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Say hello to my new everyday bag, a mini peekaboo in dove grey from Fendi.
tisdag 7 apr 2015 kl 14:32 | new in | shopping new in bags

for valentines

My favorite jewelry pieces comes from Nialaya. And I just recieved these new pieces in two new sexy colors for spring. Hint for the guys: Theyx27re a perfect gift for Valentines day that is coming up. ;)
måndag 2 feb 2015 kl 16:05 | bijoux | jewlery new in spring bijoux


On the HOT list: Triangl bikinis. These are seen all over right now and they are soo hot! They are made out of a neoprene and comes in fun and sexy color settings. I recently ordered the one in the top right above, mesh top and blue bottom. The sizes are what Ix27d say regular, I ordered what I no
tisdag 3 jun 2014 kl 14:39 | the HOT list | the hot list new in bikini triangl

prada sunnies

Just got these amazing sunnies from Prada. I spotted them on several people during fashion week but I wasnx27t really in the mood for shopping sunnies back in february. But here we are one month later and Ix27m more than in the mood. :) Now I just had to grab them before they sell out. Itx27s the Baroque model in black and white with Swarovski crystals all over (limited edition). Prada always makes the coolest shades each season. Do you remember ...
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måndag 24 mar 2014 kl 13:50 | new in | sunglasses details new in prada

the brazilian

Vacay wear. Steve Madden x27Cuffx27 sandals, Hipanema bracelet and Brazilian bikinis (with a sexy cut) from which has a great selection of x27brazilian bikinisx27 for real great prices. I recommend you size up one size for the bottom pieces.
onsdag 19 mar 2014 kl 12:02 | new in | inspiration vacation travel shopping new in


I just bought this pineapple box too keep jewelry and small objects in. I think it will look great on a pile of fashion magazines.
torsdag 5 dec 2013 kl 11:08 | at home | home interior details new in

bows + dots

I first spotted these in London. I love the bows and the dots made of tiny sequins, these shoes are both cute and cool at once. Well anyway, in London they were sold out in my size so when I spotted them at Zalando the other day I bought them direct. Every now and then I visit Zalando and Ix27ve shopped there a couple of times but I havnx27t realized (until now) they had such a big selection of brands, itx27s huge, both thumbs up! The shoes are ...
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torsdag 7 nov 2013 kl 17:45 | new in | shoes new in shopping zalando marcus lupher

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Bought this coat from Joseph at Nathalie Schuterman yesterday. I wanted something more fitted for the fall and this one is just perfect. The leather details makes it even better.
fredag 1 nov 2013 kl 10:58 | oh hello | fall coat new in shopping joseph


I really love my armcandy. Some days I only wear something simple but for summer I love to wear more. Here Ix27m wearing mix of jewelry. They are all from the store Isa Couture.
måndag 27 maj 2013 kl 20:06 | details | armcandy details new in

maria nilsdotter bag

Finally the bags from Maria Nilsdotter arrived in store. I was there yesterday (in her store at Sturegatan 6 in Stockholm) and I got the light one with golden studs. It totally gorgeous. And now finally I own a light little bag. Also you can wear it two ways, as a clutch without the shoulder strap or as a regular bag with the strap. The bag comes in three colors and two options (and silver or gold details). You can see all the bags in the webshop...
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lördag 18 maj 2013 kl 17:53 | new in | bag new in shopping marianilsdotter

filippa k sunglasses

Swedish brand Filippa K just launched sunglasses in limited edition. The sunnies are a mix of a cat eye shape and classic retro design. They look really nice on. I actually already got the turtle patterned one (they also come in black) and I am super happy with them! Filippa K makes 100 pairs total
torsdag 25 apr 2013 kl 16:30 | Accessories | news filippa k new in shopping


