Today's outfit

ModeMan   21 jul 2014 20:45   by Daniel Troyse
I'm wearing a t-shirt from Valentino, jeans from Acne Studios, slip on sneakers from Givenchy, bracelets from Nialaya and sunglasses from Saint Laurent.

camouflage sweatshirt

ModeMan   21 jul 2014 11:42   by Daniel Troyse
Camouflage sweatshirt from Valentino.

Mallorca snaps

ModeMan   18 jul 2014 19:40   by Daniel Troyse
Here are some snaps from my Mallorca trip there I was shooting with my Leica T.
1. Formentor, Mallorca.
2. Me in Isabel Marant patched shorts and Givenchy slip-on sneakers.
3. Model Marlijn.
4. View from the resturang at Hotel Barceló Formentor.
5. Palms.
6. Sunglasses from Spektre.
7. Flower wall at Hotel Barceló Formentor.
8. The driver at the airport.
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