2014 11:59   by Style with Isabelle
I'm in Paris for the weekend for some shopping and quality time with my nieces- but first breakfast at le pain quotidien! Yum!


Carolines World | Style with Isabelle   3 okt 2014 07:56   by Style with Isabelle
Last week I did a 3 day juice cleans with Juica. I decided to their Kickstart (second level) since I've juiced before and done a raw food 5 day cleanse a couple of months ago. With Juica you drink 3 litres of juice per day- 6 bottles á la 500ml and as much water and herbal tea as you like. With the kickstart program you drink 3 green juices (compriced of kale, broccoli, spinach, apples, celleri, cucumber etc.) two lemonade like juices with lemon, ginger and cayenne pepper which is great for your digestion and blood circulation and my favorite one beetroot based one which is a little more 'meaty'. The first day was the worst- since Im quite the coffee drinker it was a little struggle for me not getting my coffeine, I hardly eat candy or sweets but realized there is some much sugar in a lot of the foods i eat and so being without those 'toxins' and cleansing them out of my body, made me quite tired, and gave a headache. The worst part is for sure the evenings- I just wanted it to be 7pm so I could go to bed- You really use up all your energy during the day. But with that said- what a feeling after 3 days! I felt so much lighter, I slept way better and now a week after I feel I've had plenty more energy at the gym- I feel stronger not just physically but also mentally. I didn't do this to loose weight or diet- but to test my mindset and clear out and give some love to my organs! Planning on doing another go in december- you know before the christmas feasts!
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