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Bought this coat from Joseph at Nathalie Schuterman yesterday. I wanted something more fitted for the fall and this one is just perfect. The leather details makes it even better.
fredag 1 nov 2013 kl 10:58 | oh hello | fall coat new in shopping joseph

in my closet

Iro x27Maidenx27 jacket from Nathalie Schuterman store. This jacket is such a great piece for fall.


One of my fall purchases is this plaid scarf. Classic in black/red plaid and with a cool doberman print. From: Givenchy /
lördag 7 sep 2013 kl 11:32 | new in | new in givenchy kyssjohanna scarf fall


I popped by Nahalie Schuterman yesterday and they just got their Celine delivery with bags and such. I thought about getting the blue Edge model but I ended up getting the Trapeze in all black. I also got a Givenchy shark tooth bracelet that just arrived. Ix27ve blogged about them earlier here....
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fredag 30 aug 2013 kl 11:27 | new in | new in nathalie shuterman celine


Just bought this laptop case before I left for Paris. I needed something to protect my macbook during travels. Thought this one would cute and cool to have in the bag. I got the blue one but it also comes in black.
söndag 30 jun 2013 kl 10:52 | tech | new in tech shopping

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Small clutch bag from LV, but Ix27ll be using it as a pouch inside my bag. Perfect for summer (and big totes) to keep the phone, money, creditcards and keys in. An minimalistic anklet. I got mine on Etsy, here.
onsdag 19 jun 2013 kl 11:50 | shopping | new in inspiration shopping


My sparkly iPhone case, the sparkles are almost impossible to capture on camera but itx27s real sparkly live. Ix27ve been using this since a few years back. And I know many of you have been asking about it. Ix27ve had silver/gunmetal, gold with silver stones and now my latest is a bronze/rose gold case. The case is from 2 Me Style, an Italian brand, and they have a webshop here. You can also buy the cases in selected stores, I have bought mine a...
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måndag 10 jun 2013 kl 13:05 | tech | new in inspiration tech gadget

the chameli

The Chameli makes the most gorgeous handmade jewelry. Itx27s nature inspired and bohemian but at the same time very delicate which I love and which makes it very everyday-wearable. I just love the necklaces and a few days back I ordered the necklace above with a purple druzy and a small peace sign - and today I got it. Super happy about that. Yasmine the designer have a Instagram with loads of inspiration (hello Tibetan moon). So be sure to chec...
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torsdag 30 maj 2013 kl 11:14 | new in | new in inspiration shopping thechameli jewelry


I really love my armcandy. Some days I only wear something simple but for summer I love to wear more. Here Ix27m wearing mix of jewelry. They are all from the store Isa Couture.
måndag 27 maj 2013 kl 20:06 | details | armcandy details new in


Zebra denim feels super fresh for summer so I recently got a pair. I like them teamed with just a black or grey top and a pair of sandals. Simple and supercute! My new zebra jeans are from By Malene Birger at Isa Couture.
onsdag 22 maj 2013 kl 13:30 | oh hello | new in inspiration shopping isacouture

sony nex-3n

I know you guys are interested of what Ix27m shooting with, and right now I have this on trial. Itx27s Sonys new NEX-3N. This camera is actually amazing. Especially for the beginner since it describes everything in the menus so you basically donx27t need to guess when to use what setting. Also itx27s a great blog camera since it automatically snaps a pic of you (with timer) when you turn the viewer screen around and press the snap button. It also...
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måndag 20 maj 2013 kl 10:36 | stuff i like | new in inspiration tech gadget

maria nilsdotter bag

Finally the bags from Maria Nilsdotter arrived in store. I was there yesterday (in her store at Sturegatan 6 in Stockholm) and I got the light one with golden studs. It totally gorgeous. And now finally I own a light little bag. Also you can wear it two ways, as a clutch without the shoulder strap or as a regular bag with the strap. The bag comes in three colors and two options (and silver or gold details). You can see all the bags in the webshop...
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lördag 18 maj 2013 kl 17:53 | new in | bag new in shopping marianilsdotter

studded sandals

These will sit put on my feet this summer. I debated weather I should get the cognac ones or the black ones. I decided for black in the end, I think they will suit more outfits for me. You can get them online at Net-A-Porter or Farfetch. And if you like they come in cognac as I mentioned, but also in white and blue....
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onsdag 8 maj 2013 kl 20:14 | new in | new in inspiration shopping isabel marant

guilty pleasure

Besides (the obvious) Chanel I think Valentino makes really cute & classic bags right now. So... this petit little bag now hangs in my closet. I just bought it this weekend at NS.

