Leopard sweater

ModeMan   24 apr 2014 14:30   by Daniel Troyse
Leopard-print sweater from Katie Eary.

Lindex Man

ModeMan   23 apr 2014 13:45   by Daniel Troyse
New in, underwear from Lindex Man. I got the black briefs, black socks and black tank tops. Great basics at a good price.

Printed tees

ModeMan   22 apr 2014 19:00   by Daniel Troyse
Here is my six printed favorites for spring! 1. Tee with spray-paint effect print from Lanvin. 2. Black t-shirt with white '17' print and striped sleeves from Givenchy. 3. Black mushroom print t-shirt from Paul Smith. 4. T-shirt with parental advisory print from H&M. 5. Racing car print T-shirt from Givenchy. 6. Black t-shirt with silver print from Weekday.
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