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lace up

Ix27m sure no one has missed that gladiator lace up sandals are back on the fashion map for this season. Zara has the best budget find- not only are they easy on your wallet, they have a zipper in the back so you dont actually have to lace them the whole way up! These are joining me in my suitcase
tisdag 3 mar 2015 kl 09:01 | best of budget | travel in store shoes best of budget zara


Remember this green lace romper I wore in Paris? Well loved that look and when I found this midnight blue one (from Zara as well) I couldnx27t not buy it. Ix27m crazy for everything lace at the moment, and soon I own more jumpsuits/rompers than jeans in my closet.
lördag 8 nov 2014 kl 11:01 | best of budget | new in zara closet in my wardrobe

shoe sale #2

Ix27ve cleaned out my shoe closet. If interested email and mark the mail with the shoes you are interested in. I accept paypal or bank transfer.

shoe sale

Ix27ve cleaned out my shoe closet. If interested email and mark the mail with the shoes you are interested in. I accept paypal or bank transfer.
lördag 27 sep 2014 kl 10:22 | in my closet | bloppis shoes balenciaga sergio rossi zara volley topshop

slip in

I never really hooked on to that pool slipper trend last year- but now I think i will. These look like a perfect alternative to Célinex27s- I think of pairing these with a white dress half polo dress or with silky flared trousers. From Zara.
söndag 16 feb 2014 kl 19:58 | two thumbs up! | shoes slippers zara wanted

cotton candy

Best shoe investment for spring? These cotton candy pink boots from Zara. Itx27s gonna be a pastel spring.
söndag 2 feb 2014 kl 10:08 | best of budget | in store inspiration shoes zara

pick of the day

Midnight blue top with trumpet arms from Zara. A great alternativ to this party top from Stella McCartney.
måndag 25 nov 2013 kl 08:25 | best of budget | top stella mccartney zara nathalie schuterman


Did my weekly rounds at Zara yesterday (Zara is a goldmine when it comes to my styling gigs/tv productions), and came out with this fantastic dress for myself! Simple, basic, black but with that extra detail. May premier it tonight for drinks.
lördag 23 nov 2013 kl 09:04 | in my closet | new in in store zara dress

pattern mix

I love this pattern mix of houndstooth and plaid. That Zara coat is really quite good, may have to take a second look.
tisdag 15 okt 2013 kl 08:54 | inspiration | inspiration zara pattern trend


Glass & Gold Pineapple lamp from Zara Home. Very art deco chic.
fredag 11 okt 2013 kl 07:29 | two thumbs up! | interior home zara lamp


Still as crazy about my vase from Zara Home as I was three weeks ago when I bought it at the store opening! And to think the me and my two partners in crime got the only three in store. Do however, think I need to get some nicer flowers in it than white old roses.
onsdag 9 okt 2013 kl 21:09 | inspiration | home interior zara home


An outfit from the other week. Happy Midsummer! Wearing trousers and bomber jacket from Zara, Topshop heels, Saint Laurent tote (Carolinex27s, love it!) and J. Crew singlet. P.S Love love love the new instagram video feature- follow me on instagram to see some interactive posts! @isabellehawi
lördag 22 jun 2013 kl 21:57 | outfits/looks | outfit look of the day what i wore zara inspiration


New addition to my shoe wardrobe (actually there are quite a few, i am just so terribly bad at showing all the purchases) These studded sandals- very Valentino.
fredag 14 jun 2013 kl 22:43 | in my closet | new in shoes zara inspiration


Ix27ve gone crazy for blue and white china patterns. Started a few months ago when I found myself buying odd plates and bowls in china/old english country style patterns, on my secondhand visits and at online auctions, and now I ran into this blazer the other week and cant help but think how perfect it would go with light denim, a simple tee or silk shirt and espadrilles or these ballerinas for summer cocktail nights. ...
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lördag 20 apr 2013 kl 08:49 | allure/beauty | in store zara blazer


The coolest sneakers around right now, youx27ll find them at Zara.
lördag 16 feb 2013 kl 22:16 | allure/beauty | in store zara shoes


Got these boots at the Zara sale last week and I absolutely love them! At 70% off - a real bargain. Canx27t wait to strut around in them all spring.
måndag 4 feb 2013 kl 10:59 | allure/beauty | new in boots zara sale