filippa k sunglasses

Swedish brand Filippa K just launched sunglasses in limited edition. The sunnies are a mix of a cat eye shape and classic retro design. They look really nice on. I actually already got the turtle patterned one (they also come in black) and I am super happy with them! Filippa K makes 100 pairs total
torsdag 25 apr 2013 kl 16:30 | Accessories | news filippa k new in shopping

little liffner

Little Liffner is a Swedish brand that designs super stylish and minimalistic bags. The feeling is a bit Celine-ish but more clean and more swedish in some way. And the result is awesome. I just bought this tote bag from them. Itx27s a tote as well as a clutch or shoulder bag, you can wear it in many ways which I love. I also love that itx27s in three materials combined; canvas, leather and croc. This one will be super fresh for spring/summer and...
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tisdag 23 apr 2013 kl 11:00 | Inspiration | new in inspiration shopping little liffner

tuxedo style shirt

This shirt. Tuxedo style, so damn nice. I ordered it from the online store a while back and itx27s definitely a keeper. Ix27m getting some Anthony Vacarello vibes from it. Imagine with this skirt, so Vacarello. But just as fresh teamed with a pair of jeans. You can find the shirt here....
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fredag 19 apr 2013 kl 22:16 | Accessories | new in shopping inspiration zara top

new in

I just cleaned out my closet a bit and it seamed I was missing some basics. So I got this black linen & silk long sleeve top from Alexander Wangx27s T line. And I must say Wang never disappoints. I love linen and this top is very versatile and has a great fit. I also got a Zoe Karssen tee with the Born Wild print in grey. It feels fresh & fun for spring. And I also got the Surf Naked hoodie but I already told you that in the previous post. I alwa...
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onsdag 17 apr 2013 kl 22:15 | Accessories | new in inspiration shopping sohosoho

surf naked

Aviator Nation makes the softest hoodies (also pants and tees), super soft. Also they have some cute prints going on, like x22Surf Nakedx22 for example. In need of a good hoodie I just shopped one of the above. You can get them at Soho Soho .
tisdag 16 apr 2013 kl 22:52 | Inspiration | new in inspiration shopping sohosoho


Have you heard of Stickygram? Itx27s a site where you turn your Instagrams into magnets. Itx27s super fun and I just love it! Ix27ve been ordering some for me but they also works great as a gift. The price is 14.95 usd for a set of nine and worldwide shipping is free.
måndag 15 apr 2013 kl 19:56 | Inspiration | new in inspiration shopping fun gadget


I just canx27t get enough of Dries van Noten for spring. Ix27m totally lovinx27 the plaid with silver metallic shine. It looks so great with both blue and black denim. Ix27ve been eye-ing both above looks and yesterday I decided to purchase the layered top - I got it at Nathalie Schuterman.
torsdag 4 apr 2013 kl 11:21 | Accessories | new in shopping spring driesvannoten


There are just so many many bags out there today and I get a bunch of emails every week from readers asking for advice on what designer bag (on the more expensive side) they should buy. I usually always answer they should go for a black bag in a classic model. Like for example a black Balenciaga City, a black Prada Saffiano or a black Celine luggage. But when you already have one or maybe even two black bags in your closet I think you should make...
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torsdag 28 mar 2013 kl 17:35 | Inspiration | new in shopping spring


Yesterday I wore my Acne currency print blouse (can be found here). A perfect and super cute blouse for both spring and summer (but also for now to wear with layers)!
söndag 24 mar 2013 kl 12:43 | Inspiration | new in shopping spring acne

new in

Here are two things that I just updated my wardrobe with (and that Ix27m also wearing today). A black suede tote from Saint Laurent. I just love how simple yet cool this one is. I got it at Nathalie Schuterman. Second, a lovely cable knit in cashmere, a classic piece that lasts. From swedish brand Soft Goat....
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måndag 18 mar 2013 kl 15:55 | Inspiration | new in inspiration shopping


Today Ix27m wearing these new bracelets from Aprosio & Co. Itx27s italian and they are beaded sparkly pretty bracelets that come in many colors. Here Ix27m wearing purple and silver. You can get them at Rikkex27s shop (she also runs the blog Ix27m also wearing a vintage Rolex and my
torsdag 14 mar 2013 kl 11:27 | Accessories | armcandy details new in

in my closet

Oil effect slip on sneakers from Celine.
tisdag 12 mar 2013 kl 12:52 | Inspiration | new in shopping celine paris spring

new in

I just got this scarf from Givenchy and Ix27m super happy about it! Itx27s white/black with the Rottweiler print. You can get it online
torsdag 28 feb 2013 kl 11:54 | Inspiration | new in inspiration shopping

in case

I just got a new iPhone case and I just had to share this one with you. Looks just like a Leica, but itx27s for iPhone - how cool?!? You can get the cover here and the leather cover with strap (which is additional) here.
torsdag 21 feb 2013 kl 07:03 | Inspiration | new in inspiration tech shopping fun gadget

that jacket

Remember this jacket from Filippa K? I canx27t believe I got hold of it, so happy! Itx27s such a great piece for spring. Sport yet very feminine and I love the color (pine green). For stores/retailers check here.
onsdag 13 feb 2013 kl 12:15 | Inspiration | new in inspiration shopping spring filippa k


Here are some of the things Ix27ve bought here in Paris. Chanel espadrilles in mint and black/white. And at the Isabel Marant store in Marais I got the x27freedomx27 top in red/white.
måndag 21 jan 2013 kl 09:33 | Inspiration | new in inspiration shopping paris chanel
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