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This pink rug against the grey concrete. Just beautiful. The rug is from Asplunds 2013 collection.
onsdag 6 feb 2013 kl 14:11 | Inspiration | interior home inspiration lovesit

#home #interior

This skull candle from DL company/Kyssjohanna is standing on my livingroom table. Itx27s beautiful both while itx27s burning and with the lid on. The candle is mildly scented and it smells real nice and cosy. And when the candle is finished Ix27ll have a perfect jar for jewelry.
onsdag 19 dec 2012 kl 12:29 | Inspiration | interior home inspiration lovesit


Ix27m in love with these pottery tea light houses from Kahler Design, the series is called Urbania and the houses come in 4 different models. Beautiful alone or together, like a small village. Similar houses can be found at Bruka Design but they are made out of metal. Really nice aswell. Ix27d love to have some in my window. Looks so cosy!...
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lördag 8 dec 2012 kl 08:10 | Inspiration | interior home inspiration lovesit

samsung 9 series

I just wanted to drop a line about the Samsung 9 series that I have been trying out for a while now. First off itx27s real thin and lightweight and goes in most of my everyday bags. Thatx27s a big thumbs up. Second it has Windows, another big thumbs up. Third, it real fast and runs smooth. I think it´s a great x22fashion blogger laptopx22, I use mine both for making blog posts as well as watching movies. And hey itx27s black, that feels kind of l...
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måndag 10 sep 2012 kl 11:13 | Accessories | gadget inspiration lovesit
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