Labeled heels


New metallic heels from H&M- on sale for a 15 euro- a real catch!
tisdag 11 jun 2013 kl 08:23 | best of budget | new in shoes heels hm

the heel

Had a few Saint Laurent pieces in the studio yesterday and these heels are favorites- they make me think of Batman with the high pointed back. (You can follow me on instagram for more shoe inspiration - @isabellehawi)
onsdag 27 feb 2013 kl 07:28 | allure/beauty | work styling ysl saint laurent heels

saint laurent

Yum yum heels from Saint Laurent, get them here. Now lunch meeting, then Ix27m gonna try to squeeze in some shows, then some more work, and later Ix27ll be cooking up a feast for my dudex27s birthday, Happy Birthday love!
måndag 28 jan 2013 kl 10:48 | allure/beauty | inspiration in store heels saint laurent


These heels from Zara- think Ix27ve found my perfect pair of shoe wardrobe staples.
fredag 30 nov 2012 kl 14:45 | allure/beauty | shoes heels zara in my closet


Wish i had these balenciaga strappy heels today!
lördag 16 jul 2011 kl 11:15 | designer favorites | inspiration balenciaga heels

new in silver

New silver stiletto pumps! Theyx27re so metallic they work as a mirror. Two thumbs up!
tisdag 28 jun 2011 kl 13:36 | in store/purchases | new in shoes purchases heels metallic

hidden treasures orange

Cleaned a bit at home today, and what did i find if not the perfect orange suede and pvc heels! I love when you forget you have things and then find them! It brings shopping to a whole other level! Ix27d love to pair these with something pink or green this spring!
torsdag 3 mar 2011 kl 20:52 | in my closet | in my closet orange heels inspiration


At the photoshoot on saturday we used these glittery heels from Mini for Many. I love x27em!
måndag 22 nov 2010 kl 21:35 | two thumbs up! | mini for many editorial heels glitter

ruby red

Ix27ve come down with some sort of flu. Banging headache and aching joints. So for now you get a picture of my heels.
tisdag 21 sep 2010 kl 18:48 | outfits/looks | in my wardrobe heels shoes closet outfit inspiration

red sole

I never managed to get a pic of what Ix27m wearing today, so instead youx27ll have to make do with my shoes. Jeans from Cheap Monday and heels from Louboutin.

new red velvet

Got myself some new red velvet platforms! I actually got them for a editorial Ix27m styling Thursday. And speaking of that I need to get to work finding an assistant! Its tough work freelancing, and carrying 473 bags filled to the brim with clothes on location!

on my feet cherry

These heels took me between shows today. Thanks to Jesse Laitinen for the photo!
tisdag 17 aug 2010 kl 23:37 | outfits/looks | what i wore heels details inspiration

in my shoe closet Great Heights

lördag 24 jul 2010 kl 10:13 | in my closet | topshop in my wardrobe heels shoe collection

new embellished

My fantastic sister came back from London today with these awesome embellished heels for me. Theyx27ll be making me company tonight when Ix27m off to dinner at The Kouthoofdx27s place.
söndag 20 jun 2010 kl 17:40 | in my closet | river island heels london
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