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Yesterday I wore my new leather skirt from H&M Trend and my absolute favorite knit, also from H&M. The knit is just the perfect length, lightness and fit. Ix27m thinking of buying it in black as well - donx27t you just love it when you find great basics ? The boots are from Bik Bok, one of the few t
torsdag 3 jan 2013 kl 14:17 | OUTFIT | H&M Trend H&M leather burgundy navy

New leather

Ix27ve got new leather pants ! I bought them second hand at Weekdayx27s vintage store (I never walk out empty handed from there..) and I think they are old mc pants actually because theyx27re quite thick and heavy. They give me a Balmain feeling (have you ever tried on a Balmain jacket ? Heavy and a
söndag 2 dec 2012 kl 10:17 | IN MY CLOSET | leather shopping pants Weekday vintage


Remember THIS clutch ? I got it a Forever21 when we were in NY last summer, I used to carry it pretty much everyday, it was the ultimate everyday bag, but sometime during my move from Italy to Sweden it got lost ! This always happens when I move around, I lose stuff.. Ix27ve lost some pants swell for instance.. hmm :-S Anyway, Ix27ve given up on finding the clutch so Ix27ve been looking everywhere for the perfect bag to replace it. Now check this...
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måndag 14 maj 2012 kl 12:07 | IN MY CLOSET | clutch black leather shopping


Ciaoo.. Ix27ve had a sick week. Ehm.. I mean literally. Ix27ve been so sick that I even had a fever for a while there. Ix27m getting better now but I was really exhausted at times. Ix27m not at all good at just staying in bed and resting so I was out and about pretty much every day. Anyway, feeling better now ! Now Ix27m just tired of this grey and rainy weather.. I want summer ! Or not summer, but spring.. Ix27m just about to get started at the...
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onsdag 11 apr 2012 kl 20:43 | EVERYDAY LIFE | outfit lifestyle green leather


Busy busy days.. :-) But this morning I managed to get a few pics shot of my outfit. Ix27m always too tired to get it done when I get home or too busy doing other stuff, Ix27m always change to sweatpants as soon as I get home. Today I wore a top, leather jacket (love this piece !!), menx27s jeans and boots from Diesel. Haha itx27s like Ix27m being sponsored by the brand ! Tonight Ix27m gonna snap shots of everything that I got there lately to sho...
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torsdag 29 mar 2012 kl 21:34 | OUTFIT | outfit Diesel jeans leather


Donx27t you just love this sexy chic combo of pencil skirt meets funky leather details. Ix27m in love with it and fell in love again when I saw that it was on sale. Ix27ve got this love hate relation with sales.. Therex27s so much junk sometimes and looking through it all doesnx27t really excite me much but when you find that one piece of x27Ix27d buy this even if it wasnx27t on salex27 and itx27s the perfect size, has no marks and has that red t...
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onsdag 25 jan 2012 kl 19:30 | EVERYDAY LIFE | Shopping skirt leather


My new crush is loose fit leather pants, never thought about wearing leather pants this loose before but now Ix27m hooked. Ix27m gonna have a look at Mango or Topshop to see if they might have similar ones.
söndag 4 dec 2011 kl 22:28 | OKWOW | #okwow leather obsession


Had no time to snap an outfit pic this morning so here is an old picture of me in almost the exact same outfit. This was just about a year ago. Sandals instead of booties !
fredag 15 jul 2011 kl 12:39 | EVERYDAY LIFE | outfit leather summer black


This fall Ix27m looking forward to sporting perfectly loose-tight fitted leather pants and a leather jacket. I donx27t know how many seasons Ix27ve been looking for the perfect pants, Ix27ve lost track. Where are a nice pair to be found ?? Love the zippers from Kate Mossx27s pair but Ix27d like them
lördag 2 jul 2011 kl 15:29 | EVERYDAY LIFE | leather fall craving


So annoying that my old leather skirt went lost a few months ago.. or not really because I actually like this one better. Canx27t wait to rock it with a pair of black classic pumps, leopards pumps or just my studded shoes and then a loose white tank top tucked in and my cuff bracelets. And braid my hair to the side à la Alexander Wang. The skirt is from Swedish pride: H&M. Så irriterande att min andra svarta skinnkjol kom bort för några månader ...
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Last night Ania, who is one of the buyers at work and always pulls off such an effortless yet stylish look, came by for drinks and I just couldnx27t resist trying her jacket on. I had had my eyes on it at work all day (our desks are right next to each other). OF COURSE her uncle gave it to her.. but she insisted I borrow it for the weekend whoop whoop ! Igår kväll kom Ania, som är en av våra inköpare på jobbet och har en så enkel men ändå origin...
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lördag 7 maj 2011 kl 10:28 | EVERYDAY LIFE | leather jacket friends
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