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Little black thingy

I found this cute little cross body bag at Zara when I was in Florence. Ix27m addicted to filling my Celine tote with all kinds of unnecessary stuff (random notebook, makeup bag, perfume, sometimes even two different ones, tissues, a book, five something pens, some fruit, a bottle of water and the list goes on..) - hopefully Ix27ll learn to stop carrying around a kilo of random stuff from fitting the most important stuff (cell phone, cards, keys,...
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torsdag 10 jan 2013 kl 09:26 | IN MY CLOSET | bag zara shopping black


Itx27s finally mine - the wait has been forever but who cares now. I just need to get it up in the living room ! I got mine here.
lördag 8 dec 2012 kl 15:56 | OKWOW | interior design shopping home copper Tom Dixon

New leather

Ix27ve got new leather pants ! I bought them second hand at Weekdayx27s vintage store (I never walk out empty handed from there..) and I think they are old mc pants actually because theyx27re quite thick and heavy. They give me a Balmain feeling (have you ever tried on a Balmain jacket ? Heavy and a
söndag 2 dec 2012 kl 10:17 | IN MY CLOSET | leather shopping pants Weekday vintage


Did you guys purchase anything from the Maison Martin Margiela x H&M collection ? I could have gone for the leather jacket, the duvet coat and the plexi glass ankle booties, but I had to brace myself. Ix27ve made a promise to myself that Ix27m going to finish buying all my Christmas gifts before I s
söndag 18 nov 2012 kl 13:43 | EVERYDAY LIFE | Maison Martin Margiela H&M shopping books


Donx27t you just love Sundays ? This morning was kicked off with a lovely brunch at our place where we served freshly baked bread, cereals with banana yoghurt and pancakes with jam and whipped cream. Afterwards we kissed our friends goodbye at the airport and then headed for a spontaneous day of shopping, dinner at bfx27s parentx27s house topped off with a movie night at home.. Love it ! Anyway, here is what I bought. Lately I have been stimulati...
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söndag 4 nov 2012 kl 23:24 | IN MY CLOSET | lifestyle shopping filippa k coat

Watch !

Michael Kors is probably my favorite designer as far as watches goes.. at least in that price range and guess what ! Last month, I ordered a new one. I already have the silver/gold one and soon Ix27ll have a completely gold one too. It will go perfect with the bracelets Ix27ve been making myself.. y
tisdag 18 sep 2012 kl 18:33 | IN MY CLOSET | watch gold michael kors shopping


Therex27s nothing like a decent setup of GOOD basics in a womanx27s closet. I needed to throw most of my basics out of my closet recently so this these purchases were musts. I was actually looking into getting my next basic tees from Acne or Anine Bing, but COSx27 stuff was too impressive and way to
söndag 2 sep 2012 kl 18:17 | IN MY CLOSET | basic tee COS white grey shopping


Har glömt presentera er för mina nya solisar från Dior. Jag hade spanat in dem tidigare i Stockholm, men köpte dem när vi var i Paris och sparade in några hundralappar på det. Gillar ! --- Forgot to introduce you to my new shades from Dior. I had been checking them out before, here in Stockholm,
lördag 7 jul 2012 kl 08:56 | IN MY CLOSET | Dior sunglasses accessories shopping


Köpte den här topen på Zara i Milano. Jag älskar ju allt med djupa ringningar i ryggen så ni förstår min shoppingglädje :-) Ska kolla om den finns i fler färger i Stockholm. Så typiskt mig. --- Got this top at Zara in Milan and I love any and everything with a deep back so you get my shopping joy
onsdag 4 jul 2012 kl 13:55 | IN MY CLOSET | Milan Milano summer 2012 Zara shopping white

New in: Acne

Of course I swapped my flats to my alltime favorite heels from Celine. This is so typically me.. I want to wear them with everything hehe Anyway, I just remembered that I havenx27t posted pics of some stuff that I bought some weeks ago. Like this long coat by Acne for example. I LOVE it - and you could say that I bought it JUST in time cus it was the very last one. A few days after I had bought it, the guy in the store told me that people, even ...
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tisdag 15 maj 2012 kl 15:03 | IN MY CLOSET | Acne outfit shopping celine


Remember THIS clutch ? I got it a Forever21 when we were in NY last summer, I used to carry it pretty much everyday, it was the ultimate everyday bag, but sometime during my move from Italy to Sweden it got lost ! This always happens when I move around, I lose stuff.. Ix27ve lost some pants swell for instance.. hmm :-S Anyway, Ix27ve given up on finding the clutch so Ix27ve been looking everywhere for the perfect bag to replace it. Now check this...
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måndag 14 maj 2012 kl 12:07 | IN MY CLOSET | clutch black leather shopping

New shoes.. Again !

