Carolines World | Style with Isabelle   9 okt 2014 08:37   by Style with Isabelle
I was planning on buying a bag whilst in Paris. I had my eyes on this seasons grey tweed Chanel flap bag- unfortunately when I got to the stores it was all sold out, which I think may have been a good thing for my wallet. So instead I opted for buying this Balenciaga A4 Papier Zip Around which I've also been eyeing for quite some time. Finally a black bag to my otherwise quite colorful collection, and a perfect everyday bag that fits everything.


Carolines World | Style with Isabelle   8 okt 2014 13:49   by Style with Isabelle
A look from Paris. Wearing asos jersey flares, zara tee and bag, slip ons from åhlens and a jacket from supertrash.


Carolines World | Style with Isabelle   4 okt 2014 11:59   by Style with Isabelle
I'm in Paris for the weekend for some shopping and quality time with my nieces- but first breakfast at le pain quotidien! Yum!
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