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best of budget

This multi compartment bag is a great budget find. It comes in black, red and cream and has an adjustable shoulder strap. From Forever 21.
söndag 6 jul 2014 kl 10:06 | *** | best of shopping inspiration

lamp mania

I love this pic by IKEA and their x27Regolitx27 lamp. The more the merrier, right!?!
lördag 5 jul 2014 kl 12:21 | Home | home interior inspiration ikea

wednesday inspo

Olivia Palermo is my inspiration today (pic via her instagram @therealoliviap). The oversize turtle neck and the lace up heels are two items that you can never go wrong with. They kind of goes with anything. Shop the style below: !function(d,s,id){var e, p = /^http:/.test(d.location) ? x27httpx27 : x27httpsx27;if(!d.getElementById(id)) {e = d.createElement(s); = id;e.src = p + x27://x27 + x27widgets.rewardstyle.comx27 + x27/js/shopthepost.js...
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onsdag 2 jul 2014 kl 16:05 | *** | inspiration shopping in store

dior so real

Hello there dream sunnies from Dior.
måndag 30 jun 2014 kl 14:14 | details | inspiration shopping in store

best of budget

A white drape blouse is the perfect item for summer. Dress it with shorts or denim for a perfect casual look. The one above is from Topshop.
måndag 30 jun 2014 kl 11:59 | *** | best of shopping inspiration

lounge wear

Some days I feel living in comfy lounge wear and what is better than owning lounge wear pieces that acctually is wearable at other occations aswell!?! Chanel towel slippers for example, perfect lounge shoes, this soft knit from H&M comes in several colors and is the perfect one and these silky shorts looks super sexy....
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onsdag 25 jun 2014 kl 19:12 | *** | inspiration shopping in store

best of budget

This sweater from H&M basic collection is a real catch. Check it out here.
måndag 23 jun 2014 kl 12:28 | shopping | best of shopping inspiration

this bustier

Currently on my mind: this bustier from Cameo.
måndag 23 jun 2014 kl 11:31 | on my mind | in store shopping inspiration on my mind

summer sales

The summer sales are on! And here one can make real nice designer bargains. Check out the stores below! Net-a-Porter up to 50% off MyTheresa up to 60% off Farfetch up to 40% off Browns Fashion up to 50% off Matches Fashion up to 50% off Luisa via Roma up to 50% off Rebecca Minkoff...
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onsdag 18 jun 2014 kl 16:06 | shopping | sale shopping inspiration

a perfect match

Gingham shorts and a leather jacket - the perfect match! Youx27ll find the jacket here and the shorts here.
måndag 16 jun 2014 kl 17:55 | *** | two things perfect match inspiration shopping instore

best of budget

Remember Chanelx27s summer 2014 couture show? WIth sneakers like this and this? Well now you can get something similar at Zara (the ones above) to a much better price. ...
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måndag 16 jun 2014 kl 12:52 | *** | best of shopping inspiration sneakers

best of budget

Super sleek and with clean design, this clutch bag with optional shoulder strap is a real catch!
torsdag 12 jun 2014 kl 08:40 | shopping | best of shopping inspiration h&m bags

keffiyah shorts

On my shopping list: these Keffiyeh inspired shorts from Zara. Tomorrow Ix27m gonna check if I can find them in store here in Stockholm, fingers crossed. Theyx27ll be perfect for summer!
tisdag 10 jun 2014 kl 21:34 | Inspiration | shopping in store inspiration

3 details

Summer details: A 3 details iPhone case in copper, a electric blue wallet from Warehouse, sunnies from Dolce & Gabbana and Essie nailpolish.
tisdag 10 jun 2014 kl 11:09 | Accessories | details inspiration tech

leopard sneakers

Big like ---> on these leopard printed sneakers from Saint Laurent. Available in canvas here, leather here and black ones here. Also there is a nice budget option here.
söndag 8 jun 2014 kl 19:21 | shopping | shopping inspiration shoes in store

that striped shirt

Magdalena Frackowiak in a striped shirt from the Filippa K spring collection. At Forever 21 youx27ll find a great budget option to get the look with.
torsdag 5 jun 2014 kl 10:56 | Inspiration | inspiration in store best of budget

summer look

A perfect summer look from Anja to get inspired by. Shop the style below. !function(d,s,id){var e, p = /^http:/.test(d.location) ? x27httpx27 : x27httpsx27;if(!d.getElementById(id)) {e = d.createElement(s); = id;e.src = p + x27://x27 + x27d27mzdfpkg2pgg.cloudfront.netx27 + x27/js/shopthepost.jsx27;d.body.appendChild(e);}if(typeof window.__stp === x27objectx27) if(d.readyState === x27completex27) {window.__stp.init();}}(document, x27scriptx27...
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onsdag 4 jun 2014 kl 12:43 | Inspiration | streetstyle inspiration get the look