Check out my new summer heels ! :-) ix27m completely hooked on this typ of simple sandal. Ix27ve got my Celine ones and the ones that I got at Mango. They are the ultimate mid-heel that you can walk in for a whole day. So in other words - perfection ! :-) temperatures are getting higher here in Stockholm so soon Ix27ll be wearing these sandals more frequent. Canx27t wait ! ...
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torsdag 10 maj 2012 kl 08:44 | EVERYDAY LIFE | shoes shopping yellow HM


You gotta love good basic pieces ! Got these perfect dresses this weekend during our perfect Sunday :-) The red/purple dress will be awesome with both Converse and heels (and fringe shoulder bag) for a rockish Pretty Woman look. And the grey dress is like JUST that perfect length to go with flats or Converse. And the back is HOT ! Love open backs and this is pretty much open with that thin stripe running down the spine. Now summer; Ix27m ready f...
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torsdag 26 apr 2012 kl 14:04 | IN MY CLOSET | Acne basics shopping


HOW HOT arenx27t my new jeans shorts ? :-) Perfectly trashy and perfectly loose fitted ! Canx27t wait to rock these with my new boots and THIS knit. Very Coachella !
tisdag 10 apr 2012 kl 19:33 | IN MY CLOSET | jeans shorts shopping


Ecco lo.. this is the pile of Diesel clothes that Ix27ve got during my not even three weeks of working there :-) Or thatx27s not entirely true. Ix27ve got three more jeans, one jumpsuit, one white shirt and one more dress that needs to be added to this pile. Pretty insane when I re-read what I just
onsdag 4 apr 2012 kl 18:09 | IN MY CLOSET | Diesel shopping new in jeans


These shoes were my first purchase in Dubai. I for them at Bershka in Dubai Mall for.. wait for it.. 19 euros ! :-) The color is very much green peas/grass which will be perfect for spring summer. If I may say it myself, the color popped pretty nice in contrast with my skin color. Though Ix27m dark
måndag 2 apr 2012 kl 10:02 | EVERYDAY LIFE | dubai shopping shoes green bershka


What du you guys think about my new iPad case that I got in Dubai ? It looks like a clutch and will be a perfect case for meetings. It didnx27t even cost much.. we bought at a market and I think it was like 8 euros. Ca-ching !! :-)
söndag 18 mar 2012 kl 23:38 | IN MY CLOSET | Dubai iPad accessories shopping


Herex27s some more of what I bought during my vacation. I finally found a yellow pair of slim fitted jeans ! Miss Selfridge had the exact ones I was looking for - right color and fit :-) Ps. Ix27m looking for a simple editing program to make my pics more fun here on the blog. Any ideas ? :-) Btw, i
onsdag 14 mar 2012 kl 12:33 | IN MY CLOSET | yellow jeans shopping Miss Selfridge


A lot of Celine lately.. Ix27ll try to keep it down hehe Walked into Nathalie Schuterman yesterday and I knew I shouldnx27t. But Ix27ve been thinking about getting this bag for ages (always missed the deadline to order it through my old job at so when I saw it in the store, in the right color and everything, it was a done deal. I had a conversation with myself in my head (you know the x27should I or not ?x27 talk..) and finally...
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Introducing you to my biggest load of all. The one thing my mom couldnx27t stand when I was living at home. My shoe addiction ! Hehe Besides my shoe addiction, Ix27ve come to realize that I SUCK at packing. I always pack too much stuff, often being stuck with exceeding the baggage limit on my way back due to shopping. This time I brought eight pairs of shoes - sandals, heels and trainers included. Ix27m going back with 14 pairs. I never learn t...
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fredag 9 mar 2012 kl 12:01 | IN MY CLOSET | dubai shopping shoes


This is the latest rookie in my closet, bought it at New Yorker and the color is jest the yellow color Ix27ve always wanted for a bikini. I have another one but the color of that one is too much x27lemonx27. This is more like the color you would paint the sun when you were making drawings as a kid (haha that was my best way to make you guys understand !) The color is kind of hard to catch in this light but Ix27ll probably wear it for the pool tod...
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fredag 9 mar 2012 kl 06:08 | IN MY CLOSET | dubai shopping yellow bikini


