take a walk

Carolines World | Style with Isabelle   6 nov 2014 07:53   by Style with Isabelle
So woke up to the first snow here in Stockholm today! Also woke up with a sore throat and runny nose so perfect day to work from home, in PJ's and not the above outfit that I wore last week when the sun was out and streets were clean.


Carolines World | Style with Isabelle   5 nov 2014 11:42   by Style with Isabelle
Awhile back i got new glasses, finally, after 4 years with my Paul Smith. I got these from Favoptic- super fast delivery and so smart that you can upload your photo and try on different glasses digitally.

the caribbean

Carolines World | Style with Isabelle   4 nov 2014 09:03   by Style with Isabelle
In a little less than 2 months, my dude and I as well as a couple of friends are flying to Barbados, and from there planning to boat hop around the Grenadines up to St. Vincent. You guys are always so good when it comes to travel tips- so reaching out to you here again! Anyone who has any experience from the Grenadines- what Islands should I not miss along the chain up to St Vincent? Restuarants? Excurssions? Beaches? Suggestions on Barbados and other islands around are of course more than welcome as well, as we may change or mind and go further up to Gaudeloupe or St Lucia as well. Looks like pure paradise.
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