Labeled wallet

Star chain wallet

Leather chain wallet with silver-tone stars from Jimmy Choo.
onsdag 17 dec 2014 kl 12:30 | wish list | wishlist inspiration studs wallet jimmy choo


Silver is the new black this spring and here is three staples on my wish list. A drawstring hoodie from Our Legacy, a silver leather wallet from Maison Martin Margiela and leather hi-top trainer from Marc Jacobs.
fredag 11 apr 2014 kl 12:00 | wish list | wishlist inspiration jacket sneakers wallet

Neon & Camouflage

Neon camouflage document wallet from Zara. Get it here!
tisdag 19 feb 2013 kl 10:00 | Inspiration | wishlist inspiration case wallet zara

silver star wallet

Wallet with a silver-tone star in one corner from Givenchy. Get it here!
söndag 10 feb 2013 kl 11:40 | Inspiration | wishlist inspiration wallet givenchy

Skeletal structure

Skeletal structure embossed billfold wallet from Alexander McQueen. Get it here!
lördag 8 dec 2012 kl 11:30 | Inspiration | wishlist inspiration wallet alexander mcqueen

embossed wallet

Black embossed leather wallet with pattern from Comme des Garçons. Get it here!
tisdag 4 dec 2012 kl 11:00 | Inspiration | wishlist inspiration wallet comme des garçons

snakeskin wallet

måndag 21 maj 2012 kl 14:00 | Inspiration | wishlist inspiration snake wallet
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