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Here are some of the things Ix27ve bought here in Paris. Chanel espadrilles in mint and black/white. And at the Isabel Marant store in Marais I got the x27freedomx27 top in red/white.
måndag 21 jan 2013 kl 09:33 | Inspiration | new in inspiration shopping paris chanel


Check out my new Gienchi ss 2013 sneakers. Satin/camo/studs - all in one. Now I just want it to stop snowing over here so I can wear them! I aways get a lot of questions where you guys can buy them. You can see a list of stores at Gienchis website but you can also get them online. For example at F
tisdag 15 jan 2013 kl 11:28 | Inspiration | new in inspiration shopping gienchi shoes sneakers

bags bags bags

For summer I stocked up on not one but two classics from LV. A Neverfull tote (medium size) and a Speedy bag (size 30). Theyx27ve never felt more right than now. At least for me.
torsdag 10 jan 2013 kl 13:58 | Inspiration | new in inspiration shopping


Just received my knit today from NAP. I really love this color setting and it looks real cute on. Itx27s a small model but I sized up a couple of sizes to get a more comfy fit that I like, the sleeves are like 3/4 and I love that. I feel this one will fit in great in my closet. Ok, now please can it
tisdag 8 jan 2013 kl 22:16 | Inspiration | new in inspiration shopping

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Oh, Ix27m so happy about these. They are studded Alaïa boots (past season), pre-owned but in awesome condition. They must have been worn only once or twice. I got them from which I just discovered and I really can recommend. Itx27s a luxury marketplace dedicated exclusively to pre-owned designer fashion, they have a great selection of goods with everything from Isabel Marant to Alaïa to Hermes and much more. They currently only ship...
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torsdag 27 dec 2012 kl 20:32 | Inspiration | new in inspiration shopping

bum bags

The danish love their bum bags. I understand why, I love them too. And therex27s no one that makes better bum bags than danish designer Yvonne Koné. I have had my black one (here) for some time now. Now they also come in other colors so I just got this ruby colored one (above middle), so gorgeous! Also stylish, sporty and very wearable - all in a very Scandinavian minimalistic way. I wear mine either cross body or on one shoulder like a x22regula...
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tisdag 11 dec 2012 kl 22:44 | Inspiration | inspiration new in shopping

arm luxury

Ix27m like obsessed with golden jewelry right now. These delicate bangles (both with crystals and without) from Vita Fede are so pretty and luxurious. Loves it!
måndag 10 dec 2012 kl 12:50 | Inspiration | armcandy details new in


Around my arm today, Cartier bracelet, Marc Jacobs rose gold watch and a Mono bracelet. My grey cashmere sweater is from Life is.
lördag 24 nov 2012 kl 21:21 | Inspiration | armcandy details new in

new in

Herex27s my new knit from Bruunz Bazaar, Itx27s made of wool/angora and I love the deep v-neck. It will keep me warm this winter. It is nice to wear with the sleeves rolled up or when itx27s real cold the sleeves peaking out of the coat. Perfect. Youx27ll find it here (the knit is called Florence).
måndag 19 nov 2012 kl 11:35 | Inspiration | new in shopping inspiration

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To stay warm Ix27m wearing my new scarf from Givenchy. It has the famous rottweiler print and goes in military green / orange and black. Great to wear both with a leather jacket, a military green one or even a black puffer. You can find it here. I also love this red one....
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onsdag 14 nov 2012 kl 14:49 | Inspiration | new in shopping inspiration


I tried these Reiss x27Dylanx27 leather pants when I was in London but they were sold out in my size everywhere. But now they finally restocked in their online shop so I ordered a pair. Itx27s a slim cut style and I think these might be the perfect ones.
fredag 9 nov 2012 kl 20:19 | Inspiration | new in shopping inspiration london

runway marant

Lace/embroidery is so hot right now and I canx27t get enough of it. So I just bought this one. So sexy. It adds a feminine edge to any outfit. I will wear with black denim or leather pants and boots.
torsdag 11 okt 2012 kl 00:26 | Inspiration | new in shopping inspiration

most wanted

Gosh I ran around everywhere to get these in Paris. They were pretty hard to find, seemed like every cool girl in town decided to get these. And I donx27t blame them, Ix27m so happy I got them, they look awesome with both jeans or a dress/skirt. You can get them online in black here or in dark grey here and also in white here. And herex27s a link to the Blackson boots in black or in red which are also very nice. And for you who are looking for th...
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lördag 6 okt 2012 kl 20:31 | Inspiration | new in shopping inspiration

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These are coming home with me from Paris. Thought I wanted the cone heel but this one looked so much better on. Now time to get to the airport, see you in Stockholm.
onsdag 3 okt 2012 kl 09:46 | Inspiration | shopping paris new in


