Labeled coat

Dotty coat

Dotty cotton-twill coat from Mulberry + Mackintosh.
onsdag 18 dec 2013 kl 16:10 | Loves it | clothes coat dots mulberry

Red coat

Red all over jacquard smart coat from Topshop.
måndag 16 dec 2013 kl 22:47 | Loves it | clothes coat color topshop

Coat & Bow

Figure-fit coat from H&M.
söndag 15 dec 2013 kl 18:05 | Loves it | clothes coat bow h&m

Padded coat

Padded linen and cotton-blend coat from Isabel Marant, Étoile.
onsdag 11 dec 2013 kl 20:19 | Loves it | clothes coat color isabel marant


Lime-green peacoat from J.Crew.
tisdag 10 dec 2013 kl 11:41 | Loves it | clothes coat color j.crew


Something yellow brightens up any dull day! Get inspired above and find my favorite picks in store below. ...
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yellow coat

Canary yellow faux fur coat from Topshop.
tisdag 3 dec 2013 kl 09:36 | Loves it | clothes coat color topshop

masculine silhouette

Budget from Topshop or luxury from Isabel Marant?
fredag 22 nov 2013 kl 10:55 | Same Same | same same coat topshop isabel marant

Mint Coat

Retro-inspired mint coat from RED Valentino.
onsdag 20 nov 2013 kl 07:27 | Loves it | clothes coat mint valentino

wool mix coat

Loose fit wool mix coat from BikBok.
lördag 16 nov 2013 kl 14:31 | Loves it | clothes coat color bikbok

Pink Coat

Lght pink oversized coat from River Island.
fredag 15 nov 2013 kl 20:45 | Loves it | clothes coat color river island

fluffy jackets

Big colorful furry jackets is definitely not your average boring winter coat. Go bright and go big this winter with these options that are in store right now: ...
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onsdag 13 nov 2013 kl 10:15 | Fashion Notes | fashion notes coat fall trend inspiration keypieces

leopard league

Leopard, a winning pattern that never goes out of style. Work it on outerwear for fall and winter, here are three stylish looks to get inspired by.
måndag 11 nov 2013 kl 13:00 | Fashion Notes | fashion notes coat jacket leopard

fur collar

Biker style flecked coat with detachable fur collar from Mango.
torsdag 7 nov 2013 kl 13:00 | Loves it | clothes coat fur mango

6 x duffle coats

The duffle coat, a classic that is super in this fall. Here are my six favorites. 1. Saint Laurent. 2. Topshop. 3. Mango. 4. Rick Owens. 5. Topshop. 6. Uniqlo.
tisdag 5 nov 2013 kl 13:33 | Shopping | shopping coats 6x inspiration

new in

Bought this coat from Joseph at Nathalie Schuterman yesterday. I wanted something more fitted for the fall and this one is just perfect. The leather details makes it even better.
fredag 1 nov 2013 kl 10:58 | oh hello | fall coat new in shopping joseph

Pink coats

An slightly oversize coat + the color of pink = so hot! Get the look: ...
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måndag 28 okt 2013 kl 10:30 | Fashion Notes | fashion notes coat pink


The color of the season. Pink. Get the look: ...
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lördag 14 sep 2013 kl 19:58 | hello inspiration | pink coat fall color inspiration


Jag fastnade för den här kappan på H&M (trendavdelningen) igår, jag gillar modellen, den ser snygg ut. Tror jag måste springa förbi på lunchen idag och testa den. ENGLISH!!! I spotted this coat at H&M (the trend section) yesterday. I really like the cut, it looks nice. I think Ix27ll go try it on l
torsdag 28 okt 2010 kl 10:29 | Mode | hm coat

inspiration elle uk august 2010

En massa fina kappor och inspiration i Elle UKx27s augustinummer. Jag önskar att jag också kunde gå barbent till höstkappan, men jag vet inte, det brukar bli lite för kallt. ENGLISH!!! Lot of nice coats and inspiration in Elle UKx27s august issue. I wish I could go with bare legs for fall, but I do
måndag 6 sep 2010 kl 10:12 | Inspiration | inspiration elle coat fall
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