Carolines World | Saba:off duty   4 jan 2013 15:21   by Saba off duty
My current obsession is boucle/tweed bags. I am literally obsessed and I've been looking all over for the right one. This one from Mulberry is actually the dream bag but I'm not planning on spending 1000EUR (and that is the discounted price, oh yes) on it so I'll have to pass on that one. Unfortunately. And I've been checking out this By Malene Birger bag as well, which is way more gentle on my wallet, but (yep, unfortunately there is a BUT!) I am afraid the size of it is too small for everyday wear. And also, I wish it had a handle. I love the thought of being able to vary between carrying it on my shoulder or in my hand. I'll pass by their store tomorrow to see if they have it in so I can have a close hand look on it.. I'm keeping my finger crossed ! I need a colorful boucle bag and that's it.


Carolines World | Saba:off duty   4 jan 2013 09:11   by Saba off duty
Those of you who follow me on Instagram have already noticed this change; about six months later I'm back to my natural hair color. My ombré hair color is now gone and so is some of the length. I'm really happy about the change. I often get bored with my hair but I think this style will last for some time now.


Carolines World | Saba:off duty   3 jan 2013 14:17   by Saba off duty
Yesterday I wore my new leather skirt from H&M Trend and my absolute favorite knit, also from H&M. The knit is just the perfect length, lightness and fit. I'm thinking of buying it in black as well - don't you just love it when you find great basics ? The boots are from Bik Bok, one of the few things I bought on sale, and the watch is from Michael Kors. And I made the bracelets myself.
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