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white/green inspo

With spring just around the corner I get super inspired by all white and green stuff. Ix27d love to update my home with the following three items. 1. Candle from H&M. 2. White tray from Zara Home. 3. Pillow from Trina Turk....
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fredag 11 apr 2014 kl 12:02 | Home | home interior inspiration details

in my bag

Sooo what is in my bag today? Well I have... Lucasx27 Papaw Ointment for the lips, Lx27Occitane nail & cuticle oil, gum, keys, iPhone and pouch from Balenciaga/Nathalie Schuterman. Apparently I have a blue slash red theme going on! :)
onsdag 2 apr 2014 kl 14:40 | details | in my bag balenciaga details

prada sunnies

Just got these amazing sunnies from Prada. I spotted them on several people during fashion week but I wasnx27t really in the mood for shopping sunnies back in february. But here we are one month later and Ix27m more than in the mood. :) Now I just had to grab them before they sell out. Itx27s the Baroque model in black and white with Swarovski crystals all over (limited edition). Prada always makes the coolest shades each season. Do you remember ...
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måndag 24 mar 2014 kl 13:50 | new in | sunglasses details new in prada

valentino objects of couture

On my livingroom table - Valentinox27s book x27Objects of Couturex27
måndag 30 dec 2013 kl 13:26 | at home | home interior details valentino

lala berlin

This cashmere scarf from Lala Berlin keeps me warm today.
måndag 16 dec 2013 kl 11:47 | new in | new in shopping details lalaberlin


I just bought this pineapple box too keep jewelry and small objects in. I think it will look great on a pile of fashion magazines.
torsdag 5 dec 2013 kl 11:08 | at home | home interior details new in

kulan candle holder

An old classic in new material. x27Kulanx27 candle holder now in crystal, you can get here. If you want one in classic red you can buy it here.
onsdag 4 dec 2013 kl 11:16 | Home | home interior details christmas


For the Christmas month I would love to have this black candle holder from Lassen at my table. The candle holder is called x27kubusx27 and is designed by Mogens Lassen 40 years ago. He certainly was ahead of his time when he designed it. Today itx27s more modern than ever. The design is sharp cube designed with almost mathematical precision, made of galvanized and painted steel and heat treated at 350 ° C. Therefore, let the candles burn down co...
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lördag 16 nov 2013 kl 14:30 | Design | home interior details christmas

for the jewelry

Cute ring/jewelry holder to store the everyday pieces. Get it here.
tisdag 12 nov 2013 kl 19:15 | Home | jewelry storage home details interior

felted wool stones

With inspiration from nature, these stones made out of felt is perfect for slouching with. They come in three different sizes and you can get them here.
tisdag 12 nov 2013 kl 16:11 | Home | inspiration home stone interior details

diamonds are forever

Diamonds just make the best interior details in my opinion. The shape is just so appealing. Over at I found this amazing DIY concrete diamond (picture 1+2) and it came out gorgeous. If you donx27t have the time to DIY you can find a similar one to buy here. And here in marble. In the pictures youx27ll also find Diamond posters, diamond lamps and an iron diamond....
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onsdag 6 nov 2013 kl 09:54 | Home | home interior shopping details diamonds

at the office

Above at the office, a x27Bonjourx27 sign greeting us when we arrive! The light box is from B XX LGHT, a swedish based company who makes super light boxes - see the pictures in the gallery above. Or more in their online shop, B XX LGHT.
lördag 26 okt 2013 kl 10:00 | interior | decor home interior details


Some jewelry I just wear all the time. Nialaya bracelets are my everyday bracelets. I just really love the look of them and always get so many compliments about them. You can find Nialaya jewelry here.
torsdag 10 okt 2013 kl 10:25 | details | armcandy jewelry fall inspiration nialaya details

close up

My details of today. Ix27m wearing bag from Celine at Nathalie Schuterman, leather leggings from Helmut Lang and shoes from Deichmann....
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I love the minimalistic-ness and clean design of this candleholder from Georg Jensen. It would fit perfect in my home. A great addition for fall.
måndag 12 aug 2013 kl 15:25 | on my mind | interior home georg jensen details


