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shoe sale #2

Ix27ve cleaned out my shoe closet. If interested email and mark the mail with the shoes you are interested in. I accept paypal or bank transfer.


New in- plexi pineapple earrings-Ix27ve worn them with my bikini to the beach as well as with singoalla tops paired with jeans and cork wedges for a 70x27s vibe. Love x27em! P.S. Fun that so many of you were interested in the earrings below- Ix27ve sent you all an e-mail back. If anyone else is interested- check it out here. ...
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måndag 13 jan 2014 kl 01:20 | in my closet | new in earrings jewelry in my closet

shop my closet

The sale blog is open and Ix27ve added a lot of shoes as well as clothing. Youx27ll find pieces from Céline, Christian Louboutin, Margiela as well as Topshop and more. Check out my sale blog/bloppis here.
måndag 9 dec 2013 kl 15:06 | in my closet | bloppis sale blog isabelle hawi in my closet

closet cleanout

You guys havenx27t missed that wex27ve started a Sale Blog/Bloppis here at CarolinesMode? Now you can shop pieces from our closets! Ix27ve started cleaning out my shoes today- Check them out here, and tomorrow Ix27m gonna start with my stylist wardrobe/storage.
tisdag 3 dec 2013 kl 17:11 | in my closet | sale blog isabelle hawi in my closet


New additions in my shoe closet- these Balenciaga sneakers. Perfect addition as I am off to Prague tomorrow for a couple of days and intend to do a lot of walking around. Any Prague tips? Itx27ll be my first time in the city.
tisdag 5 nov 2013 kl 22:37 | in my closet | new in balenciaga in my closet shoes


Wish I could just stay in today in my new super cozy elephant printed robe! How cute? Thank you EvaHelena & PJ Salvage for the very x27Isabellesquex27 present! I love it of course.
onsdag 2 okt 2013 kl 10:20 | in my closet | new in in my closet pj salvage


Alot of Céline has been moving in to my closet the past week, amongst them these fantastic heels that are classics and will work with plenty of looks for years to come. Love love love x27em! <3 Will show you the rest of my purchases later this week.
lördag 31 aug 2013 kl 20:04 | in my closet | new in shoes in my closet inspiratation

best buy

My best buy this season has to be these Chloé susanna boots that Ix27ve been drooling over for years. I will be pairing them with burgundy red shades this fall season. They are for sure the most comfortable booties Ix27ve ever worn, the height of the heel is just perfect.
måndag 26 aug 2013 kl 17:19 | in my closet | shoes in my closet new in chloe what to wear

for sale!

Ok, Ix27m in a little process or rather a disagreement with myself- I really have got to sort out my 150+ pairs of shoes, I wont even go into the clothes, bags, jewelry, accessories. Ix27ll just start with the shoes, the most painful part of course, and realize that no, if it doesnt fit- there is no point saving it- despite my trying to convince myself that there might be a day, a styling project, a moment, an occassion, etc, you get the idea. ...
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I just had to share with you this striped shirt- I found it at Cubus the other day for 12 Euro (!), and ix27ve literary lived in it since then. Itx27s 100% cotton and so comfy- works with anything- this is a perfect staple in your closet. I love when you come across pieces like that which you kno
onsdag 10 jul 2013 kl 08:25 | best of budget | new in basic in my closet


Best gift on a regular thursday? - Kenzo tiger sweater, with ofcourse turqoise and pink details- very Isabelle. Thank you so much Caroline & Daniel!
fredag 15 mar 2013 kl 08:09 | allure/beauty | new in in my closet kenzo gift

week 6

This week is a little hectic for me. Lots of work with a new production and preperations for the store opening on Friday, and Im booked solid every night this week with fun meetings and events. And yes, I have to really get into this drivers license crap again, since i flunked the test right before I left for vacation, so back up on that horse again. Yesterday I started cleaning out my closet here at home for the pop up store, today Ix27m hopi...
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tisdag 5 feb 2013 kl 11:25 | allure/beauty | work lifestyle in my closet

mix 'n' match

When it comes to trying to hide the tan lines, and gettinx27 it even, the trick is to mix and match. Different tops and bottoms from day to day. Bottoms from H&M, and top from Scampi.
lördag 12 jan 2013 kl 03:32 | allure/beauty | bikini in my closet travels


New in, this beaded bustier from Bik Bok. Itx27s coming along in my suitcase bound for Asia!
måndag 10 dec 2012 kl 10:24 | allure/beauty | new in bik bok in my closet


These heels from Zara- think Ix27ve found my perfect pair of shoe wardrobe staples.
fredag 30 nov 2012 kl 14:45 | allure/beauty | shoes heels zara in my closet

leopard and wine

This is a color combo Ix27m planning on sticking to alot this fall. Sweatshirt from Smog and Bik Bok skirt.
lördag 25 aug 2012 kl 18:13 | allure/beauty | fall trends in my closet color combos


