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Not wishing for presents this x-mas but if I were to this crystal set from Hérmes would be on the top of it.
torsdag 11 dec 2014 kl 20:17 | inspiration | hermes crystal interior home glass


Hola! I am currently in Thailand, flew down to my family home yesterday for a couple of days before Heading up to Bangkok for my besties wedding. Itx27s monsoon season here and i must say i love the sound of the rain slamming down on the tiled roofs.
söndag 27 jul 2014 kl 04:52 | around the world/travels | Travel Thailand home baan kata

home delivery

Ok, so this has to be one of the best ideas since well, since home delivery. Ix27m a sucker for a good breakfast, baguettes, different cheeses, yoghurt, granola, eggs benedict, the whole deal- I usually have to try everything at the hotel breakfast buffé. Unfortunately Ix27m usually too stressed in the mornings to prepare ALL of that at home but my morning latte and avocado or turkey sandwiches are my usual standard. So this morning when this ...
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onsdag 26 feb 2014 kl 16:08 | lifestyle | lifestyle home by the bakery


Today wex27re flying down south to our family home. My little piece of paradise. This is my favorite place. And first thing is a swim in our pool perhaps accompanied by a glass of bubbly to celebrate being x27homex27.

let there be light

Every year around this season- I, like many others, get the urge to buy more sources of light, be it lamps, spotlights, candles or light garlands. Ix27m not much for christmas decorating- but with this darn darkness, i feel the need to buy a new lamp. Here are some favorites of mine right now. But no time for shopping- tomorrow Ix27m off to Beijing. Time to pack! 1. Tom Dixon Void Tak 2. Örsjö Kvist 3. Laure/Fleux 4. Design House Stockholm...
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onsdag 11 dec 2013 kl 21:37 | inspiration | interior home light design


Best buy from Prague- these emerald & gold drinking glasses I found at the most suspect Flea Market (Kolbenova) Ix27ve been to in my life. Ix27m pretty certain 80% of everything there was stolen, and they sold AK 47 guns very openly. An experience for sure.
onsdag 13 nov 2013 kl 08:31 | vintage finds | new in interior home decor design


Glass & Gold Pineapple lamp from Zara Home. Very art deco chic.
fredag 11 okt 2013 kl 07:29 | two thumbs up! | interior home zara lamp


Still as crazy about my vase from Zara Home as I was three weeks ago when I bought it at the store opening! And to think the me and my two partners in crime got the only three in store. Do however, think I need to get some nicer flowers in it than white old roses.
onsdag 9 okt 2013 kl 21:09 | inspiration | home interior zara home

around the corner

Ix27ve had the perfect weekend thus far. Today I took the first trip out in our boat to our country home in the Archipelago, always something magical about that, seeing the house after the harsh winter, embracing spring. Fixed with the garden, the ponds & waterfall and burned a bonfire with all the old autumn leaves and branches that the winter winds and storms have broken. Summer please come quick now- this spring has really been delayed. N...
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lördag 4 maj 2013 kl 20:42 | allure/beauty | lifestyle summer home interior gåsö


The best part of the weekend is the moment right above. Breakfast with all the essentials, omelette, fresh fruit, coffee and freshly squeezed OJ and ofcourse my absolute favorite favorite favorite thing- the classified section! This weekend we (me and the hubby) have looked at some of the most amazing villax27s, restorations objects and even some castles. Yes a girl can dream right? But I feel the interior obsession within me is blooming. Spr...
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söndag 21 apr 2013 kl 19:01 | allure/beauty | weekend lifestyle home interior


speaking of interiors, this glass cabinet from IKEAx27s latest Stockholm collection is fantastic. I love the retro/classic look. Now I just have to figure out a place where itx27d fit in our apartement. Ix27d store vintage brass bowls filled with jewelry, my favorite magazines, shoe boxes and my
fredag 5 apr 2013 kl 21:10 | allure/beauty | interior design ikea home

saturday morning

Coffee, the property section in the newspaper (thatx27s my best weekend moment, love seeing whatx27s for sale and being inspired by peoplex27s homes), travel magazines (inspiration for new trips, I spend more money on travel magazines than fashion magazines), and eating breakfast for hours (today: omelett, turkish yoghurt with walnuts and blueberries, hard rye bread with avocado and tomatoes, and orange juice). I love weekend mornings, and this o...
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lördag 16 feb 2013 kl 10:33 | allure/beauty | lifestyle weekend home interior

2 weeks

Two weeks till I get to enjoy this view each night. Canx27t freakinx27 wait, a vacation has never been this sought after. Now: work!
torsdag 6 dec 2012 kl 10:57 | allure/beauty | vacation thailand home


Those elephant bowls/ashtrays- must get my hands on them!
onsdag 28 nov 2012 kl 15:21 | allure/beauty | wishlist inspiration home interior

wishlist for the home

1. Hay / 2. Glass Cabinet from Svenskt Tenn / 3. Tom Dixon Lamp / 4. Hay Scissors / 5. Loop Candle holder from Svenskt Tenn / 6. Wooden Hand from Hay / 7. Waterclouds shampoo & conditioner. / 8. Asplund Light Tray / 9. Star Armchair by Mats Theselius...
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lördag 3 nov 2012 kl 10:33 | allure/beauty | interior design home wishlist

speaking of...

