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The camouflage jacket is still a must in the closet for spring and here is my top favorites. 1. Camouflage jacket with fringe from Saint Laurent. 2. Multicolored camouflage jacket from Valentino. 3. Camouflage jacket from Saint Laurent. 4. Sgt. Oddball Lizard Shirt Jacket from The Real McCoy. 5. M-65 Lizard Jacket from Neighborhood. 6. Olonne camouflage-print jacket from APC....
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tisdag 31 mar 2015 kl 14:30 | Inspiration | inspiration jacket camouflage


F.C. Real Bristol camouflage print jacket from Nike.
måndag 16 jun 2014 kl 14:05 | beauty | wishlist inspiration jacket camouflage

Slip on sneakers

Got this slip on sneakers from Givenchy in orange camouflage. Really comfy and matches to everything in my wardrobe right now. You can get them here and here!
lördag 24 maj 2014 kl 15:00 | new in | new in sneakers camouflage givenchy

Overshirt jacket

Overshirt jacket in a vintage 1970x27s swedish camouflage military print from Denim Demon.
lördag 25 maj 2013 kl 11:00 | wish list | wishlist jacket camouflage

Converse Jack Purcell Camo

The Jack Purcell sneaker from Converse is my favorite Converse and this one in camo is really nice. Itx27s a great sneaker for spring and summer and they never go out of style. More Jack and Taylor sneakers: ...
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fredag 17 maj 2013 kl 09:00 | Sneakers | sneakers converse camouflage

Spend or Save

Camouflage espadrille are right on for summer! Do you want to spend and get the camo Valentino with leather and studs or save with a pair from DinSko.
tisdag 7 maj 2013 kl 07:45 | Inspiration | inspiration shoes camouflage


Camouflage is one of the top trends this spring and here is my wish list! 1. Lightweight jacket highlighted with a neon trim from Valentino. 2. Chameleon camouflage buttondown shirt from 10Deep. 3. Converse hi canvas in a green camo print from Topman. 4. Leather and canvas wallet from Valentino. 5. Seersucker jacket from Mr. Bathing Ape. 6. Camouflage print cotton bow tie from Beams Plus....
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fredag 5 apr 2013 kl 09:30 | Inspiration | wishlist inspiration jacket sneakers camouflage

desert boots

Blue camo print suede desert boots from Clarks. Get them here!
lördag 2 feb 2013 kl 09:00 | Inspiration | wishlist shoes camo clarks

New in Wood Wood

Went crazy on Wood Woods camouflage print. Got me a pair shorts, a shirt, a jacket and a pair of trousers, all in camo. And the best part, all is on the sale.
torsdag 16 aug 2012 kl 11:40 | Inspiration | new in inspiration jacket shirt camouflage wood wood

new in Hooded Jacket

I found my favorite jacket from Adam Kimmel on sale yesterday and couldnx27t resist it anymore. I had to get it. Ix27t a Hawaiian print that is over dyed and when you wear the jacket it looks like a camouflage jacket. You can get it here.
måndag 6 aug 2012 kl 08:45 | Inspiration | new in inspiration jacket adam kimmel camouflage

Note-to-self CAMO SHIRT

onsdag 18 jul 2012 kl 10:43 | Inspiration | inspiration shirt camouflage


A camouflage jacket has been on my wish list for a while, so yesterday I finally got the Acne Alexander jacket. Love the cammo pattern :)
söndag 15 apr 2012 kl 13:00 | Inspiration | new in shopping acne camouflage


Yesterday I got hold of a pair of camouflage pants from Carhartt at the sale section. Will be great this spring and I will team it up with my camo backpack from Prada and a blue jacket and coat from Acne.
söndag 19 feb 2012 kl 09:37 | Inspiration | new in shopping camouflage pants
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