ModeMan   16 apr 2015 12:45   by Daniel Troyse
AXE Black is a new sent from AXE. A little more mature and sophisticated fragrance for those who want to stand out without taking it to far. The person behind the fragrance is Ann Gottlieb. One of the most prestigious fragrance experts with long experience in perfume production. I think it's a great serie to a great price. A new AXE favorite.
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butterfly print

ModeMan   14 apr 2015 18:30   by Daniel Troyse
New in my wardrobe is this Rockstud butterfly printed T-shirt from Valentino. I just love the collection and you can find it here!


ModeMan   14 apr 2015 10:20   by Daniel Troyse
Get inspired by COS spring/summer 2015 lookbook.
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