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kasia struss off duty

Vogue Spain published an editorial a while back with an off duty chic Kasia Struss - 7 days 7 looks is the name of the series that are reoccurring. Anyway Ix27m lovinx27 this look above with the Acne denim and the Stella McCartney monogram top. So cute and chic and mucho inspiring! See more over at
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torsdag 7 feb 2013 kl 10:50 | Inspiration | inspiration editorial model vogue


That pink coat by Celine. Oh my god! Pic one from Vogue Koreax27s November issue. Pic two from Flairs November issue.
måndag 5 nov 2012 kl 12:39 | Inspiration | inspiration editorial model


This season Ix27m craving for big cosy knitted cardigans. Like this leopard Balenciaga knit that Zippora is wearing in french Ellex27s september issue. So nice.
måndag 10 sep 2012 kl 15:48 | Inspiration | inspiration shopping fall editorial


Ok. I love a good dose of denim. Just checkout this august cover from Vogue Mexico starring model Kasia Struss. Damn, double denim is hot!
söndag 29 jul 2012 kl 07:33 | Inspiration | inspiration denim editorial cover


Check out our lastest editorial here. Itx27s all about adding a bit of western to your everyday summer wardrobe.
måndag 18 jun 2012 kl 13:26 | Accessories | work styling editorial inspiration

#inspiration #beach #surf

This beach/surf editoria from French Vogues june issue starring model Magdalena Frackowiak is on top of my inspiration list right now. So inspiring! I love the bright colors, the relaxed feel and (of course) the beach!
tisdag 12 jun 2012 kl 12:05 | Inspiration | inspiration editorial model

b/w inspiration

I love black and white photos, itx27s sooo inspiring! Here are some of my saved favorites from my recent inspo folder. 1. Edita on the cover of MUSE. 2. Western-ish, I love those white jeans + belt! 3. The leather pants, the jacket, the mood! 4. Leather and shorts + laid back attitude.
måndag 21 maj 2012 kl 15:17 | Inspiration | inspiration editorial model

emma o.

Today we had beautiful Emma O. in the studio and took some photos of her in her own collection (with the same name). Lots of crochet teamed with denim from Gina Tricot. Here are some sneak peek pics.
fredag 11 maj 2012 kl 16:52 | Inspiration | model inspiration editorial photoshoot

pretty basic

Wex27re back after yesterdays downtime. We had some serious server issues but itx27s resolved now and everything should run as normal. Pictured above is out lastest editorial that I styled last week. You can find the full story in the editorial section, here. <--- click, click!
onsdag 9 maj 2012 kl 14:08 | Inspiration | work styling editorial inspiration


Hellu! Ix27m at the office finalizing the editorial I styled last week. Doing the layout, writing out the clothes etc. So happy with the results! Herex27s a little sneak peek of what it looks like in printed form. It will be published tomorrow here at the blog.
tisdag 8 maj 2012 kl 11:36 | Inspiration | work styling editorial inspiration


New stuff in the EDITORIAL section. This time itx27s all about accessories. Check it out!
onsdag 11 apr 2012 kl 11:02 | Inspiration | inspiration editorial celine


Yesterday we were in the studio all day shooting an editorial. Herex27s a little peek of what we did. Ix27m getting major cravings for this mini Celine bag ( Sooo cute!
tisdag 3 apr 2012 kl 08:43 | Inspiration | inspiration editorial celine

so my style

Wex27ve added a new category to the editorial section here at Carolines Mode. SoMyStyle. Here wex27ll meet lots of intresting people and have a peek in their closets! This time we visited stylist Isabelle Håwi! Check it out!...
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lördag 30 jul 2011 kl 18:34 | Inspiration | somystyle editorial inspiration

sneak peek

Herex27s a little sneak peek from the photoshoot I styled yesterday. Versace is for sure back, I love the vintage jacket we pulled for the shoot. Ix27m also loving hats for fall and the country side Celine inspired checkered coat.

leather skirt + oversize knit

Today we shot a fall editorial and even though I donx27t want to think about fall clothing right now itx27s a must, it kind of goes with the job. Anyway I just wanted to share with you one of the looks we shoot, the classic leather meets knit. Probably one of the most wearable combos, Ix27ll be wea

sneak peek

Me & Isabelle styled a photoshoot today based on clothes and accessories we already had in the stylist den and didnx27t just want to send back before doing something amazing with them, which we did today! Most items are budget pieces from the early fall collections or are already in stores with exception for some of the clothes and the accessoires. The fashion story will be published next week on the blog! Herex27s a little sneak peek of some of ...
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ok wow!