These heels from Zara- think Ix27ve found my perfect pair of shoe wardrobe staples.
fredag 30 nov 2012 kl 14:45 | allure/beauty | shoes heels zara in my closet


Got these cute flats from my boss the other day, just because, on a regular Tuesday! Thank you, thank you, canx27t wait to bring them on upcoming trips this winter! Canx27t believe itx27s Thursday already- the weeks are just flying by, but Thursdayx27s are my favorite now days. since it means anot
torsdag 27 sep 2012 kl 11:18 | allure/beauty | new in zara gift stylist course helene falk

x 2

these two from Zarax27s October lookbook, my oh my!
tisdag 25 sep 2012 kl 19:24 | allure/beauty | inspiration in store zara lookbook


So happy when i found my favorite jeans on sale at Zara the other day! Down from 50 euro to 10! What a bargain!
onsdag 15 aug 2012 kl 17:15 | allure/beauty | new in zara closet essentials in my wardrobe


A little morning inspo. Loving this video for Zara TRF, Cara is so cute. And that studded jacket at the end looks amazing.
torsdag 2 aug 2012 kl 09:51 | allure/beauty | video inspiration zara


I really need to get myself the perfect light blue oxfard shirt. And that minty bouclé jacket ainx27t too bad either. All the looks are from Zara TRF May lookbook- so should be in store now!
lördag 12 maj 2012 kl 11:40 | allure/beauty | lookbook zara inspiration


I sort of regret not buying these shoes from Zara. I think Ix27m into a blue phase again, and cobalt blue snakeskin feels very right. My body is so sore today from yesterdayx27s core class at the gym, first time in almost 3(!) months, and the big news today? Hedi Slimane is taking over Yves Saint
onsdag 7 mar 2012 kl 10:14 | allure/beauty | shoes zara fashion news

print on print

My two favorite looks from Zarax27s latest lookbook with Kasia. Love the print on print look and all white!
onsdag 15 feb 2012 kl 15:57 | inspiration | inspiration zara lookbook


These fantastic heels are in store at Zara right now, love the neon/tan/snake print combination. It think they retailed for 59.95 Euro in Barcelona, so will probably cost a bit more here in Sweden.
måndag 13 feb 2012 kl 09:26 | inspiration | in store inspiration zara

behind the scenes

The whole day yesterday was spent shooting pictures for Zara. It was a lot of fun, and we were a great team! Plus the weather was showing itself from itx27s best side, sunshine and 18°C in the sun. Canx27t complain about that.
lördag 11 feb 2012 kl 17:17 | allure/beauty | work zara barcelona


Got these perfect suede booties today from Zara, the prices are so much better here compared to Sweden! Crazy, I love it!
torsdag 9 feb 2012 kl 21:50 | in store/purchases | new in purchases zara

off white

Another bargain from the Zara sale. They didnx27t have my size so I got them about a size to big and had to take them in at the bottom of the leg, for a tighter fit, but i left them loose around the thighs and waist- Ix27m liking the slouchier look on these.
måndag 6 feb 2012 kl 18:00 | in store/purchases | pants zara new in sale

on sale

Zarax27s sale right now is crazy. I got these wedges that Ix27ve had my eyes on for a few months today, I just couldnx27t resist when they were 70% off. Now I just need this snow to disappear so I can take them for their maiden walk about town. Oh Ix27m so syked that I found green papaya at the asian supermarket the other day, so now Ix27m gonna make som tum. And try to stop thinking of the apartement we viewed today (!) - the walk in closet ...
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söndag 5 feb 2012 kl 18:20 | allure/beauty | new in purchases shoes zara

four trends

Ix27m still loving the spagetthi strap trend, so for this spring I want a leather cami, paired with a bouclé biker jacket for an edgy x27chanelesquex27 look. Ix27m not crazy for batik, but liking the dip dye trend and i have to say these x27speckeledx27 batik jeans are to my liking. I would pair them with something yellow, and this little shoulder bag is just the ride shade, i call it x27lemon yellowx27, not too orange not to neon. All the a...
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torsdag 2 feb 2012 kl 10:30 | allure/beauty | trends ss12 style zara
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