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Céline Pre-Fall 2014 - THE BAGS

Here they are, the bags from Celinex27s pre fall collection. Which is your favorite?
torsdag 10 apr 2014 kl 11:11 | bags, bags, bags | bags celine fall news

lace up

My beautiful friend Celine in my NEW suede lace up jacket from my own brand. The jacket is made of soft black suede, itx27s collarless, has lace up on sleeves and lace up in back, the lining is quilted. Youx27ll find it in the webshop today.
tisdag 1 apr 2014 kl 12:12 | in store | streetstyle caroline blomst inspiration news

prada sunnies

Just got these amazing sunnies from Prada. I spotted them on several people during fashion week but I wasnx27t really in the mood for shopping sunnies back in february. But here we are one month later and Ix27m more than in the mood. :) Now I just had to grab them before they sell out. Itx27s the Baroque model in black and white with Swarovski crystals all over (limited edition). Prada always makes the coolest shades each season. Do you remember ...
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måndag 24 mar 2014 kl 13:50 | new in | sunglasses details new in prada

the brazilian

Vacay wear. Steve Madden x27Cuffx27 sandals, Hipanema bracelet and Brazilian bikinis (with a sexy cut) from which has a great selection of x27brazilian bikinisx27 for real great prices. I recommend you size up one size for the bottom pieces.
onsdag 19 mar 2014 kl 12:02 | new in | inspiration vacation travel shopping new in

chanel shopping center

Chanel held their fashion show earlier today and the show decor was just so fun. A Chanel shopping center! Photos via Chanel News.
tisdag 4 mar 2014 kl 20:17 | News | chanel fun fashion news show decor

tisci x nike

If you are in to sneakers - like I am - this is fantastic news. Riccardo Tisci (the Givenchy designer) is making a collection with Nike for this spring. The collection is said to be a lot about footwear (yey!) but also other stuff. The collection will have the logo x27Nike RTx27 and the above video
fredag 10 jan 2014 kl 18:28 | News | video nike news

leather slides

The leather slides, for spring/summer or just to wear indoors. Since last summer sandals like these have never been more in style. Celine kind of set the perimeter for the rest with their fur infused ones. Now this summer the slippers feel more sporty than last year, think more Adidas and less Birke
torsdag 2 jan 2014 kl 17:54 | *** | shopping in store spring news


I just bought this pineapple box too keep jewelry and small objects in. I think it will look great on a pile of fashion magazines.
torsdag 5 dec 2013 kl 11:08 | at home | home interior details new in

bows + dots

I first spotted these in London. I love the bows and the dots made of tiny sequins, these shoes are both cute and cool at once. Well anyway, in London they were sold out in my size so when I spotted them at Zalando the other day I bought them direct. Every now and then I visit Zalando and Ix27ve shopped there a couple of times but I havnx27t realized (until now) they had such a big selection of brands, itx27s huge, both thumbs up! The shoes are ...
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torsdag 7 nov 2013 kl 17:45 | new in | shoes new in shopping zalando marcus lupher

new in

Bought this coat from Joseph at Nathalie Schuterman yesterday. I wanted something more fitted for the fall and this one is just perfect. The leather details makes it even better.
fredag 1 nov 2013 kl 10:58 | oh hello | fall coat new in shopping joseph

iphone 5s

Now Apple announced that iPhone 5s will be in stores october 25 (here in sweden). Just in time for pay day. Personally Ix27d love to get the gold/champagne one. But I donx27t think Ix27m gonna buy a new one right now since the one I have is working fine. Which is your favorite color of the three?
onsdag 9 okt 2013 kl 20:30 | tech | tech iphone news

Hermes Silk Knots app

There are endless ways of tying a scarf but with Hermes new app x27Hermes Silk Knotsx27 you can learn all knots worth knowing. The app is free and available for iPhone and iPad.
måndag 23 sep 2013 kl 19:05 | news | app iphone ipad hermes news

fuck yeah

I created a tumblr for my Caroline Blomst brand which you can find here.
fredag 20 sep 2013 kl 19:03 | Inspiration | caroline blomst news stockholm


Hello everyone! I just wanted to say that we have hade some problems with our email to the CAROLINEBLOMST.COM online store. Some emails has not reached us. Now this issue is fixed and we are happy to answer any questions you have. So if you have emailed us the past week and not had any reply, please email again. Ix27ll answer the most common questions we recieved so far here: 1. When will more stock of the Linnea fur coat arrive? - We are expe...
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lördag 7 sep 2013 kl 23:00 | News | caroline blomst news stockholm

le dix

Itx27s pretty nice the new x27Le Dixx27 from Balenciaga.
fredag 6 sep 2013 kl 19:54 | bags, bags, bags | balenciaga bags news


