yesterday's outfit

This is what I wore yesterday, a coat from FWSS, pants from H&M, cashmere sweater from Zara, bag and shoes from Celine.

caroline blomst loves esprit beachwear collection

Last friday I held a small press launch for my beach capsule collection I made for Esprit. We held the event at Sturebadet (here in Stockholm) in their turkish bath section which was very intimate and cosy. And above are some images from the event. In february there will be a big event i Berlin to l
måndag 26 jan 2015 kl 10:36 | News | news collaboration caroline blomst esprit

tiny fashion

Ix27m at the end of week 28. The belly is growing and Ix27m starting to feel that in my back. But wex27re both doing fine, me and baby Peanut. I just discovered River Islands miniature collection and had to order the tiniest leather jacket (0-3 months). Isnx27t it the cutest thing youx27ve ever seen?!? Shopping for baby clothes Ix27ve found it hard to find good quality basics in black without any print. Especially in the stores here in Stockholm....
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torsdag 22 jan 2015 kl 13:30 | baby | pregnancy baby personal shopping

at home

A little sneek peek from our bedroom. I love our linen bedset (from H&M Home), so comfy and nice to sleep in. The tie dye pillows are from House Doctor and the blanket from Hermes.
onsdag 21 jan 2015 kl 19:45 | art of living | art of living home interior details

it's a lip thing

My favorite lip balms as of right now. Top 5 (in no particular order). 1. Rouge Dior Baume in 538 Boreale - this one adds a hint of the perfect coral shade 2. Caudalie Lip Conditioner - a regular conditioner for everyday 3. Chanel Rogue Coco Baume - a clear balm in a nice package 4. Nuxe Reve de Miel - moisturizer packed with honey and sunflower 5. Elisabeth Arden Eight Hour Creme - because it really works...
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onsdag 21 jan 2015 kl 13:52 | favorites | makeup beauty favorites

that 70s vibe

Itx27s really going to be a very 70s inspired spring and summer. The mood is everywhere. And I sure donx27t mind, a bit of 70s fashion is the right dose can look awesome. Stylevise the inspiration muses are Alexa Chung, Francoise Hardy, Jeanne Damas and Jane Birkin. Keywords: suede, denim, sporty, cute, nature. Miu Miu knit Adidas Stan Smith sneakers Alexa Chung for AG skirt YSL bag...
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onsdag 21 jan 2015 kl 11:36 | on my mind | shopping inspiration summer

diy - butterfly jacket

Let your military jacket or bomber jacket get a makeover with some butterfly x27tattoosx27 for spring. All to get in to that Valentino mood. Youx27ll find the real deal here. And herex27s how you do it yourself: all you need is a bunch of iron on (or sew on) appliques. You can get them at a hobby store, on Etsy or Ebay. Use a nicely worn vintage military jacket. Place the appliques where wanted and iron them on. Et voila! Youx27re finished! If yo...
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tisdag 20 jan 2015 kl 15:28 | Inspiration | diy fashion budget

that suede coat

One of the hottest items for spring; that suede coat. Two great options are the one from FIlippa K (which is made of faux suede) and the one from Bik Bokx27s Never Denim collection that will hit the stores soon.
tisdag 20 jan 2015 kl 12:12 | hello inspiration | shopping inspiration essentials

out & about

Ix27m wearing knit from Balenciaga, jacket from Joseph, bag and shoes from Chanel and pants from Lindex.
måndag 19 jan 2015 kl 19:53 | look of the day | look of the day stockholm outfit

oh, hello

Alexa Chungs collection for AG jeans looks great. On top of my wishlist is this x27The New Wavex27 sweater.
lördag 17 jan 2015 kl 21:39 | shopping | shopping inspiration instore


Get that perfect spring fresh dewy skin with this illuminator from NARS. Use it to highlight your cheekbones or blend just a small amount in to your moisturizer or foundation. The illuminator comes in five shades. For my pale winterskin the x27Copacabanax27 is just right, but for summer I love the x
fredag 16 jan 2015 kl 12:03 | beauty | beauty spring makeup

best of budget

Big paisley scarf from Zara. Wear now to keep the warmth and wear as a sarong/skirt on the beach this summer. A real catch!
fredag 16 jan 2015 kl 11:34 | shopping |

granit ss 15

Swedish Granit is a interior chain that focuses on affordable storage and function. Today they held their press show for summer 15. Here are some photos that I took. My favorites are the zig zag blanket, the big white simple lamps, the kitchen (or whatever) yars and the marble trays.
torsdag 15 jan 2015 kl 23:17 | art of living | art of living home interior details granit

nursery ideas

Here are a couple of nursery interior ideas that I absolutly love. A cloud mobile from Baby Jives. Martin Kruschex27s Moon print. And a cute idea with a small hammock for the stuffed toys.
onsdag 14 jan 2015 kl 15:36 | art of living | art of living baby interior nursery


A book that Ix27d love to own is Go-Sees by photographer Juergen Teller (from 1999). Itx27s a photo series of models that came to see him for a so called x27Go-Seex27 from may of 1998 to may 1999. Itx27s a real time piece and really inspiring to see the photographs of the models in their own off dut
onsdag 14 jan 2015 kl 12:49 | art of living | art of living home interior details

