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l'avenue Montaigne

Today I wore a knit from Zara, shoes and bag from Chanel, sunglasses from Tom Ford and jeans from my own brand.
söndag 28 sep 2014 kl 23:30 | look of the day | look of the day travel paris outfit

last day in milan

Ix27m wearing a blazer and bag from Celine, jeans from Zara, shoes from Chloé and a linen tee from my own brand.
onsdag 24 sep 2014 kl 10:16 | look of the day | look of the day travel outfit milano


Boots Saint Laurent, knit Acne, bag Celine and skirt Zara.
måndag 22 sep 2014 kl 21:30 | look of the day | look of the day travel outfit milano

right now

Three things that totally caught my eye here during fashion week in Milan: 1. The retro look from Gucci. Red suede, denim, a braided belt. Love this style. 2. The dark red/plum lips at Dolce & Gabbana, they looked even better in real life. 3. This, retro again, look with flare jeans and THE Louis V
måndag 22 sep 2014 kl 08:45 | Inspiration | inspiration travel streetstyle milan


Hello from Milano! Ix27m here for fashion week as usual. All the shows starts today and Ix27m super excited to shoot some great streetstyle and do some real trendspotting! Yesterday I wore a knit from Zara, vintage Levix27s shorts, Balenciaga sandals and a Celine bag. Get my look with: !function(d,s,id){var e, p = /^http:/.test(d.location) ? x27httpx27 : x27httpsx27;if(!d.getElementById(id)) {e = d.createElement(s); = id;e.src = p + x27://x2...
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onsdag 17 sep 2014 kl 09:01 | look of the day | look of the day travel outfit milano


After being beach bound for a week I arrived back in Stockholm this morning. It feels great to be back but the only thing is that itx27s so cold here, autumn already... Oh well... Here are some of my pics from my vacay in Greece. 1. Bikini from Agent Provocateur and sunnies from Rayban. 2. Beauty case from Louis Vuitton. 3. White bikini bottom from Brazilian Bikini Shop and black wrap top from Rachel Pally. 4. Sandals from Steve Madden and vint...
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fredag 22 aug 2014 kl 15:31 | travel | look of the day travel outfit greece

beach bound

Another day, another beach bar. Ix27m wearing a bikini from Agent Provocateur and RayBan sunglasses.
onsdag 20 aug 2014 kl 21:32 | look of the day | look of the day travel outfit greece

hello from greece

Right now Ix27m on vacay in Greece and itx27s super hot over here. Today Ix27ve been sipping on ice cold frappes by the beach bar and just relaxing. Ix27m wearing a bandana from Hermes, a LV bag, a bikini top from Mikoh and a bottom from
söndag 17 aug 2014 kl 16:02 | look of the day | look of the day travel outfit greece

zigazag ah

Ix27m wearing bag from Balenciaga, pants from a store in Sergelpassagen in Stockholm and a top from Isabel Marant. Shop my look: !function(d,s,id){var e, p = /^http:/.test(d.location) ? x27httpx27 : x27httpsx27;if(!d.getElementById(id)) {e = d.createElement(s); = id;e.src = p + x27://x27 + x27widgets.rewardstyle.comx27 + x27/js/shopthepost.jsx27;d.body.appendChild(e);}if(typeof window.__stp === x27objectx27) if(d.readyState === x27completex2...
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torsdag 31 jul 2014 kl 22:21 | look of the day | look of the day travel paris outfit


Ix27ve spent three days in Mallorca working for an up coming project. Here are some more snaps from my phone. 1. The essentials, sandals, a palmleaf x27fanx27 and a suncap. 2. Sunrise at breakfast. 3. The breakfast. 4. My own bag which will hit my online store within a week. 5. Super early waiting for the teamleader to call me down to the set. 6. A sneakpeak. Sorry for the blur but canx27t show you anything just yet. 7. Doing interviews in abou...
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torsdag 17 jul 2014 kl 13:23 | *** | snapshots travel spain

formentor, mallorca

Today I arrived to Formentor, Mallorca (itx27s located on the most northern tip) for a shoot I am styling tomorrow. My travel outfit was levis denim shorts (vintage), an LV bag, Balenciaga sandals and a Filippa K knit sweater. Here are some photos from my day, enjoy!
måndag 14 jul 2014 kl 21:27 | travel | look of the day travel outfit spain


A mix of instagram and other random iphone pics from my week. 1. Parisian breakfast. 2. The Celine store at Grenelle. 3. Romance at Pont des Arts with my love. 4. Selfie at Tokyo Eat (restaurant). 5. Electric blue purchase. 6. The escalators at Le Bon Marché. 7. Same. 8. From above, sandals from Steve Madden. 9. Lunch at Tokyo Eat. 10. Tokyo Eat. 11. From above, rodebjer pants, Celine espadrilles. 12. The new Celine store at Montaigne street. ...
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fredag 11 jul 2014 kl 00:11 | *** | snapshots travel paris

paris bound

Paris mid summer and fall clothing is a must. Canx27t belive how bad the weather has been this week (rainy and real cold), especially since Stockholm have like super summer at the moment. Well... Ix27m wearing a knit by Acne, a jacket from Topshop, Adidas sneakers, bag by Gucci and my own jeans.
torsdag 10 jul 2014 kl 23:27 | look of the day | look of the day travel paris outfit

l'avenue Montaigne

Celine sunnies (model: the new butterfly), knit from my own brand, pants from Rodebjer, bag from Chanel and espadrilles from Celine.
onsdag 9 jul 2014 kl 08:49 | look of the day | look of the day travel paris outfit

