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Hola! I am currently in Thailand, flew down to my family home yesterday for a couple of days before Heading up to Bangkok for my besties wedding. Itx27s monsoon season here and i must say i love the sound of the rain slamming down on the tiled roofs.
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Trying to sketch this view down in my memory for those upoming winter months, gray days and snowy early mornings back in Stockholm. This view- priceless.
söndag 19 jan 2014 kl 18:29 | around the world/travels | home travels thailand


My weekend plans? Thanks for asking- kicking them off with this view, a couple of laps in this pool before catching a flight up to the big mango for my best friends wedding sunday morning.
fredag 27 dec 2013 kl 07:45 | lifestyle | lifestyle weekend thailand bangkok

on the train

A few black and white snapshots from our train ride north trough Thailand. I really recommend travelling by train- yes it takes awhile- itx27s not super fast, or always on schedule- but itx27s a great way to see the countryside, its dirt cheap (we paid 28 baht (about 0.75 US cents) each for our tickets from Hua Lampong (BKK) to Lop Buri (about a 4 hour ride). I love the cultur mix, watch the people to get on and off, the sales men and women t...
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Today wex27re flying down south to our family home. My little piece of paradise. This is my favorite place. And first thing is a swim in our pool perhaps accompanied by a glass of bubbly to celebrate being x27homex27.

Lop Buri

Hola Chicas! Spent the past few days without my laptop as we headed north by (a very slow) train. First stop Monkey Town- Lop Buri and now I have about a million pictures of monkeys. Actually quite cool how they can take over a whole city to the point where citizens have to build cages around their houses. And the fact that they occupy their own temple smack down center of town. Now wex27re back in Bangkok for a couple of days and first up t...
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Today itx27s -18°C here in Stockholm! Ix27m having a hard time acclimatizing to this cold, and would of course prefer to be right where this picture was taken, with baby Elefant Zuma who was chilling in my neighbours garden for a wedding two weeks ago. How cute is he?
fredag 25 jan 2013 kl 09:57 | allure/beauty | lifestyle travels thailand elephant


Bikini Greta / Sarong The Gap / Sunnies Victory Monument Market- Bkk
fredag 18 jan 2013 kl 02:46 | allure/beauty | travel around the world beach thailand

soak it up

Last beach day today, time to soak up the rays, before a week in the city!
måndag 14 jan 2013 kl 02:50 | allure/beauty | travels thailand beach around the world

my girls

My nieces and I the other day. Now theyx27ve left here, and this vacation is soon coming to an end. Next up on the travel agenda is stops in Bangkok, Hong Kong and then home to Stockholm next week.
lördag 12 jan 2013 kl 13:50 | allure/beauty | travels around the world thailand vacation


Last night we had a magnificent sunset.
onsdag 26 dec 2012 kl 02:49 | allure/beauty | travels around the world thailand

a place with a view

Waking up to this scenery, and spending my days lounging right there on that sun chair, a few laps in the pool, and some snorkeling down in the ocean, have to say is not a bad way of spending Christmas day.
tisdag 25 dec 2012 kl 10:25 | around the world/travels | travels thailand around the world


Best part about being back in Thailand is seeing all my girls again! P.S. If youx27re in Bangkok, I recommend you to go to the RMA Instiute and have a look at my talented besties photo exhibition, A Typical Love by Cattleya Jaruthavee. Ix27m one proud friend!
måndag 24 dec 2012 kl 03:14 | allure/beauty | travel lifestyle thailand bangkok

2 weeks

Two weeks till I get to enjoy this view each night. Canx27t freakinx27 wait, a vacation has never been this sought after. Now: work!
torsdag 6 dec 2012 kl 10:57 | allure/beauty | vacation thailand home

Khop Khun Ka!

Itx27s time to leave street vendors and traffic jams behind (and unfortunantely a bunch of friends as well), see you in London! And Thailand, thank you for this round see you soon again!
söndag 15 jan 2012 kl 18:17 | two thumbs up! | travels bangkok thailand

bye bye beach!