This is how my vintage sofa at my studio/office turned out after I painted it with neon pink textile paint (it took three layers!), a perfect shade of vibrant raspberry pink. Now I have to prep some fashion history for tonightx27s stylist course. You know you can send in your application for the s
torsdag 25 okt 2012 kl 14:20 | allure/beauty | interior design home inspiration


Yesterday I went to the launch of Savannah Millers new collection at Atelier- a lot of nice pieces, but what I fell in love with the most was this couch. How great? Anyone know where itx27s from? More pics from the actual collection coming up.
torsdag 25 okt 2012 kl 12:57 | allure/beauty | interior design home inspiration


Today is my first day off in 22 days! Crazy! So Ix27ve lounged around in PJx27s all day, studied for my drivers test, caught up on series and started a project of remaking my armchair. Ix27m no wizz when it comes to redoing upholstry so Ix27ve taken the easier and cheaper way out and bought textile paint. The shade is metallic midnight blue, and my next step is printing an elephant pattern in perhaps gold on the back rest. Unfotunantley I un...
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söndag 30 sep 2012 kl 21:17 | allure/beauty | interior design home remake inspiration


Hiya! Gosh Ix27m at that point again where the days have way too few hours. Ix27ve really got to manage my time down to every minute with everything I have going on. And Ix27m basically in jeans and a tee each day so nothing exciting going on outfit wise. But as soon as all the productions are rolling live and the course starts, Ix27m definitely hoping to be making more of an effort on my self. Now I just got in the door and its time to fold...
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tisdag 11 sep 2012 kl 19:26 | allure/beauty | lifestyle work home laundry

hang on

Ix27m lacking space in my apartement for my shoes, so Ix27ve hung some on this magazine stand, kinda like it! Top to bottom: Zara, Louboutin, Miu Miu
fredag 24 aug 2012 kl 18:09 | allure/beauty | in my closet shoes interior home storage

pin the map

I recently, after looking for months, found a world map that I think will work perfectly in our bedroom. I custom ordered it from Ink of Me Graphics, in a turqouise shade and bigger size than their standard. Ix27m planning on framing it with an old antique textured gold frame, and best of all, pin
måndag 6 aug 2012 kl 08:54 | allure/beauty | interior design home


Ix27m out in the archipelago, celebrating my nephews birthday and hanging with friends. I found an old round white marble table top in our cellar at the house that I think would work great on top of our dining table in the city, and match my three marble candle holders. Thats one of the things I l
lördag 4 aug 2012 kl 17:09 | allure/beauty | design interior home


Ix27ve been out in the Archipelago for the last couple of days, and I have to say out here wex27re quite lucky with the weather. Sunshine, warm winds, all the flowers in bloom! Perfect for fixing around the house, tomorrowx27s project is painting some window shutters and if the water is warm enough
torsdag 12 jul 2012 kl 17:41 | allure/beauty | lifestyle home summer stockholm archipelago


I got a lot of questions regarding how my home makeover has come along, and too be honest Ix27m far from done. The bedroom is completly repainted and i got a great new wardrobe up, as well as new bedside tables and shelves, but therex27s a few things missing, like a new painting above the bed, but as soon as thats done, ix27ll share some pictures. Next up is our hallway, which needs a paint job, and shelves for all the shoes that are taking ove...
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tisdag 10 jul 2012 kl 16:16 | allure/beauty | interior design home


A couple of days ago I was over at my office/old apartement cleaning out and preping for itx27s sale (yes, sad but true). Ix27ve had my whole stylist wardrobe storage there for the past 2 and a half years, so therex27s quite a lot that needs to be gone through, and sorted. I found this vintage dress which I bought at the salvation army two years ago, and canx27t wait to wear it again. Actually found so many pieces that Ix27ve completly forgott...
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söndag 10 jun 2012 kl 19:23 | vintage finds | vintage home studio work

Happy Weekend!

Hola chicas! How you all doing? Judging by the weather it seems I picked the perfect weekend for redecorating. My hubby is in Italy this weekend so Ix27m sort of stressing to get all this done before he comes back (and so he wonx27t interfere too much with my plans, a girls gotta be smart you know?;-) ) So Ix27ll leave you guys with this fantastic picture of me and my boys from last weekend when we had a barbeque at our terrace, and the weath...
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fredag 1 jun 2012 kl 17:54 | allure/beauty | interior design home inspiration lifestyle


Re-painting an apartement sure is hard work. I donx27t have any outfit photos to thrill you with since Ix27ve been wearing trashed jeans, tee and white paint all over me for the past 48n hours. This soap from Katarina Nyman is a favorite in my bathroom, and I can also inform that it works just fine when it comes to washing off paint stains. My renovation is coming along just fine- even if slow, and if you want some sneak peeks youx27re best of...
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torsdag 31 maj 2012 kl 19:44 | lifestyle | beauty home interior design


Since I had a TV team over at my place yesterday, I actually cleaned up a bit. Herex27s a little sneak peak from my home. I even color co-ordinated my books!
tisdag 6 mar 2012 kl 15:39 | lifestyle | details home interior

shell chair

Speaking of shells, oceans and everything in between, I just purchased these chairs and cannot wait to redo my apartement! Now i just have to wait for them to arrive.... in mid April.
fredag 27 jan 2012 kl 11:34 | allure/beauty | inspiration interior at home design chairs

H&M home

Stopped by H&Mx27s showroom to have a look at the Home collection for S/S12. Loved the Missoni inspired towels & pillows.
tisdag 25 okt 2011 kl 11:54 | inspiration | inspiration home H&M
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