Today Ix27m wearing these new bracelets from Aprosio & Co. Itx27s italian and they are beaded sparkly pretty bracelets that come in many colors. Here Ix27m wearing purple and silver. You can get them at Rikkex27s shop (she also runs the blog Ix27m also wearing a vintage Rolex and my
torsdag 14 mar 2013 kl 11:27 | Accessories | armcandy details new in

bum bags

The danish love their bum bags. I understand why, I love them too. And therex27s no one that makes better bum bags than danish designer Yvonne Koné. I have had my black one (here) for some time now. Now they also come in other colors so I just got this ruby colored one (above middle), so gorgeous! Also stylish, sporty and very wearable - all in a very Scandinavian minimalistic way. I wear mine either cross body or on one shoulder like a x22regula...
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tisdag 11 dec 2012 kl 22:44 | Inspiration | inspiration new in shopping

arm luxury

Ix27m like obsessed with golden jewelry right now. These delicate bangles (both with crystals and without) from Vita Fede are so pretty and luxurious. Loves it!
måndag 10 dec 2012 kl 12:50 | Inspiration | armcandy details new in


Around my arm today, Cartier bracelet, Marc Jacobs rose gold watch and a Mono bracelet. My grey cashmere sweater is from Life is.
lördag 24 nov 2012 kl 21:21 | Inspiration | armcandy details new in

new in

These are coming home with me from Paris. Thought I wanted the cone heel but this one looked so much better on. Now time to get to the airport, see you in Stockholm.
onsdag 3 okt 2012 kl 09:46 | Inspiration | shopping paris new in

close up

Ix27m really lovinx27 my wrap bracelet from Chan Luu, it goes with anything and feels very luxurious (itx27s this one).
lördag 4 aug 2012 kl 23:59 | Accessories | closeup new in shopping

hi there little sexy white dress

Q: Where did you get the white dress in your Instagram? A: I bought the IM dress at Matches, here. I bought mine for 175 gbp (original price 250 gbp), but today I see they have raised the price of the dress so the price is a bit higher. Maybe it was tagged wrong. Anyway thatx27s one place where you can get it. I guess you can try get it in the IM stores aswell if you live close to one. Oh, and itx27s more a tunic then a dress, Ix27m gonna use min...
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onsdag 20 jun 2012 kl 17:06 | Inspiration | inspiration shopping new in summer


My new lipgloss obsession is Maybellinex27s Popstick in 040 Chystal Pink. It looks very neon-ish and strong but it just gives a tad bit of color, I love it! My Chloé perfume didnx27t survive all the flights so I got a new one. L.I.L.Y by Stella McCartney, the bottle is beautiful and the smell is fr
tisdag 27 mar 2012 kl 17:32 | Inspiration | beauty lipgloss new in perfume


I just had to get them. From here.
torsdag 15 mar 2012 kl 19:31 | Accessories | shoes cravings inspiration shopping new in

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Yesterday me and my bff Patricia went wild in a little jewelry store called Santa Cor in a shopping mall called Fashionmall in the Leblon area. They had soo much nice stuff. Top picture: The store. Bottom picture: This is what got, lots of nice bracelets!
söndag 15 jan 2012 kl 19:21 | Inspiration | rio de janeiro new in brazil travel shopping


I just got my order from swedish designer Back (she just recently opened a webshop). I just love the pants I got, they are transparent with lipstick print, they look amazing on. Will team them either with flats for casual wear or Louboutins for party! And I also got a dubble layer tank top - casual
onsdag 8 jun 2011 kl 18:25 | latest purchase | shopping new in back

time for shopping

Today I met up with all the bloggers that is in Milan for this event and we all had shopping on the scheduele. Literally. Lucky us! For BeMilano we went to see some (for me unknown) italian brands like Manila Grace and we also visited a department store called Coin. Itx27s been nice to be shown around stores I might normally would miss out on. Coin was kind of similar to departmentstore Åhlens that we have home in Sweden. I also took a detour a...
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lördag 5 feb 2011 kl 19:36 | latest purchase | bemilano milan shopping new in
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