that pleated dress

Remember this dress from Chloé that Lena Perminova wore? Kind of perfect for summer and the mirrored sunglasses perfects the look. Steal her look with above option from Asos.
måndag 2 jun 2014 kl 11:32 | Inspiration | budget shopping street style inspiration

budget / luxe

Budget: Blouse from Monki, shorts from H&M and sandals from Joie. Luxe: Blouse from Isabel Marant, shorts from IRO and sandals from Gucci.
fredag 30 maj 2014 kl 13:14 | shopping | in store best of budget shopping inspiration

all blue

1. A Chanel Boy bag in electric metallic blue - a dream! 2. Acne bomber jacket. 3. Silky shorts from Clu. 4. Swimwear top from Eres. 5. A cropped knit in the perfect blue from Miu Miu. 6. A classic shirt from Filippa K, a real wardrobe staple. 7. Equipment makes the perfect shirts, like this one. 8. Slightly distressed jeans from Gina Tricot. 9. THE dress from Chloe. 10. Guccix27s disco bag in navy patent, this one works at all occations. A great...
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onsdag 28 maj 2014 kl 15:12 | hello inspiration | inspiration shopping summer collage blue

The Shortall

The overall meets shorts and denim. What a great match, right? And itx27s the perfect piece for those lazy summer days. The one above is from Current/Elliott and below you have a whole bunch of other nice options that are in store! !function(d,s,id){var e, p = /^http:/.test(d.location) ? x27httpx27 : x27httpsx27;if(!d.getElementById(id)) {e = d.createElement(s); = id;e.src = p + x27://x27 + x27d27mzdfpkg2pgg.cloudfront.netx27 + x27/js/shopth...
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tisdag 27 maj 2014 kl 11:19 | in store | shopping in store inspiration


Be sure to check out Sydney sister’s Beth and Tessa MacGrawx27s eponymous label - MacGraw. They fuse classic silhouettes with more polished, modern lines. Itx27s strong yet feminine and effortlessly elegant. The line is full of great everyday wear, luxe party pieces, separates and soft tailoring.
måndag 26 maj 2014 kl 16:17 | hello inspiration | inspiration australia sydney macgraw

the hermes oran sandals

If youx27re going to invest in just one pair of sandals for summer, the x27Oranx27 sandals from Hermes are it. Itx27s a classic flat slip in sandal that will go with just about anything.
måndag 26 maj 2014 kl 11:29 | on my mind | inspiration shoes shopping hermes

hay marble tray

Many of you have been asking where my marble tray, that I feature from time to time, is from. Itx27s from danish HAY and comes in two sizes. Check them out on the link below.
måndag 26 maj 2014 kl 11:07 | at home | home interior inspiration hay

best of budget

Small horn earrings from Glitter, price approx 7 euros.
torsdag 22 maj 2014 kl 11:11 | in store | best of shopping inspiration jewelry

thong sandals

These Gucci thongs are just so gorgeous. Canx27t decide which color I like better though...
onsdag 21 maj 2014 kl 15:11 | *** | in store shopping inspiration shoes

the chloe clare bag

Chloéx27s x27Clarex27 bag is the perfect one for those easy breazy summer days (and nights). It comes in several different sizes and color settings. My favorite is the mini version in any color! Shop the Clare bag here: !function(d,s,id){var e, p = /^http:/.test(d.location) ? x27httpx27 : x27httpsx27;if(!d.getElementById(id)) {e = d.createElement(s); = id;e.src = p + x27://x27 + x27d27mzdfpkg2pgg.cloudfront.netx27 + x27/js/shopthepost.jsx27;...
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måndag 19 maj 2014 kl 10:36 | bags, bags, bags | on my mind inspiration bags

on my mind

Got my eyes on this Sophie Hulme bag. Itx27s simple and feminine, a good size and can be worn both in handles or with a detachable strap. Just perfect. Shop more Sophie Hulme here.
tisdag 13 maj 2014 kl 13:24 | *** | on my mind inspiration bags

vertty towels

Beach towels from portuguese brand Verrty. The shapes and color settings looks amazing. These (or especially the blue) are on my holiday need list!
tisdag 13 maj 2014 kl 11:55 | oh hello | vacay inspiration home towel

best of lindex fall 2014

The other day I went to Lindex fall presentation which were held at their beautiful HQ here in Stockholm. Above my favorites that I snapped with my phone. Amongst them an oversize maxi coat that comes in white as well as pink and light blue, a whole buch of knitwear (also oversize). The fall collect
fredag 9 maj 2014 kl 10:57 | Inspiration | inspiration showroom fall lindex
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