Happy Plugs launches real 18 karats solid gold ear plugs. The ear plugs are handmade by a goldsmith in Stockholm and the price is 95.000, available from september 6 at If that feels a bit too much to pay they are also launching a more affordable alternative. Metallic colored ones in both gold and silver color, the price will be 249 sek and 349 sek dependning on model (in ear or earbuds). ...
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torsdag 5 sep 2013 kl 10:11 | news | tech happy plugs gadget news gold silver

rebel nudes

The REBEL NUDES are eight new vibrant (!) nude shades from YSL. The shades give color but in a nude kind of way, they are also the first in the x27Glossy Stainx27 series that also give the lips a reflective shine, like a plumped 3D effect. Available in August 2013.
onsdag 4 sep 2013 kl 12:31 | beauty | beauty ysl lipgloss news

Shop Online

Check my online store,
söndag 1 sep 2013 kl 19:15 | News | caroline blomst news stockholm

press show

Here are pics from the press show / after work I had today presenting my new clothing brand. I want to thank everyone who came, It meant super much to me. You made this day special. Thank you! I also want to thank Polhem PR for taking such great care of my brand and organizing this event. If you have any press related questions (press loans, images, interviews and such) please contact Lisa at Polhem, lisa.w(at) Also a big thank you to...
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torsdag 15 aug 2013 kl 23:41 | News | caroline blomst news stockholm event rekorderlig cider

first look

My very own campaign (photos taken by me) for my own brand Caroline Blomst. Model is Miranda at Mikas. You are of course the first to see. Youx27ll find all the clothes online,, from the end of august.
onsdag 14 aug 2013 kl 21:32 | News | caroline blomst news campaign first look stockholm


Ix27m tempted to try the raw coconut cream from RMS beauty. The cream is an all-in-one makeup remover, facial cleanser and skin moisturizer. It smells fresh and tropical. Itx27s also suitable for all skin types, anti-bacterial and organic. You can get it at Net-a-Porter.
onsdag 17 jul 2013 kl 11:00 | beauty | beauty news

hair perfume

Perfume for the hair, yup! This hair perfume from Herra not only makes the hair smell great it also gives hydration and provides UV protection at the same time. The spray makes the hair smell x22salon donex22 - if you know what I mean also itx27s weightless, not tested on animals and paraben free. Y
tisdag 25 jun 2013 kl 11:17 | #instagram | beauty hair news

marc jacobs beauty

Marc Jacobs launches makeup collection on august 9 at Sephora and in the Marc Jacobs stores. The collection is huge with 122 different products and the guess is that itx27s mostly a colorful collection since Jacobs told WWD he doesnx27t like neutrals.
tisdag 18 jun 2013 kl 23:32 | beauty | beauty news marc jacobs

chanel summer makeup

Chanel is treating us to a colorful summer. The blue mascara is super cool but Ix27m not sure when to use it. Would love to wear it like this everyday of the week. The nail polishes are however more easy to use, the middle one Azure is amazing and if you follow me on Vine or Twitter youx27ve already seen me wearing it. Itx27s that kind of polish that get commented everywhere you go. For summer Chanel also gives us a bunch of easy slide on eye ...
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måndag 17 jun 2013 kl 12:55 | beauty | beauty news chanel makeup

brush my lips

Viva La Divas x22Brush My Lipsx22 lip gloss series are a new favorite of mine. The lip glosses have a brush for easy use and they comes in six nice shades. My favorite is #4 x22Chicx22 a really nice nude shade (in the right middle above).
fredag 14 jun 2013 kl 13:37 | beauty | beauty news makeup vivaladiva

lancome x alber elbaz

Mascaras and compacts dressed in couture. Oh yes. Lancome teams up with designer Alber Elbaz and creates magic (of course). All the compacts and mascaras have a new look and I just love the Hypnose star with the electric blue stars (I love stars). The collection consists of a set of false lashes, ma
måndag 10 jun 2013 kl 10:26 | beauty | beauty news makeup lancome

chanel take one

Chanels summer makeup collection. Ix27m totally hooked on the nailpolishes. The colors are just perfect.
måndag 3 jun 2013 kl 19:21 | beauty | beauty news chanel makeup


I really love my armcandy. Some days I only wear something simple but for summer I love to wear more. Here Ix27m wearing mix of jewelry. They are all from the store Isa Couture.
måndag 27 maj 2013 kl 20:06 | details | armcandy details new in


Louis Vuitton presents a short film with the history of the bucket bag. It was originally released in 1932 and it was created for a champagne producer to hold four bottles upright.
fredag 24 maj 2013 kl 16:00 | video | video louis vuitton news

lip stuff

Here are three of my absolute favorite lip care products. 1. Eight hour creme. Some might think it smells funny. I actually like it. Also it can be used not only on the lips but everywhere. The best. 2. Carmex. This is my everyday lip gloss. It tingles (just slightly) and my lips feels great. 3. Serious lip repair by french brand Christian Breton. This lotion is for use around the lip line and it kind of fluffs the lip up a bit and also repa...
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fredag 24 maj 2013 kl 12:19 | beauty | beauty news lips
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