Reebok Classic x Sixpack France

ModeMan   4 feb 2015 11:40   by Daniel Troyse
Reebok Classic x Sixpack France SS15 is the collection that brings together sports and casual wear with the most necessary garments in basic wardrobe. The collection contains a timeless interpretation of the classic sneaker Ventilator which this year celebrates 25 years. The collection is in store this month and you can see the garments here!

Acqua di Gio

ModeMan   2 feb 2015 19:00   by Daniel Troyse
I got the latest sent from Giorgio Armani, Acqua di Gió Edt. It is sophisticated and masculine, a tribute to the deep sea and volcanic rock. It has fresh bergamott- and aquatic notes mixed with seductive notes of incense. The shape and color of the bottle makes it looks really nice in the bathroom cabinet.

Filippa K

ModeMan   28 jan 2015 11:30   by Daniel Troyse
Filippa K fall/winter 2015 collection. Runway images by Mathias Nordgren.
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