Ix27m adding new stuff to the sale blog frequently. I need to empty my whole studio/office, so things gotta go as soon as possible as I donx27t have the storage for all of my stylist wardrobe. Youx27ll find everything here.
fredag 15 jun 2012 kl 13:18 | allure/beauty | sale blog in my closet vintage bloppis

closet clean out

Hola chicas! Ix27m in the process off updating my sale blog. New wardrobe means a lot of stuff has to go. Martin Margiela heels, Marc Jacobs tees, blazers, vintage YSL, and much more. I have a whole pile of stuff to photograph. If there is anything from my closet that youx27re intrested in but canx27t find on the sale blog, drop me an e-mail and wex27ll see if Ix27m willing to sell, you see sometimes I forget what I have. Click, Click!...
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onsdag 13 jun 2012 kl 13:19 | allure/beauty | sale blog in my closet vintage bloppis


Levix27s cut offs // Vintage statement necklace // H&M cuff // Embellished & Cherry print heels// Silk Cami
tisdag 22 maj 2012 kl 10:35 | allure/beauty | inspiration in my closet vintage


Todays shoes from Sergio Rossi.
måndag 21 maj 2012 kl 14:00 | in my closet | inspiration in my closet shoes


Prada plexi heels - finally the season is here for well pedicured toenails // Dry lip relief - Kiehls // Time for bare legs - vintage pleated skirt // Travel Inspiration for the summer // Vintage parrot earrings // Dermalogica ultra calming relief masque - getting my skin ready for summer rays!
lördag 19 maj 2012 kl 14:09 | allure/beauty | inspiration in my closet vintage


Some golden favorites from my wardrobe. Gold knit top from Yves Saint Laurent rive gauche, YSL shocking mascara, Steve Madden leo loafers, vintage coin & pendant bracelet, Elephant brooch, H&M AW12 notebook and mother of pearl mini case for treasured jewelry.
onsdag 16 maj 2012 kl 08:15 | allure/beauty | inspiration in my closet vintage


I donx27t think Ix27ve showed you guys my new army jacket! How perfect with the beading, sequins and crystal detailing? Just perfect! The past few years Ix27ve invested more and more in outerwear, since I think itx27s the best way to vary an outfit, especially when you live in such a cold climate as here in the north, and being outdoors a lot, itx27s the first item that will strike an impression. From Style by Marina. ...
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onsdag 7 mar 2012 kl 19:02 | in my closet | new in jacket in my closet style by marina


The second great thing with spring arriving is that I finally get to wear all my new shoe purchases that Ix27ve done over the past few weeks! Clockwise from left: Zara, Zara, Guiseppe Zanotti, Bimba y Lola, Topshop.
torsdag 1 mar 2012 kl 10:02 | in my closet | shoes new in in my closet spring


Got this skirt a little while back. Love the contrast between the lace against the mustard color. Now Ix27m gonna go and set together all the looks for Jenny Grettvex27s show tomorrow. Wish me luck!
måndag 30 jan 2012 kl 10:09 | allure/beauty | new in in my closet purchases

the perfect white shirt

Today Ix27m wearing this new beauty. The perfect white stable- sequined tuxedo shirt front, which mixes the masculine with the feminity of the thin loose material. It falls perfectly when worn. And I can say I just wanna live and cover myself in cotton/linen blends after wearing this. Will have to put it on again soon for an outfit shot. This weather doesnx27t make it easy to comply with the fashion blogger rule numero uno - outfit posts. My...
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torsdag 26 jan 2012 kl 17:06 | allure/beauty | new in inspiration in my closet wardrobe basics


Ix27ve had the perfect Saturday, yep this week just keeps getting better and better! Started off with a long breakfast, then yoga for an hour and a half, lunch at Blueberry with my bestest Linda, coffee and chit chat with my mama, cleaning out at home and going through my closet for tomorrows garage sale (!), a long bath in the tub with my fav travel magazine, noodle soup dinner (not some instant noodles, wex27re talking the real deal, cooked my...
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lördag 19 nov 2011 kl 21:44 | allure/beauty | lifestyle weekend in my closet

sale blog

I started updating the sale blog this morning. Check in here, and if youx27re interested in buying anything drop me an e-mail at
onsdag 16 nov 2011 kl 11:08 | two thumbs up! | sale blog in my closet clothes

on my clothing rack

Color, pattern, glitter. But today I have no inspiration for that at all. Gray it is! And some burgundy.
torsdag 6 okt 2011 kl 08:35 | in my closet | inspiration in my closet wardrobe

sale blog!

FInally updated the sale blog and lowered the prices. Most things are around 100-200 Swedish Kroner, with the exception of some designer pieces. Make sure to click on the links in the side panel to see more items that arenx27t featured on the front page. Interested in anything e-mail me: isabelle
onsdag 17 aug 2011 kl 17:45 | allure/beauty | sale blog bloppis in my closet
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