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rings, lots of 'em

Ix27m totally in the mood for rings, rings and more rings right now. The first pic are a bunch of Nialaya rings, so sexy! Love them! In the second pic are a bunch of rings from Vita Fede some from the current collection and some that will be out in stores from like august. Ix27m totally craving for the chevron shaped rings with stoned in the left corner. Last but not least is this feather ring from Lei van Kash, this one is on top of my wish list...
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torsdag 23 maj 2013 kl 16:00 | yes please | accesories want/need shopping inspiration

3 x accessories

1. Pouch from Valentino. 2. Watch from Michael Kors. 3. Bracelet from Givenchy.
lördag 4 maj 2013 kl 03:16 | want/need | accesories want/need shopping inspiration valentino
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