You can find the boots I bought here, they are from Marant as some of you already mentioned in the comments. They are knee high and looks so awesome with just a pair of black jeans and tee. For fall just add a cardigan and thatx27s pretty much all you need! You can also find the Blackson boots in re
fredag 14 sep 2012 kl 10:02 | Inspiration | new in shopping inspiration london

keepin' me warm

This coat will be keepinx27 me warm this fall. Grey curly wool with black leather details.
tisdag 4 sep 2012 kl 08:32 | Inspiration | new in shopping inspiration palma

boom shakalaka

New in, another pair of Isabel Marant boots. Burgundy suede/fur. Cant wait to wear these with all black. I got them from the Drap/ store. I get a lot of questions where you can get the Isabel Marant boots online. For the furry Lazio boots try here, here or here. For the fringe boots they are pretty much sold out everywhere right now but try here, here or try putting yourself on waiting list here. For the Kate print/stud boots try here. As said b...
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måndag 3 sep 2012 kl 17:45 | Inspiration | new in shopping inspiration palma


Fall Winter Spring Summer, FWSS, is a new Norwegian brand that combines fast fashion, great quality and affordable prices. I just got this snake/leo blouse from them at Nathalie Schuterman who stock the brand.
torsdag 30 aug 2012 kl 11:02 | Inspiration | new in shopping inspiration leo snake


My latest obsession, tees with print. Here is a favorite of mine a gangsta meets hermes tee. Love this print! You can get it here.
onsdag 22 aug 2012 kl 13:56 | Inspiration | new in shopping inspiration


New in. 1-2-3, bracelets from Vita Fede. I really love this brand and their designs. Ix27ve been wanting the Lagina stud bracelet for a long tome and now I finally decided. I got one in black with golden studs and itx27s just so cool. I also love the chain wrap bracelet I got, itx27s silver chain with silver leather, simple and chic. An other favorite is the Titan bracelet (itx27s in rose gold, the pic does not make it justice) it is a bit more d...
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tisdag 21 aug 2012 kl 10:12 | Inspiration | new in shopping inspiration vitafede


I spotted this grey fuzzy leopard knit at Weekday today. Perfect for colder fall weather. Price tag: 45 euro or 400 sek.
torsdag 16 aug 2012 kl 17:34 | Inspiration | new in shopping inspiration leo instagram

new in

Isabel Marant corduroy pants from Illum.
torsdag 9 aug 2012 kl 12:23 | Inspiration | new in shopping inspiration copenhagen

close up

Ix27m really lovinx27 my wrap bracelet from Chan Luu, it goes with anything and feels very luxurious (itx27s this one).
lördag 4 aug 2012 kl 23:59 | Accessories | closeup new in shopping


Silver/brass studded brown belt from OXXO design. A favorite, works with anything and makes any outfit casual cool. The belt will be available online soon and it also comes in black with silver studs and in other widths.
måndag 30 jul 2012 kl 15:05 | Inspiration | new in shopping inspiration

new in

My recent purchases. A jacket from Isabel Marant and Miu Miu loafers.
torsdag 26 jul 2012 kl 12:05 | Inspiration | new in shopping inspiration

new in

I browsed through Gina Tricot yesterday and found the perfect blazer. Lightweight and great cut. So worth checking out if youx27re searching for a good blazer. You can find it online here.
söndag 22 jul 2012 kl 21:39 | Inspiration | new in shopping inspiration


Got myself a pair of Gienchi sneakers. All glittery and filled with studs. Soo yummie! They are from the spring 2013 collection and you can find stores and more here.
måndag 9 jul 2012 kl 22:59 | Inspiration | new in shopping inspiration

bel air

Ix27ve got a lot of questions about the blue blazer I wore the other day. It is from Bel Air and you can find it here. (I got mine in LaFayette). They make some great pieces, the brand is totally worth checking out if you are going shopping in London or Paris.
fredag 6 jul 2012 kl 15:17 | Inspiration | new in shopping inspiration paris


One of the things I got at Isabel Marant was this jacket. Ix27ve been checking it out since it arrived in stores way back but I never really fell for it. Until now. Maybe itx27s because itx27s been winter and I havenx27t really been in the mood for other than black. That and the fact that it was on
lördag 30 jun 2012 kl 22:12 | Inspiration | new in shopping inspiration paris

changing room

First things first. In the changing rooms at Isabel Marant. Sale, sale sale. 30-50% on the spring summer collections. But there was also new goodies in store. The new leather biker is so nice (second pic). Here pictured in dark red, orange and black.
torsdag 28 jun 2012 kl 21:45 | Inspiration | new in shopping summer inspiration isabel marant
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