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This is what most days look like for me right now. Styling new deliveries and looks for the webshop. Check out all the new arrivals here. Major drooooooool.
tisdag 23 apr 2013 kl 23:02 | allure/beauty | work styling nathalie schuterman shop webshop


I must admit Ix27m actually starting to like this snow and winter wonderland we have here in Sweden right now. Yesterday I was out in the neighborhood where I grew up before moving to Thailand, and it was absolutley stunning with all the snow. So in the mood for white and fluffy, todays pick is this wool cardigan from Givenchy, from my new favorite site (canx27t stop screening it!), vestiaire collective, check it out! ...
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Ix27ve been fascinated by Korean design for a few years now. I adore Doo.Ri and Yeojin Bae. Anyhow, i came across this website the other day, with budget korean design, lots of real nice pieces. I especially love the flourescent green knit and the cerise cut out blouse. Check out Stylenanda! ...
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shopping style by marina

Ix27ve found a new online store, or at least new to me and there are quite a few gems. Here are three of my favorites. Check out Style by Marina here!
söndag 10 okt 2010 kl 18:33 | two thumbs up! | style by marina clothes webshop online shopping
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