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Fall outfits

Here are some of my outfits from the past weeks. 1. Suede coat / Acne Top / All saints Pants / Ginatricot Boots / Zara Bag / Forever 21 2. Knit / Ginatricot Patent leather skirt / Issue 1.3 Boots / Zara 3. Faux fur jacket / Rebecca Stella for Nelly Top / Diesel Pants / H&M Heels / Dinsko 4. Bom


Unbelievable that Ix27m still home from work because of my eye surgery. I feel like a prisoner in my own house but my eye is still sensitive to being exposed to light so I donx27t have much choice. Everyone is either in school or working while Ix27m just x27doing stuffx27 at home with the shutters closed. Ix27ve redone some of the interior design here at home (blog post about it coming up in a bit !), Ix27ve booked a decorator to put up new wall ...
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torsdag 13 sep 2012 kl 17:51 | OUTFIT | outfit acne H&M Diesel Mango Celine COS


Last night me and my man headed out for dinner and I insisted that wex27d have sushi AGAIN. Ix27ve turned into a sushi monster these past months ! Ix27m literally having sushi for lunch or dinner like five times per week.. I canx27t help it. Itx27s just TOO.DARN.GOOD ! So of course we decided to go to Ljungrens, in Stockholmx27s version of Soho, for the best Spicy Tuna in town. I wore Levix27s vintage jeans, top by Zara, coat by Acne, handbag by ...
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söndag 2 sep 2012 kl 22:36 | OUTFIT | outfit dinner love ones Acne sushi Celine Topshop H&M Zara


I don’t think I have ever been to Acne Archive without making a purchase. The other day I made two.. as I was paying for my new favorite suit pants I spotted these heels in the window and it was love at first sight. Or not exactly. I really liked them when I first saw them but when I put them on, THAT’S when I fell in love. They looked perfect. They felt perfect (probably my most comfortable pair of heels !). And they were the last pair and just ...
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onsdag 29 aug 2012 kl 23:06 | IN MY CLOSET | SHOPPING ACNE SHOES WHITE


Morning everyone, Guess what ? No, pain in my muscles today ! Whoop whoop maybe those workout sessions in Dubai helped, I was def feeling the pain afterwards. Even though I didnx27t work out as hard or for as long as I did yesterday.. Thatx27s the only thing I can think of because God knows I killed myself last night at the gym. Anyway, today Ix27m rocking my Steve Madden boots that I got in NY last year. Havenx27t really worn them much becaus...
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onsdag 16 maj 2012 kl 09:35 | OUTFIT | Outfit acne steve madden

26 april 2012

Hey ! Itx27s not even noon yet and it feels like this day is about to end soon.. Ix27ve been up super early this morning - had a long lovely breakfast, gave bf a ride to the airport, did laundry, picked up dry cleaning and got a new gym member card whoop whoop ! My gym is located like 20 seconds from our doorstep so Ix27ll be spending a lot of time there from now on :-) Now though; I need to run some errands and get some stuff from the pharmacy...
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torsdag 26 apr 2012 kl 11:52 | OUTFIT | outfit lifestyle jeans Diesel Celine Acne Forever21

She's back !!

Hey ladies ! Howx27s your Sunday ? :-) I had one of those perfect Sundays today. Besides the rainy weather.. Last night I was at a house party all night (pics coming up later !) so I slept til 1pm, that was when bf was too bored to be up alone and woke me up haha did some awesome shopping, got a new Nespresso machine (bf is taking our old Nespresso machine to his office) and had some yummie Indian food for dinner :-) right now wex27re checking ...
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söndag 22 apr 2012 kl 20:24 | IN MY CLOSET | Shopping lifestyle acne hm monki


For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you might already know that Ix27m on my way to Milan right now. Ix27m on the train and soon itx27s my stop.. FINALLY. My train was almost 1,5 hr delayed so it feels like I left the office like yesterday. Anyway, this is my outfit today. Ix27m wearing my new pants from Nowhere (I have a feeling they will become some sort of favorite this winter/spring), a grey top from Acne tucked it and a blazer that I...
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fredag 3 feb 2012 kl 20:45 | OUTFIT | Milan outfit Acne Nowhere
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