rue de rivoli

Itx27s couture week here in Paris. I arrived a couple of days ago but today has been x27first day on the jobx27 sort of speak. Youx27ll find all the pics we shoot in the streetstyle section (as usual). I also want to remind you about my Paris pharmacy guide - some major beauty secrets to note there. Ix27ll be stocking up before I return to Stockholm for sure. Today I wore clothes from my own brand, a Gucci bag and Steve Madden sandals. PS. Fol...
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måndag 7 jul 2014 kl 19:40 | look of the day | look of the day travel paris outfit

look of the day

Ix27m wearing a blouse from & Other Stories, jeans from my brand Caroline Blomst, shoes from Topshop and bag from Celine at Nathalie Schuterman.
lördag 5 jul 2014 kl 21:24 | *** | look of the day travel paris outfit

travel outfit

Right now Ix27m in Germany. This was my travel outfit from yesterday. Ix27m wearing a top by Marant, my own jeans and tee, shoes from Topshop, bag from Balenciaga, coat from Topshop and luggage from Rimova.
måndag 30 jun 2014 kl 06:48 | look of the day | look of the day stockholm outfit travel

luxe chic

x22Lazy today, lazy tonight and later on, All we had to do was nothing at all, under the sunx22 - Beach Fossils, Lazy Day 1. Bag from Gucci. 2. Sunglasses from Gina Tricot. 3. Bikini top with straps from Mikoh. 4. Earring from Lipsy....
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onsdag 16 apr 2014 kl 10:55 | Inspiration | inspiration vacation travel shopping

white flat sandals

Ix27m getting super inspired by this look and the white Birkenstock sandals. I also really love the casualness, the just woke up looke like this look teamed with some fun elements like cat eye sunnies and a rockx27nx27roll top. Perfect for the holidays! Shop the post: ...
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måndag 31 mar 2014 kl 13:32 | want/need | inspiration vacation travel summer

amazing indoor / outdoor pools

How amazing are these indoor/outdoor pools? All from hotels in Greece, check out the links below and dream away! 1. 2. 3.
måndag 31 mar 2014 kl 10:34 | travel | inspiration vacation travel pools

the brazilian

Vacay wear. Steve Madden x27Cuffx27 sandals, Hipanema bracelet and Brazilian bikinis (with a sexy cut) from which has a great selection of x27brazilian bikinisx27 for real great prices. I recommend you size up one size for the bottom pieces.
onsdag 19 mar 2014 kl 12:02 | new in | inspiration vacation travel shopping new in

paris is always a good idea

Traffic jams, flowing fountains and a rainbow over the Samaritaine. Snapshots by me.
fredag 17 jan 2014 kl 22:10 | snapshots | snapshots travel paris

things to do in saint p.

There is a lot to see and do here in Saint Petersburg. Here are some things I can reccommend (mostly fashion). 1. DLT is a huge department store with luxury brands. Like for exampel Celine and Saint Laurent, they have everything and then some. 2. Next to DLT is a coffee/doughnut shop with interior from the Sovjet era. A real classic worth checking out! 3. Opium is a very popular concept store here (the address is Nevsky pr. 44). They have a n...
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tisdag 22 okt 2013 kl 08:30 | snapshots | saint petersburg russia travel shopping guide


Ix27m wearing jacket by Bruuns Bazaar, knit from Acne, shoes and bag from Celine at Nathalie Schuterman and jeans from me, Caroline Blomst.


1. On my way through the Tuileries here in Paris. 2. Early morning - having an espresso on my way to the metro. Check out mine and Daniels photos in the streetstyle section here. Ix27m wearing Valentino lace sneakers (below), canx27t get by without a good pair of sneakers, and the everyday gear (Canon 5D mkll + 50 mm 1.2 lens). ...
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söndag 29 sep 2013 kl 21:31 | look of the day | look of the day paris travel outfit

black is black

One of my last outfits from Milan this season. 3 weeks, 20 kg luggage (gear included) doesnx27t really offer much outfit wise, all black and lots of same clothes and shoes (comfy kind of comes first when running around after the best streetstyle). Canx27t wait to go back to Stockholm, my wardrobe and fall weather right now. But first Paris. Ix27m wearing jacket from my own brand, Caroline Blomst, the top is Gina Tricot, the shorts are old Acne an...
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tisdag 24 sep 2013 kl 22:35 | look of the day | look of the day milan travel outfit

morning pic

Early morning in Milan. Ix27m wearing top from Gina Tricot, pants from Zara, bag from Balenciaga and Chanel espadrilles.
tisdag 24 sep 2013 kl 10:28 | look of the day | look of the day milan travel outfit

shorts weather

Itx27s kind of summer here in Milan. Warm and nice. Ix27m wearing my checked shirt from Gina Tricot, raw hem silk shorts from Acne, Balenciaga suede city bag and Celine sunnies and slip ons.
lördag 21 sep 2013 kl 22:31 | look of the day | look of the day milan travel outfit


1. Almost no snow on the mountains (!). Milan delivers warm weather! 2. Flowers outside my Milan apartment! 3. Shoes at Celine. Bows are next! 4. I love the Excelsior, a big department store slash galleria in Milan near the Doumo.
torsdag 19 sep 2013 kl 07:16 | snapshots | snapshots travel milan

travel mode

At the airport in Milan waiting for my luggage to arrive.
onsdag 18 sep 2013 kl 22:14 | details | look of the day milan travel outfit
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