So herex27s some stuff that I got at Mango lately. Ix27ll for sure use all things A LOT this summer. The shoes are probably the ones Ix27ll use most - Ix27m loving neat heels right now ! Too bad I wonx27t be able to use them in Sweden yet because of the snow (is there still snow in Sweden peeps ? I heard you got spring now but you never know when the snow has a fallback there hehe). And the yellow card holder speaks for itself - SUPER EASY to spo...
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onsdag 7 mar 2012 kl 15:52 | IN MY CLOSET | dubai shopping Mango white black shoes yellow suit


Let me introduce you to my new found loves. Ok, one of them isnx27t a new found love really. There is a long love story to go with me and these shoes.. here it goes: Ok, I first saw these shoes seasons ago. Ix27m not completely sure (I canx27t find pics on Google to confirm) but I believe theyx27re from the Celine spring or fall 2010 collection. I fell in love with them the minute I laid eyes on them and to be completely honest, they had never e...
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onsdag 7 mar 2012 kl 12:30 | IN MY CLOSET | dubai shopping outlet Celine shoes bag


Dubai Outlet Mall - that will probably be my first stop next time wex27re in Dubai. As in almost all outlets, there was a lot of crap, but then there were those precious bits and pieces that make the struggle of going all the way to the outlet, worth it. Herex27s a sneak peek of what I got today. To
tisdag 6 mar 2012 kl 22:23 | TRAVEL | dubai shopping outlet Celine


Ix27ve found my new favorites in my shoe collection !
lördag 3 mar 2012 kl 10:13 | IN MY CLOSET | dubai shoes shopping beige gold


Apparently I got the blues yesterday. This is what I bought from the Mall of the Emirates. I got the feather skirt and heels at Zara at really low prices (who doesnx27t love a good bargain ??). The skirt was deducted after being on sales and the shoes were full price, though cheaper than they are back in Sweden so I walked out the store with a big smile on my face. And the dress.. I loooooooove this dress. Ok, Ix27m in love with all these Middle ...
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fredag 2 mar 2012 kl 06:47 | TRAVEL | dubai shopping blue


Ok, so here is like a super small part of the HUGE shopping mall that Ix27ve talked about, Dubai Mall. We still have like 99% of it to discover, but this is some of what wex27ve seen and been to. Itx27s ridiculously big, and here is some of whatx27s in there; - 10-15 x27malls within a mallx27 - 1200 shops with brands in all price ranges like everything from Louboutin, Chloé, Cartier, Tom Ford and Givenchy to Topshop, Zara, Bershka and H&M - 70 h...
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torsdag 1 mar 2012 kl 14:22 | TRAVEL | dubai shopping


When we went in to Stella McCartney in the Dubai Mall, I just had to try this dress on. Apparently itx27s called the Rihanna dress because she wore it to the Met Ball. Isnx27t it gorgeous ? The ladies working in the shop kept coming with new dresses that I had to try because they x27had the perfect ones for my bodyx27. It was fun but in the end I got tired because all I was thinking about was this dress hehe it was just to die for. But where woul...
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torsdag 1 mar 2012 kl 10:05 | OKWOW | Dubai Stella McCartney shopping

A little treat never hurt nobody

Yesterday I was biking past this store during lunch break and I just couldnx27t help but notice the summery new arrivals, and these !! I usually donx27t get too excited about wedges, Ix27m more of a thin or chunky heel kinda girl, but with these it was like love at first sight (probably because they got like 15cm heels). So I got myself a treat. Now I just need about 25 degrees of sun to match them with. I miss the sun, this cold is a killer.. Zz...
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torsdag 9 feb 2012 kl 10:14 | IN MY CLOSET | Shoes shopping Italy

Color splash

Oh, I forgot to show you guys my new faux fur jacket. Ix27m thinking this would cheer up any boring winter outfit. The colors are really out there, but I thought it would be fun to try something crazy for once. Well, at first I wasnt sure WHAT I really thought of it, but then I tried it on and just didnx27t want to take it off. Plus it was on sale. Perfect combo ! Remembered I got a bunch of stuff that I recently bought that I havenx27t put up he...
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fredag 3 feb 2012 kl 14:49 | IN MY CLOSET | Fur colors shopping
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