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Good morning ! What are you guys up to this beautiful Sunday ? Personally, Ix27m relaxing in the couch watching Discovery channel and sipping on some glögg (a Swedish Christmas drink thatx27s somewhat assimilated with mulled wine). I would normally spend a day like this off shopping decorations or furniture for our home or on DIY projects so thought Ix27d share one with you guys; My great love for copper and other different metals as home decor...
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söndag 16 dec 2012 kl 11:37 | EVERYDAY LIFE | DIY home decor interior design


Itx27s finally mine - the wait has been forever but who cares now. I just need to get it up in the living room ! I got mine here.
lördag 8 dec 2012 kl 15:56 | OKWOW | interior design shopping home copper Tom Dixon


Here are some of the furniture and decorations that Ix27ve ordered to our home lately. I canx27t wait for it all to arrive and to put it all in place ! Next purchases for our home will be new wine glasses, photo frames (Ix27m gonna create something amazing with them, Ix27ll show you guys once itx27s
fredag 14 sep 2012 kl 11:47 | EVERYDAY LIFE | interior design home


I forgot that my wonderful friend Lisa (I call her Lisen) is coming to Stockholm for a quick visit today so Ix27m on my way to go see her for coffee right now. Taking a well needed break. Just gotta get in the shower quick.. this is what I look like right now.. I think this is my first sweatpants ou
söndag 19 feb 2012 kl 14:08 | EVERYDAY LIFE | love ones home lifestyle


Today me and my boyfriend have been out shopping for furniture all day. Or actually a closet for myself since I didnx27t have one before. Every time Ix27ve come to Stockholm to visit when I was living in Italy, Ix27ve been squeezing my stuff into my boyfriends closet and now that I live here I FINALLY get to have my own closet. (Next step is my own walk in closet, but that will have to wait until we find the perfect penthouse or two floor apartme...
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onsdag 15 feb 2012 kl 16:59 | EVERYDAY LIFE | lifestyle home Stockholm


Blogging life is SO much easier when you have a boyfriend around all the time to snap shots of you (hence the lack of outfit pictures), all of you who have one know what ix27m talking about. Bless them boys, huh ? haha Lately Ix27ve been dreaming away A LOT about interior design, I canx27t wait x27til Ix27ll be decorating my own apartment in Stockholm one day. Itx27s pretty new as you can see. I just need to change my stove to a new stainless o...
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söndag 4 dec 2011 kl 09:07 | OKWOW | interior design my home Stockholm lifestyle
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