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wise up

Cara Delevingne for i-D The Wise Up Issue. There is something with animals in editorials that I love- the playfulness, authenticity, but at the same time dream like appearance, itx27s not quite tangible. Add a great load of pattern mixing and Cara to that- Et Voilá!
torsdag 6 dec 2012 kl 09:00 | allure/beauty | editorial magazine inspiration i-D

cover i-D Spring '11

i-D continue with an apparently winning concept, multiple covers. This time you can choose one of six, or pick up all six as well i guess. Starring Hedi Slimane, Erin Wasson, Lui Wen (love!), Vanessa Paradis, Kirsi Pyrhonen (!), Jessica Stam and Ajak Deng(!) amongst others. * the (!) indicates m
torsdag 3 feb 2011 kl 23:10 | editorials/covers | cover inspiration i-D spring 2011
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