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the caribbean

Well hello- it seems i entered some sort of time warp in The Caribbean- time just flew by, five weeks passed in a swoosh- almost forgot I had a life back here in Stockholm. Ix27ve enjoyed every second to the max and sometimes that means taking a time out from reality. What a beautiful place all the Islands of Grenada, St Vincent & The Grenadines and Barbados are- the people, the atmosphere, the culture, the scenery, and even the island time - ...
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I am currently in the swedish countryside with my bestie Sara at her summer house. Spending lazy days taking long walks, picking mushrooms, reading, cooking, afternoon naps, cooking some more and having a sauna before bedtime. My wifi and phone reception are almost non existant so i am also having a
söndag 16 nov 2014 kl 10:52 | lifestyle | Lifestyle vacation break sweden

my girls

My nieces and I the other day. Now theyx27ve left here, and this vacation is soon coming to an end. Next up on the travel agenda is stops in Bangkok, Hong Kong and then home to Stockholm next week.
lördag 12 jan 2013 kl 13:50 | allure/beauty | travels around the world thailand vacation


The other day I got this nice little christmas ball decoration with my name on it together with a basket of wine (Sopra Sasso Amarone- yum!!) , cheese, cold cuts and other xmas goodies such as candy! I think you can get these decorations at Granit- such a nice way to personalise the tree, by either
måndag 10 dec 2012 kl 20:27 | allure/beauty | lifestyle christmas vacation

2 weeks

Two weeks till I get to enjoy this view each night. Canx27t freakinx27 wait, a vacation has never been this sought after. Now: work!
torsdag 6 dec 2012 kl 10:57 | allure/beauty | vacation thailand home


The weather is absolutly splendid today, and the weatherman has promised 28°C, for sure the hottest day thus far this summer. Ix27m packing my bag and heading out to our country house in the archipelago, for sure the best place to be on a day like this. Vintage sunnies.
onsdag 25 jul 2012 kl 09:26 | allure/beauty | lifestyle summer stockholm vacation

beach look

Bikini from Sunseeker and scarf/sarong from Weekday Collection (in stores mid January)
tisdag 27 dec 2011 kl 16:34 | outfits/looks | outfit look of the day what i wore vacation

todays view

Still plowing through Steve Jobs biography (itx27s long, but very inspirational!), and between page turning Ix27m playing cards with my brother who finally arrived last night.

today's view

Poolside. Plus my two essentials right now, Steve Jobs by Walter Isacsson (a must read!) and my Blackberry. Catching up on a good book & with good friends on the phone.
tisdag 20 dec 2011 kl 10:16 | allure/beauty | lifestyle travels bangkok vacation

off to a good start

Gingerbread Latté plus catching up on the x27real storiesx27. Vacation is off to a good start.
fredag 9 dec 2011 kl 09:40 | allure/beauty | lifestyle vacation travels

country life

Took the boat into town this afternoon and got my eyebrows done, threading! The best way! And Ix27ve actually gotten past the pain. Stopped by the market and liquor store (necessities when living on an island) before heading back on the boat. Half way home we stopped by our neighbours whom were having a casual drink in the sunset on their yacht, tied up the our boat alongside for a glass and now we just had some din at home, chantarelle toast,...
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onsdag 3 aug 2011 kl 22:10 | lifestyle | lifestyle archipelago vacation


After seeing the weather reports for the week yesterday (hello sunshine!) I packed a bag and headed out to the archipelago for the rest of the week. Sunshine, swimming, a bunch of magazines, sauna, bbq and good company. What more can you ask for? Squeezing out the last bit of vacation before fashio
onsdag 3 aug 2011 kl 15:43 | lifestyle | lifestyle vacation archipelago summer


I took my first swim for the summer today, daytime, no sauna, and it was actually quite warm. Only the kids got caught on camera however. Best so since Ix27m quite pale, wherex27s that sun hiding? Life in the archipelago sure is good.
tisdag 26 jul 2011 kl 19:26 | lifestyle | lifestyle vacation archipelago


Today Ix27m moving out to our summer house for the week and to hang with my favorite kids! Itx27s been a busy week with a lot of photo shoots and meetings, so Ix27m looking forward to some down time, just lazying around in comfy clothes, fishing, swimming and chilling. Ix27ll be updating as usual,
söndag 24 jul 2011 kl 10:57 | lifestyle | lifestyle vacation archipelago

the legend

Here are some pictures from the fantastic game reserve we stayed at in South Africa. The Legend at Entabeni. Beautiful lodges, great service and wonderful people. I loved all the animal inspired details in the room. From the monkey handles on the dresser to the giraffe candle holders. Later Ix27m gonna share with you guys the best experience of the whole trip. 631m up in the air- helicopter ride to the worlds highest golf tee. Needless to s...
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Ix27m multitasking like crazy right now, packing, laundry, paying last minute bills, and trying to tick everything off my list! In two hours Ix27m off to the airport for London and then South Africa. Ix27ve decided to not bring my computer or iphone with me, and instead try to actually go into vacation mode! But Ix27ve programmed updates for you guys the whole time whilst Ix27m gone, and who knows I may pop in to say hi. And when Ix27m back ex...
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Back from my overnight mini vacation. I swear this must be the last hidden paradise in Thailand. I think itx27s the first time Ix27ve been alone at a beach in Thailand ever. Everysingle beach on the island is empty. And fantastically beautiful. I have heaps of pics to share. But first shower!
lördag 15 jan 2011 kl 12:07 | around the world/travels | vacation holiday south east asia

poolside essentials

SPF from Dermologica, Sun/Sea/Salt hair protection spray from Matrix, Ray Ban Avaitors, and my current book, The Boat by Nam Lee.
torsdag 16 dec 2010 kl 12:45 | allure/beauty | vacation travel books

details poolside essentials

More than fashion magazinex27s i tend to buy travel ones, a favorite? Condé Nast Traveller! The sunnies i bought on the street yesterday for like 99 cents. Perfect!
torsdag 9 dec 2010 kl 02:55 | inspiration | travels bangkok vacation details


The best thing with freelancing is that you can basically work whenever, wherever. So today, this beautiful autumn day, Ix27m packing a mini bag and heading out to our country home. Hopefully Ix27ll have time to go chanterelle hunting as well! Test shot from Sundays photoshoot by Jesse Laitinen
onsdag 8 sep 2010 kl 11:48 | lifestyle | lifestyle archipelago country house mini vacation

follow me

Ix27m off to the island for my mini vacation this afternoon so wonx27t be much action on here. But you can follow me here instead. Wex27ll do the same as midsummer alright? Like a photo an hour kinda deal.
torsdag 8 jul 2010 kl 14:30 | lifestyle | twitter vacation photo an hour
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