3 is a trend

For summer Ix27ve spotted a lot of these tie dye-ish abstract prints. Theyx27re colorful and vibrant and a bit psycadelic crazy at the same time. I bet wex27ll se a lot of them colorful Boy bags from Chanel. Heels from RI and top from Wang.
onsdag 14 jan 2015 kl 11:56 | shopping | shopping inspiration summer

spring fresh

Add a touch of blue to get all spring fresh! Suede moccasins with blue/purple tassles in the brown/tan mix makes any outfit look x27off dutyx27 cool. Denim is a must for spring, I love these from &OtherStories. Spring also calls for a suede bag, in a bright blue of course!
tisdag 13 jan 2015 kl 14:07 | in store |


Ix27m wearing a knit from Holzweiler, coat from FWSS, cashmere joggers from Whistles, a bag from Celine at Nathalie Schuterman and Acne boots.
tisdag 13 jan 2015 kl 11:18 | look of the day | look of the day stockholm outfit

it's a girl!

Week 27 is here and yesterday we found out there is a little girl in my belly. The doctor was 110 % sure he said. We already have a name in mind and wex27re pretty sure about this one, starting with a B. Ix27m gonna let this be a cliffhanger until she is born. But I can let you know what names we considered before we decided on the current ont, they were; Valentina, Nikita, Nikki, Stella and Bianca. Last week we also started checking out stroll...
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tisdag 13 jan 2015 kl 09:35 | baby | pregnancy baby personal shopping

oh hello

Todayx27s styling inspiration, via the Reformation.
måndag 12 jan 2015 kl 09:15 | Inspiration | shopping inspiration streetstyle


My top 5 hydration sources for the skin. 1. Water, the most essential one. Water makes wonder for the skin. 2. Ice Water collagen gel pads from ToGoSpa. These are perfect to feel more avake and to depuff the eye area. 3. Skin Hydrating Booster from Dermalogica. I use this fluid before the moisturizer, perfect for dry skin. 4. Hydrationist from Estée Lauder. A nice gel-ish creme that hydrates! 5. Skin Hydrating Masque from Dermalogica. This masque...
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fredag 9 jan 2015 kl 16:30 | beauty | beauty beautytalk favorites essentials

pour le bebe

Time flies and itx27s time to start getting stuff to the baby. Both clothes, toys and the more practical things. Wex27ve already prepared a closet and here are some outfits and toys that we got so far, some gifted by amazing friends and family (thank you!!!). I love the tiny stuff, prepare for cuteness overload! The toys are from french Moulin Roty, JellyCat and swedish Teddykompaniet. The clothes are from Livly, Kenzo, Petit Bateau and Naturap...
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fredag 9 jan 2015 kl 15:25 | baby | pregnancy baby personal shopping

mommy pants

Now Ix27m not super pregnant and huge just yet but big enough not to fit into my regular clothes. Ix27d thought Ix27d give some advise on pants that works for me right now, because for me personally good (both comfy and nice looking) pants has been the most difficult to get hold of. If you have any good suggestions please comment in this post! Ix27m not a big fan of that giant rib that will cover the entire stomach and have tried to avoid thos...
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fredag 9 jan 2015 kl 12:46 | baby | pregnancy baby personal shopping

out & about

Ix27m wearing a coat from Joseph, bag from Celine, thin puffer jacket from Uniqlo, pants from Lindex mom, cashmere sweater from my own line and Bally boots....
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torsdag 8 jan 2015 kl 19:00 | look of the day | look of the day stockholm outfit

chloé summer 15

The lace, the soft colors and perhaps the most covetable item in the collection; the sandals (that are already now available for pre-order).
torsdag 8 jan 2015 kl 12:02 | on my mind | shopping inspiration summer

week 26

Ix27m in week 26 and now Ix27m really starting to feel very pregnant, which is both good and bad. Mostly good. Lying down in the wrong position makes my heart race and I feel super nausius, Ix27m also feeling very tired and my back feels stiff. Also the acctual birth part is worring me a bit (a lot), but I think Ix27m just gonna take it as it comes, itx27s very hard not to think about it though. The upx27s are of course weighing up any kind of do...
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onsdag 7 jan 2015 kl 12:30 | baby | pregnancy baby personal

to the moon

Therex27s something magic about the moon. And it sure makes a great interior theme. Mystical and calming. Personally I would not turn down this moon chime, it looks perfect for my home. Check out the image gallery for more moon inspiration!
onsdag 7 jan 2015 kl 10:50 | art of living | art of living home interior details

look of yesterday

Yesterday I wore a vintage coat, knit from Acne, leggings from American Apparel, a Gucci bag and sneakers from Chanel.
måndag 5 jan 2015 kl 22:14 | look of the day | look of the day stockholm outfit

oh, hello!

I canx27t wait for spring/summer to arrive, especially since there are so many nice ss15 items to get inspired by. Like the Chanel slides for example, them, a beach and nice weather would be ideal. 1. The slides of summer 2015, most probably. From Chanel. 2. Blouse from Mango with a very scandinavian feel. 3. Denim from H&M. Loose and worn, just the way itx27s supposed to be! 4. Daria in Celine, whatx27s not to like!?! 5. Saint Laurent insane f...
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måndag 5 jan 2015 kl 12:07 | Inspiration | inspiration shopping in store

sale blog

Ix27m spring cleaning my closet. Check out the sale blog here. ------ Jag rensar garderoben, spana in bloppisen här.
söndag 4 jan 2015 kl 19:08 | Caroline Blomst |
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