Carolines World | Nathalie Bergh   29 maj 2011 20:41   by Nathalie Bergh

Mothers day

Carolines World | Nathalie Bergh   29 maj 2011 15:06   by Nathalie Bergh
To the three mosy beautiful mothers I know; Happy mothers day. Love you with all my heart!

In my make-up bag

Carolines World | Nathalie Bergh   28 maj 2011 15:54   by Nathalie Bergh
Having internet difficulties at the country. Now I finally have some internet connection.
Thought that I could show you some of the make-up I use. On week days I use a little concealer and powder from the brand Glo minerals but on weekends I use a lot more makeup if we´re going out.

My favorites for the eyes is Revitalash which I use every night on my lashes to make them longer. It really works! The best eyeliner is a brown one from Chanel that I use around the eyes and sometimes inside the eye. I use Shu Umuras eyelash curler which is by far the best I´ve tried. Badgal lash mascara is from Benefit and is really great.

For highlighter on lips, nose, eyes and cheekbones I use Nars shimmer cream in bronze. It only works in the summer though because you need to have a bit of tan. On my lips I use a lipliner called Ann-Marie from the swedish brand FACE. It´s almost the same color as my lips so it only makes your lip look a little stronger.
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