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Fall outfits

Here are some of my outfits from the past weeks. 1. Suede coat / Acne Top / All saints Pants / Ginatricot Boots / Zara Bag / Forever 21 2. Knit / Ginatricot Patent leather skirt / Issue 1.3 Boots / Zara 3. Faux fur jacket / Rebecca Stella for Nelly Top / Diesel Pants / H&M Heels / Dinsko 4. Bom


Unbelievable that Ix27m still home from work because of my eye surgery. I feel like a prisoner in my own house but my eye is still sensitive to being exposed to light so I donx27t have much choice. Everyone is either in school or working while Ix27m just x27doing stuffx27 at home with the shutters closed. Ix27ve redone some of the interior design here at home (blog post about it coming up in a bit !), Ix27ve booked a decorator to put up new wall ...
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torsdag 13 sep 2012 kl 17:51 | OUTFIT | outfit acne H&M Diesel Mango Celine COS

Yesterday's look

Pants, Diesel Black Gold // tee, MTWTFSS // jacket, // bootsies, Forever21 // bag, Celine // hat, H&M menx27s division
måndag 3 sep 2012 kl 17:41 | OUTFIT | outfit H&M Celine Diesel Diesel Black Gold Forever21


Last night me and my man headed out for dinner and I insisted that wex27d have sushi AGAIN. Ix27ve turned into a sushi monster these past months ! Ix27m literally having sushi for lunch or dinner like five times per week.. I canx27t help it. Itx27s just TOO.DARN.GOOD ! So of course we decided to go to Ljungrens, in Stockholmx27s version of Soho, for the best Spicy Tuna in town. I wore Levix27s vintage jeans, top by Zara, coat by Acne, handbag by ...
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söndag 2 sep 2012 kl 22:36 | OUTFIT | outfit dinner love ones Acne sushi Celine Topshop H&M Zara


Vitt, vitt, vitt ! Solen tittade fram och stekte på ganska rejält i Paris idag så det fick bli en av mina somrigare outfits i resväskan idag. Dagen började med att vi sökte igenom varenda Hermes-butik efter ett armband som jag suktat efter länge nu - no luck. Det är helt slut i hela Paris tydligen.. sen fortsatte rundan på stan med besök på Galerie Lafayette, Colette, nästan hela Rue de Rivoli och allt där emellan. Jag fick med mig lite godis frå...
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torsdag 21 jun 2012 kl 01:07 | OUTFIT | outfit Paris summer 2012 diesel white celine saba tedla


Idag har jag verkligen bara tagit det lugnt. Vi var ju på Jay-Z och Kanyex27s konsert igen och jag kan berätta att den var HELT GALEN !! Galnare än i Stockholm trots att båda två lät ganske trötta av att ha turnerat.. deras röster lät lite slitna minst sagt. Vi hade klätt upp oss och planerat att gå ut efteråt med vi hade så ont i både öron och huvud efter den tre timmar långa konserten så det blev hemgång direkt haha och vi var knappast de enda ...
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tisdag 19 jun 2012 kl 20:32 | OUTFIT | outfit Paris summer 2012 music celine hunter jeans


En outfit från en av dagarna i Spanien. Matchade pojkvännens skjorta från Hugo Boss med en kjol från BikBok och klackar från Celine (jag vet, de börjar bli uttjatade men de är ju för fina.. och sköna !). HUR FIN var inte utsikten från vår balkong i sviten ? Den kommer man ju sakna ! --- An outfit from one of the days in Spain. Matched bfx27s shirt from Hugo Boss with a jeans skirt from BikBok and heels from Celine (I know, theyx27re getting old...
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måndag 28 maj 2012 kl 12:57 | TRAVEL | Outfit málaga Celine


Spending this day off downtown in the sun with some spontaneous shopping for bf and Stockholmx27s best chai latte, found at Espresso House. And as always these days, in my Celine heels :-)
torsdag 17 maj 2012 kl 16:26 | OUTFIT | Outfit denim Celine

New in: Acne

Of course I swapped my flats to my alltime favorite heels from Celine. This is so typically me.. I want to wear them with everything hehe Anyway, I just remembered that I havenx27t posted pics of some stuff that I bought some weeks ago. Like this long coat by Acne for example. I LOVE it - and you could say that I bought it JUST in time cus it was the very last one. A few days after I had bought it, the guy in the store told me that people, even ...
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tisdag 15 maj 2012 kl 15:03 | IN MY CLOSET | Acne outfit shopping celine


I changed my mind and swapped heels just before we left the house. These Celine heels are just too damn comfy.. Sunday is my new favorite day of the week. No plans, no stress.. just brunch, shopping and hanging out at cafés. Just what I need to end a busy week and to kick a new one off. Since yesterday was Motherx27s day, my and bf went to his parents house to give his mum some pretty flowers and then over to mine to do the same. They are both ...
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måndag 14 maj 2012 kl 16:35 | OUTFIT | outfit Celine

26 april 2012

Hey ! Itx27s not even noon yet and it feels like this day is about to end soon.. Ix27ve been up super early this morning - had a long lovely breakfast, gave bf a ride to the airport, did laundry, picked up dry cleaning and got a new gym member card whoop whoop ! My gym is located like 20 seconds from our doorstep so Ix27ll be spending a lot of time there from now on :-) Now though; I need to run some errands and get some stuff from the pharmacy...
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torsdag 26 apr 2012 kl 11:52 | OUTFIT | outfit lifestyle jeans Diesel Celine Acne Forever21


Todayx27s outfit from a different kind of view. Rocked my new boots from Diesel today. Got them at our sample sale at our office and I honestly couldnx27t believe that these werenx27t already taken (love being a sample size in mostly everything besides pants, theyx27re too short). The pants and the
tisdag 27 mar 2012 kl 22:11 | OUTFIT | Outfit Diesel Celine jeans


This morning Ix27m off to meet my mom downtown for breakfast and going to the hairdresser. Ix27m not getting my hair done, she is, but she always wants my second opinion so I tend to come along with her. After that Ix27ll be going on a hunt for a suit Ix27ve been checking out. I donx27t know if itx
torsdag 15 mar 2012 kl 08:31 | OUTFIT | Outfit yellow Celine


Let me introduce you to my new found loves. Ok, one of them isnx27t a new found love really. There is a long love story to go with me and these shoes.. here it goes: Ok, I first saw these shoes seasons ago. Ix27m not completely sure (I canx27t find pics on Google to confirm) but I believe theyx27re from the Celine spring or fall 2010 collection. I fell in love with them the minute I laid eyes on them and to be completely honest, they had never e...
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onsdag 7 mar 2012 kl 12:30 | IN MY CLOSET | dubai shopping outlet Celine shoes bag


Dubai Outlet Mall - that will probably be my first stop next time wex27re in Dubai. As in almost all outlets, there was a lot of crap, but then there were those precious bits and pieces that make the struggle of going all the way to the outlet, worth it. Herex27s a sneak peek of what I got today. To
tisdag 6 mar 2012 kl 22:23 | TRAVEL | dubai shopping outlet Celine
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