Shirt FWSS / Watch Rolex / Cashmere knit Caroline Blomst My best styling advice? Itx27s all in the details. The rolled up sleeve. The loosened buttons. Itx27s the little things that make a big difference.
tisdag 23 jul 2013 kl 11:27 | Inspiration | inspiration details

paris in the morning

Itx27s almost autumn like cold here in Paris during the mornings so I took the opportunity to dress a bit more autumn-ish (but I changed later when the sun peeped out and it got warmer). Jacket from Filippa K / Denim from 7 / Boots from Balenciaga / Top from T by Alexander Wang / Bag from Chanel
lördag 29 jun 2013 kl 21:28 | look of the day | look of the day paris details


Alison Lou makes super cute jewelry with smiley faces. Ix27m lovinx27 this happy face with pink heart eyes. Youx27ll find the jewerly online at Matches.
måndag 17 jun 2013 kl 11:35 | details | jewelry inspiration details


All black with a touch of leopard. Always a winner!...
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bone bracelet

This golden bone bracelet from Maria Nilsdotter is on top of my wishlist. Itx27s both cute and rockx27nx27roll-ish at the same time. I like!
onsdag 12 jun 2013 kl 09:38 | details | jewelry inspiration details wish wishlist


Just found this danish brand/webshop called Maanesten and Ix27m like in love with everything. Also the prices are not over the top so one could afford to get a couple of things without getting ruined. Thumbs up. Now I just hope they get a retailer in Sweden because it doesnx27t look like that they s
måndag 3 jun 2013 kl 23:58 | details | jewelry inspiration details


I really love my armcandy. Some days I only wear something simple but for summer I love to wear more. Here Ix27m wearing mix of jewelry. They are all from the store Isa Couture.
måndag 27 maj 2013 kl 20:06 | details | armcandy details new in

from above

Comfy slip on shoes from Celine and bag from Lindex (this model is not available online any longer but they have this mini version and itx27s just as nice).
onsdag 22 maj 2013 kl 14:51 | details | inspiration details look of the day stockholm


On my arm today green bead bracelet from Fashionology, wrap bracelet from Chan Luu, love circle bracelet from PS call me and a Cartier bracelet.
måndag 6 maj 2013 kl 12:47 | armcandy | armcandy details stockholm bracelets


I just got this Hipanema bracelet (finally since Ix27ve been about to get one for a while), this one is called Choc and is a tiny bit less wider than most Hipanema bracelets. You can find it here at ElsaLeonie. Ix27m also wearing a little sparkly love bracelet from PS call me and my Cartier bracelet....
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fredag 3 maj 2013 kl 14:34 | armcandy | armcandy details stockholm bracelets


Mixing black with rose gold. Rings from Nialaya.
torsdag 2 maj 2013 kl 13:26 | Accessories | inspiration jewelry details


Aprosio & Co black bracelet, Balenciaga wrap bracelet at Nathalie Schuterman, Stella Summer perfume, bag + wallet Chanel, cardholder Celine and iPhone with cover from
tisdag 9 apr 2013 kl 14:11 | Accessories | inspiration jewelry details bag in the bag

those rings

Drooling over the rings from Balenciaga. Can be found online here.
måndag 8 apr 2013 kl 17:57 | Inspiration | inspiration jewelry details balenciaga

teeny tiny

Ix27m sure you know I love delicate and tiny jewelry by now. Well Claire Aristides makes the cutest tiniest fine jewelry. Ix27m loving my initial letter bracelet with a C for Caroline - so easy to wear and cute! I also love the xo initial bracelet/necklaces. And the eternity rings, more specific the one with black diamonds, so hot!...
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söndag 7 apr 2013 kl 09:01 | Inspiration | inspiration jewelry details on my mind


I got this urge for quartz necklaces again. Would be nice for spring and summer! I like this simple one from Spell.
onsdag 3 apr 2013 kl 12:11 | Accessories | inspiration jewelry details
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