Labeled stripes

striped shirt

Boyish striped cotton shirt from Equipment.
söndag 29 dec 2013 kl 13:55 | Loves it | clothes shirt stripes equipment

satin striped dress

Sleeveless satin striped dress from Topshop.
onsdag 11 dec 2013 kl 09:01 | Loves it | clothes dress stripes topshop

Embellished top

Embellished striped cotton-jersey top from J.Crew.
måndag 9 dec 2013 kl 12:37 | Loves it | clothes sweater stripes j.crew

stripe it!

Itx27s fresh and feels very much like spring time with stripes. Ix27m still having this all stripes look from Celine on my mind. Anyway I already shopped striped jeans and a striped blazer at Zara when I was i Barcelona. So now Ix27m only waiting for better weather (snow storms is never optimal for any outfit) so I can wear them out and not freeze. At the meantime Ix27ve picked out some of my striped favorites for now. 1. Stripe and tartan top f...
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torsdag 14 feb 2013 kl 07:54 | Inspiration | inspiraiton trend collage dots balmain zara stripes
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