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A picture I snapped yesterday evening - the view is from Pont de la Concorde. Paris is amazingly beautiful!
fredag 25 jan 2013 kl 09:42 | Inspiration | inspiration paris pics

snapshots from Paris

Snapseed + iPhone makes the most amazing photos. Donx27t really need to bring anything else. Here are some snapshots I took yesterday/today from a cold and snowy Paris. I used some vintage effects on my pics, it somehow felt very Paris. 1. Homeless man feeding the pigeons, snapped this one when a white pigeon flew by me. Beautiful. 2. The Opera by night. 3. Window shopping at Chanel. 4. Pont Royal. The bridge (one of them) over from the...
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söndag 20 jan 2013 kl 19:11 | Inspiration | inspiration paris pics

from russia with love

I arrived in St Petersburg, Russia today. First time, so excited! And from what Ix27ve seen/done so far, I love it! Ix27m here to attend the Aurora Fashion Week and tomorrow Ix27m speaking at a blog x27conferencex27 for fellow bloggers and journalists. Now donx27t forget to follow me on instagram (@
torsdag 18 okt 2012 kl 19:37 | Inspiration | travel look of the day pics inspiration russia


Itx27s my last day in Paris so after the last show I did some serious shopping (itx27s my birthday soon so I decided to go for it). Hello new Chanel bag! I also tried out Marais for vintage shopping but I didnx27t find anything special today. After shopping I randomly met Sophia and we sat down at a café at Rue Honore to do some catching up. She showed me her portfolio and the photo we took of her (remember this?) was fronting it! She told me abo...
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torsdag 7 jul 2011 kl 22:57 | Inspiration | travel paris travelling shopping chanel models pics

pics from paris

torsdag 7 jul 2011 kl 20:37 | Inspiration | inspiration pfw pics couture

want it now

Bright stripes teamed with torn boyfriend jeans. Looks very summer-ish and chic. Perfect for days in the city! Sheer transparent skirts and dresses are on top of my list for summer. Need to find the perfect one! An alphabet charm necklace. Katie Holmes wears an S (S for Suri I presume). Cute!
onsdag 6 jul 2011 kl 23:12 | Mode | travel paris pics want it now


Ok, so now Ix27m off to the shows again. I snapped this picture the other day and it reminds me to look for a pair of black high heeled sandals. I want a black minimalistic pair (like the ones above) that are walkable (Ix27m not the kind of girl who sits around in a cab all day). ;) Have you seen an
måndag 20 jun 2011 kl 08:33 | Inspiration | inspiration shoes pfw pics diary

autumn winter collections

This week is the press week in Stockholm. Meaning all press/stylists/etc go to check out the collections for the coming season in the showrooms. In this case autumn/winter 2011/2012. Even though I love the autumn collections therex27s something about checking them out when itx27s spring. Itx27s kind of wierd and Ix27m not in the right mood for warm knits and heavy coats. The inspiration is not on top. But to keep it fresh in memory I snap some qu...
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tisdag 12 apr 2011 kl 19:21 | Accessories | showroom collection fall pics

milan day 4 - the pics

Here are om pics that I took yesterday. Today Ix27m off to Paris! See you there!
måndag 28 feb 2011 kl 06:44 | Inspiration | milano pics fashionweek inspiration

milan day 3 - the pics

Here are some of the photos I snapped today - more to come!
lördag 26 feb 2011 kl 19:40 | Dagens outfit | milan pics fashion week mfw shopping


Hey guys - today Ix27ve arrived in Milan! The weather is great and Ix27ve got quite a lot done today even though I arrived pretty late. Here are some pics from today. Ix27ve had late lunch (mortadella sandwish+diet coke) in the sun, ran in to some models and did some shopping.
torsdag 24 feb 2011 kl 20:03 | Inspiration | milan pics fashion week mfw shopping


This is my last day in London - tonight Ix27m going back to Stockholm for three days and then Ix27m off to Milan fashion week and then Ix27m going directly to Paris fashion week from there. So I have some serious packing to do. Need to figure out what to wear standing outside shooting all day in different weathers. Howx27s Paris right now? Is it very cold (like last year)? And what about Milan? Let me know! :) Above are some photos of me beeing s...
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söndag 20 feb 2011 kl 09:21 | Inspiration | streetstyle london pics

london inspiration

Here are some of the pics I took today. Lots of bright colors, love it!
fredag 18 feb 2011 kl 22:22 | Inspiration | london fashion week lfw inspiration pics

home sweet home

Here are a bunch of pics from the BeMilano event I went to last week. The reason itx27s been quiet here at the blog is due to the fact that the minute I got off the plane and about an hour later stepped out of the taxi at my apartment here in Stockholm at sunday night I began a 36 hour meeting with mr toilet and mr bucket - all at once. Ix27m soo happy I got home in time - and I was acctually planning on staying in Milan until tuesday - so so gla...
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torsdag 10 feb 2011 kl 00:32 | Övrigt | milan pics

in action.

Herex27s me in action shooting JJ Martin in her amazing coat with leather sleeves from Celine. Ix27m wearing my Isabel Marant coat and Proenza Schouler bag.

milano mens fashionweek

Here are some more pics that I shot during Milano mens fashion week! Enjoy!
måndag 24 jan 2011 kl 11:53 | Inspiration | milano pics mens fashionweek inspiration

editorial firenze4ever style lab.

Here are the pics I did for the styling lab in Firenze. I decided to use a model for the shoot and we shot in a really nice penthouse next to the Luisa via Roma store. The view form the terrace was amazing! The theme of the shoot was basically: my favorite clothes, sex and having fun! All the great things in life. I really enjoyed styling this shoot with all the amazing clothes and a great model and photographer. Also big thanks to my assistant E...
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4 pics - 4 trends

Vissa trender fastnar man för mer än andra, eller hur? Här är 4 trender som jag gillar. Rockchic med coola accessoarer. Minimalistiskt - rena former och raka linjer. Lack - jag gillar det mucho! Rött med rött (eller blått med blått och vitt med vitt) - det är hur snyggt som helst att färgmatcha! ENGLISH!!! Some trends get stuck in your head more then others, right? Herex27s 4 trends i really love. Rock chic with lots of cool accessories. The mi...
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onsdag 8 dec 2010 kl 22:09 | Inspiration | trends pics inspiration

purple lips

torsdag 21 okt 2010 kl 20:55 | Skönhet | beauty skönhet lips sonia rykiel pics


Jag har varit igång och jobbat sedan 9 imorse och kom tillbaka till hotellet för ett par timmar sedan. Pust! Det har varit en lång dag, särskilt eftersom det har regnat hela dagen här i Paris. Anyways, här kommer några bilder jag tagit idag! ENGLISH!!! Ix27ve been out and about working since 9 this morning and got back to the hotel a couple of hours ago. Phew! Itx27s been a long day, especially since itx27s been raining almost all day here in P...
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fredag 1 okt 2010 kl 22:24 | Inspiration | inspiration pics paris
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