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Pants, Diesel Black Gold // tee, MTWTFSS // jacket, // bootsies, Forever21 // bag, Celine // hat, H&M menx27s division
måndag 3 sep 2012 kl 17:41 | OUTFIT | outfit H&M Celine Diesel Diesel Black Gold Forever21

26 april 2012

Hey ! Itx27s not even noon yet and it feels like this day is about to end soon.. Ix27ve been up super early this morning - had a long lovely breakfast, gave bf a ride to the airport, did laundry, picked up dry cleaning and got a new gym member card whoop whoop ! My gym is located like 20 seconds from our doorstep so Ix27ll be spending a lot of time there from now on :-) Now though; I need to run some errands and get some stuff from the pharmacy...
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torsdag 26 apr 2012 kl 11:52 | OUTFIT | outfit lifestyle jeans Diesel Celine Acne Forever21


First day back at work today whoop whoop It almost feels like going back to school. I know what Ix27ll be doing after work though - polishing my mirrors. Today Ix27m wearing my new silk pants from Zara, top from Forever21, watch from Michael Kors, leather bracelet from Dagmar and my clear sandals.
måndag 29 aug 2011 kl 08:17 | EVERYDAY LIFE | outfit Zara Forever21


I canx27t fall asleep, Ix27m so damn jet lagged !! Woke up at 6pm yesterday and now itx27s almost 7am. Bf fell asleep a just a couple of hours ago so at least Ix27m not the only zombie around here. Outfit pics from one of the days in NYC. Bought that sweater at Forever21 while I was there. Same goe
lördag 6 aug 2011 kl 06:40 | EVERYDAY LIFE | New York museum summer outfit Forever21


For dinner at Cipriani and a night out at Boom Boom (the sky bar at the Standard Hotel with a pool in it) in Meatpacking District I wore Levix27s vintage shorts, a white tank top, my new purple fringe vest from Forever21, my new fringe shoulder bag and the comfiest heels I own. Bought at Witchery in
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