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My favorite bracelets from Nialaya. I wear a bunch of them almost everyday. Today I went for a blue color scale, it feels a bit summer-ish. And I can for sure use that summer feeling because itx27s snowing outside my window... So not going outdoors today. Brr... Psst... With the code carolinesmode
måndag 17 mar 2014 kl 13:53 | armcandy | nialaya summer armcandy jewelry inspiration


Saturday eye candy - or should I say arm candy. Diamond nail bracelet from Cartier. Follow my blog with Bloglovin
lördag 30 nov 2013 kl 13:55 | oh hello | bracelet armcandy wish wishlist

aurelie bidermann

I absolutly adore Aurelie Bidermanns x27lacex27 cuffs. They all look super amazing. Above my favorite in vintage silver. ...
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onsdag 27 nov 2013 kl 21:53 | armcandy | details jewelry bracelet aurelie bidermann armcandy wish

lightning bolt

This bracelet is terrible expensive but I still want to feature it x27cause itx27s just so cool. A dream bracelet. Full of diamonds. Yum, yum!
torsdag 7 nov 2013 kl 13:37 | armcandy | bracelet armcandy wish wishlist


Around my wrist. Bracelets from Meredith Hahn.
onsdag 30 okt 2013 kl 12:36 | oh hello | details bracelets armcandy meredith hahn


Today I arrived in S:t Petersburg, Russia to attend Aurora fashion week. Here are my details of the day. 1. Wearing Balenciaga boots and reading (read:browsing) Russian Elle + Interview. 2. Armcandy of the day: Nialaya bracelet + Givenchy bracelet.
torsdag 17 okt 2013 kl 22:09 | details | details armcandy boots balenciaga nialaya


Some jewelry I just wear all the time. Nialaya bracelets are my everyday bracelets. I just really love the look of them and always get so many compliments about them. You can find Nialaya jewelry here.
torsdag 10 okt 2013 kl 10:25 | details | armcandy jewelry fall inspiration nialaya details


Shark tooth id-bracelet from Givenchyx27s fall/winter 2013 collection. You can find the silver one online at Linde le Palais. And Ix27m sure the gold one will pop up online soon as well.
lördag 17 aug 2013 kl 13:44 | details | armcandy jewelry fall givenchy inspiration


I really love my armcandy. Some days I only wear something simple but for summer I love to wear more. Here Ix27m wearing mix of jewelry. They are all from the store Isa Couture.
måndag 27 maj 2013 kl 20:06 | details | armcandy details new in


On my arm today green bead bracelet from Fashionology, wrap bracelet from Chan Luu, love circle bracelet from PS call me and a Cartier bracelet.
måndag 6 maj 2013 kl 12:47 | armcandy | armcandy details stockholm bracelets


I just got this Hipanema bracelet (finally since Ix27ve been about to get one for a while), this one is called Choc and is a tiny bit less wider than most Hipanema bracelets. You can find it here at ElsaLeonie. Ix27m also wearing a little sparkly love bracelet from PS call me and my Cartier bracelet....
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fredag 3 maj 2013 kl 14:34 | armcandy | armcandy details stockholm bracelets


On my arm today. Vintage Rolex, Nialaya bracelet and a Aprosio & Co bracelet.
fredag 22 mar 2013 kl 13:54 | Inspiration | armcandy details stockholm


Today Ix27m wearing these new bracelets from Aprosio & Co. Itx27s italian and they are beaded sparkly pretty bracelets that come in many colors. Here Ix27m wearing purple and silver. You can get them at Rikkex27s shop (she also runs the blog Ix27m also wearing a vintage Rolex and my
torsdag 14 mar 2013 kl 11:27 | Accessories | armcandy details new in

arm luxury

Ix27m like obsessed with golden jewelry right now. These delicate bangles (both with crystals and without) from Vita Fede are so pretty and luxurious. Loves it!
måndag 10 dec 2012 kl 12:50 | Inspiration | armcandy details new in


Around my arm today, Cartier bracelet, Marc Jacobs rose gold watch and a Mono bracelet. My grey cashmere sweater is from Life is.
lördag 24 nov 2012 kl 21:21 | Inspiration | armcandy details new in


I enjoy wearing lots of mixed bracelets when itx27s summertime! My recent find are skull/macrame bracelets from a small Etsy shop (love Etsy!) called Love and Loc. Check it out!
söndag 27 maj 2012 kl 20:04 | Accessories | arm candy accessories jewelry armcandy


What Ix27m wearing around my wrist. Evil Eye from House of Harlow/, 2 x skull bracelets from Lei Van Kash, macrame bracelet from some beach in Brazil and a bracelet I got as a gift.
måndag 7 maj 2012 kl 20:40 | Accessories | arm candy accessories jewelry armcandy
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