Carolines World | Saba:off duty   5 mar 2012 12:45   by Saba off duty
We had such a wonderful day yesterday !!! The weather was so warm and clear (the past two days have been a bit foggy) though it was pretty windy. But it was all good with cooling breezes in the heat :-) We started off by taking a swim by the beach at a new spot. We had the boogie drivers drive us along the beach and found this beautiful little place. Nice huh ? Then bf had a session of swimming and dancing with dolphins and afterwards we went to the Aquaventure, the waterpark of the hotel which is like.. I can't really tell how big it is because it's just like a big jungle of water slides through shark tanks (!!!!!!), waterfalls, tunnels, palm trees, sun beds and cafés. Once again, we kept getting lost haha I'd say that the size of it is at least a couple of football fields ! We had a blast there so we're going back today. But first, I'm going to swim with dolphins !!!!!!!!!! Whoop whoop

Now; breakfast !!
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