ModeMan   31 mar 2015 14:30   by Daniel Troyse
The camouflage jacket is still a must in the closet for spring and here is my top favorites.
1. Camouflage jacket with fringe from Saint Laurent.
2. Multicolored camouflage jacket from Valentino.
3. Camouflage jacket from Saint Laurent.
4. Sgt. Oddball Lizard Shirt Jacket from The Real McCoy.
5. M-65 Lizard Jacket from Neighborhood.
6. Olonne camouflage-print jacket from APC.


ModeMan   26 mar 2015 13:30   by Daniel Troyse
Balmain spring/summer 2015 menswear lookbook.

Team xxxy

ModeMan   25 mar 2015 18:00   by Daniel Troyse
New in my closet is this t-shirt from Junkyard. Junkyard XX-XY has teamed up with FILA for this collection and the inspiration is taken from the 90's sports fashion and the classic retro garments from FILA.
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