Old and new friends

Carolines World | Saba:off duty   9 jan 2013 22:33   by Saba off duty
I was so happy to be reunited with some of my friends back in Florence - it always brings fun memories back and gets us straight into planning the fashion weeks coming up soon. This time around I met a bunch of old blogger friends like Bryan, Ingrid, Tina, Kelly, Chiara, Riccardo and Aimee. And I also met Dani, Aimee's sister, for the first time.. such sweet sisters ! They reminded me much of my sister and myself, best friends and all.

Luisa via Roma & FIRENZE4EVER

Carolines World | Saba:off duty   8 jan 2013 18:35   by Saba off duty
As mentioned last Saturday I went on a last minute trip to Italy for the weekend to take part in the FIRENZE4EVER jungle. I really enjoyed just hanging around, catching up with old friends and having delicious food (I had already forgotten about the insanely good food over there!). I snapped a gazillion pictures - I hope you enjoy my not so little selection above ! Unfortunately I couldn't stay for the dinner and party on Sunday (nor the brunch the day after), my flight back was the same night because I didn't want to miss work on Monday, but I saw a bunch of pictures from the night. And it looked like a blast - next time I'm staying for at least a week.


Carolines World | Saba:off duty   5 jan 2013 05:55   by Saba off duty
I'm back to pay my old life of early flights and 48hr trips a visit this weekend ! I'm right now sitting at the airport waiting to board my flight to Italy for the FIRENZE4EVER event. This was quite a spontaneous move by me since I just made these travel plans about 30hrs ago. YOLO ! Lol anyway, I'm looking forward to meeting old friends again and to having some Italian pizza and coffee - gahh the coffee !!

I'll blog again later - smack !
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