Next stop: my fav city, and you all know where that is by now.
fredag 13 jan 2012 kl 01:30 | around the world/travels | travel beach thailand

monsoon rain

Itx27s literary pouring down here, but I love a good monsoon rain. There is no better sound in the world of hard rain smattering against the roof, or the smell of the humid rain after it subsides. And plus I think Ix27ve gotten enough sun these past few days. I hope I wont regret having said that
torsdag 12 jan 2012 kl 10:22 | around the world/travels | travels thailand south east asia


First day back chilling at the pool after my bout of dengue. This was of course celebrated with countless swims and a few coconuts! Bikini: Sunseeker / Sarong: Weekday Collection
lördag 7 jan 2012 kl 10:53 | outfits/looks | outfit what i wore look of the day thailand

this view

Boy oh boy was it the best feeling in the world to come home to this view last night. Ix27m still not a 100% cured but i just couldnx27t stay another night in that hospital bed. 5 was enough for me. So instead Ix27m taking it easy at the villa, sleeping in my own bed, with my own bathroom, own tv


Firstly thank you so much for all your sweet words of encouragement, get well, and feel betters from here to twitter to facebook. Being in Hospital, the days sort of blend into one another, and I am so sick of this bed, the food, tv channels and my IV drip by now. And to these complaints shall be added that its really not that bad, this hospital is more like a hotel room, I have a 24 hour room service and can order what i like, private bathroom...
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dengue fever

So right about now I was meant to be boarding a flight up to Bangkok and then one over to Phnom Pehn to spend New Years Eve with close friends who just opened a colonial hotel in the city. Unfortunately it turned out to be dengue fever that I have. Ix27ve been admitted to the hospital since yesterday morning as my white blood cell count is very low and I have a constant fever between 37.5-39°. Definitely not the way I wished to spend new years...
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Ix27ve been battling in and out of fever and body aches for the past 24 hours. Too hot to move, but too restless to not do anything. My best friends include the thermometer and tylenol. Some think Dengue fever (hope not!) others a strike of sunstroke. Obviously hoping on the latter and that thi
torsdag 29 dec 2011 kl 10:56 | lifestyle | lifestyle travels south east asia thailand

todays view

Still plowing through Steve Jobs biography (itx27s long, but very inspirational!), and between page turning Ix27m playing cards with my brother who finally arrived last night.


Todayx27s main accessories, my volleyball and a mango shake. Between aces and kills I cool of with a swim in the ocean. P.S. My sincere condolences and thoughts go to all those effected by the tsunami on this boxing day seven years ago.

catch of the day

A bad sunburn, a few cases of sea sickness, and no tuna. But I did manage to pull up a red snapper & a grouper. The weather wasnx27t completly on our side, big waves and slight rain showers, made the sea kind of rough. 5/7 ended up with sea sickness, glad to say I wasnx27t one of them.
måndag 26 dec 2011 kl 04:00 | around the world/travels | travels thailand adventures fishing


We finally reached our villa late last night, after flight delays. But boy was it worth it waking up to my favorite view this morning. Clear blur skies and a warm ocean. Now Ix27ve spent the afternoon at the supermarket, fixing everything for Christmas dinner. Just finished making swedish meatba


Ix27m super duper excited that my mum and dad are coming to Sweden in a few days. Since they still live in Thailand I donx27t get to see them as often as I want to. But lucky me, I have a reason to head over there more than often! And in about a month Ix27m off to a new place on the map, well at
torsdag 21 apr 2011 kl 21:23 | lifestyle | inspiration thailand home travels lifestyle

next stop Bangkok

Our time at the beach is over for this time! Ix27m saying Sayonara to sand, sea, coconuts and palm trees and instead welcoming the big mango, food stalls, motorbike rides and rooftop cocktails! See you in Bangkok!
tisdag 18 jan 2011 kl 05:41 | around the world/travels | travels south east asia thailand

holiday from holiday

Hey guys! So I spontaneously decided to head out to the islands tomorrow morning. Holiday from holiday i guess you could call it. And me and my other half have our five year anniversary, so we thought wex27d get away. This of course means computer free, or so Ix27m guessing since the internet connection is usually pretty bad out at sea. But Ix27ll be back in 24 hours. And Ix27ve pre posted some posts for you guys to check out, so check in a...
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fotopix +++garden randoms+++

Randoms from our garden. The cat is ours and named Mimmi. The caterpillar, lizard and I met for the first time today. Ix27d guess they just moved in.
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