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New leather

Ix27ve got new leather pants ! I bought them second hand at Weekdayx27s vintage store (I never walk out empty handed from there..) and I think they are old mc pants actually because theyx27re quite thick and heavy. They give me a Balmain feeling (have you ever tried on a Balmain jacket ? Heavy and a
söndag 2 dec 2012 kl 10:17 | IN MY CLOSET | leather shopping pants Weekday vintage


I think I was a gipsy or a hippie in my past life. Or at least Australian and living in Surry Hills among all the vintage stores down Crown Street. This sounds odd to people who see me on a daily basis, the way I dress etc, but in my head itx27s super clear; these pics represent me, Saba by heart. If I stop being logical, and if I stop being practical and just go by the way I feel - this is exactly how Ix27d like to look. Redo my sidecut shave, g...
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lördag 17 mar 2012 kl 19:15 | OKWOW | tatto boho vintage


For last nightx27s dinner, I wore this. Itx27s almost Zara top to toe, except for the handbag which is vintage from Paris. In love with my new shoes with the spike heel.
lördag 3 mar 2012 kl 13:25 | OUTFIT | Dubai outfit Zara vintage

On a second thought

Wassup peeps ! How you guys doin ? Ix27m being swamped by work and getting all stressed about Christmas because I just realized that itx27s next week. Time to take a chill pill (not literally of course haha) and enjoy the holidays and all the fun that my job brings. Whoosaa.. Looked back at some old outfit pics (love doing that) and I came across this outfit from my last trip to New York. I remember feeling ugly wearing this (you know how we gi...
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tisdag 13 dec 2011 kl 03:00 | OUTFIT | Outfit New York leopard vintage summer

new vintage buddie

Nytt i garderoben !! New in !!
lördag 29 okt 2011 kl 17:54 | IN MY CLOSET | shopping vintage Paris bag


Kolla in den här väggen från en vintagebutik jag fyndade i. Helt sjukt snygg med massa väskor upptryckta bekom en glasvägg sådär. Ps. efter min Parisresa kommer jag lägga upp inlägg med ett par av mina shoppingtips härifrån. Check this wall out from a vintage store where I did some shopping. Drop dead gorgeous with tons of handbags behind a glass wall like that. Ps. after my Paris trip Ix27ll be telling you more about some of my shopping tips ...
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lördag 29 okt 2011 kl 14:33 | TRAVEL | shopping vintage Paris
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