I guess you can never go wrong wearing a Chanel suit, but this one definitely tops my list! Pic: Model Angela Lindvall for Lx27Officiel Paris by Marcin Tyszka.
tisdag 7 jun 2011 kl 20:45 | Inspiration | inspiration editorial

black & white

I started work at 7.30 this morning and just got home, sooo tired right now. Today we had a photoshoot with a lot of silvermetallics and leather. The theme was a kind of punk/skate-ish. You can see the result here next week. Above is a detail that I snapped during the day. The jacket is a silver metallic leather one from Burberry/LuisaViaRoma, nice huh?!? I also had the pleasure of having Isabelle help me style the shoot today! Big thanks babe! ...
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fredag 3 jun 2011 kl 19:26 | Inspiration | inspiration photoshoot plåtning editorial

right now

Ix27m choosing pics from the last shoot I styled. Herex27s a little sneak peek for you guys. The full editorial will be posted here on the blog later this week.
onsdag 25 maj 2011 kl 16:22 | Inspiration | inspiration photoshoot plåtning editorial


Eniko Mihalik by Greg Kadel for Vogue Italia may 2011.
tisdag 17 maj 2011 kl 16:33 | Inspiration | inspiration editorial


Carolyn Murphy in Muse Magazine. Love it!
tisdag 29 mar 2011 kl 14:47 | Inspiration | inspiration editorial metallics


Oh, yes! This is exactly how I want to look for summer holidays. Model Camille Rowe by Theo Wenner for Jalouse March 2011.
tisdag 15 mar 2011 kl 12:58 | Inspiration | inspiration editorial awesome


1. From Cover Magazine February 2011, photo: Andreas Öhlund, model: Gertrud Hegelund 2. From Elle US, photo: Terry Tsiolis, model: Hailey Clauson 3. From Dazed & Confused December 2010, model: Hailey Clauson, photo: Hugh Lippe 4. From FutureClaw #5, photo: Eric Gullemain, model: Naomi Preizler
lördag 29 jan 2011 kl 22:58 | Inspiration | inspiration editorial

glamour revival

// Glamour Revival // Italian Marie Claire February 2011// Photo: Taki Bibelas // Styling: Ivana Spernicelli //
fredag 28 jan 2011 kl 15:20 | Inspiration | inspiration editorial

cover june 2010

I love this editorial from Cover Magazine june 2010. The pink dyed hair, the military jacket, the bright pink look, the all white look. Itx27s just great! Photographer Jette Jørs, model Elena Melnik and styling Emelie Johansson.
torsdag 27 jan 2011 kl 17:35 | Inspiration | cover editorial summer inspiration

editorial model off duty - linnea b

Fashion: Caroline Blomst Photo: Daniel Troyse Modell: Linnea B / Mikas. Shop the style: Acne, Monki, Weekday, MQ, Palladium, Palladium, H&M, Adidas, Topshop, The Local Firm, Tiger of Sweden, Diesel, Bowers & Wilkins...
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torsdag 4 nov 2010 kl 13:25 | Inspiration | photoshoot inspiration editorial plåtning

editorial model off duty - josefin n

Fashion: Caroline Blomst Photo: Daniel Troyse / Stockholm Streetstyle. Modell: Josefin N / Mikas.
torsdag 21 okt 2010 kl 12:55 | Inspiration | photoshoot inspiration editorial plåtning

editorial la musa del otoño

Oh la la... Jag gillar den fluffiga Stella McCartney tröjan! Mysig! Bild från Vogue Latin America Oktober 2010. Foto - Marcin Tyszka. Modell - Anja Rubik. ENGLISH!!! Oh la la... Love the Stella McCartney fuffy knit cardigan. Pic from Vogue Latin America October 2010. Photo - Marcin Tyszka. Model -
måndag 18 okt 2010 kl 17:12 | Inspiration | inspiration editorial

sneak peek.

Här kommer en liten smygtitt från plåtningen idag. Fler sneakpeekbilder hittar du inne hos Daniel. Modellen är Frans från Mikas. Styling stod Sebastian Hellström/Solo för.Foton av mig. ENGLISH!!! Here are some sneak peek pics from the photoshoot I had today. More sneak peek pics at Danielx27s blog - check it out!. The model is Frans from Mikas. Styling by Sebastian Hellström/Solo. Pics by me. ...
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editorial magazine

tisdag 20 jul 2010 kl 00:39 | Inspiration | inspiration editorial nap
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