naked basics

Oh la la, this eye shadow palette has just the right shades. It looks just perfect for everyday and travel. From Urban Decay.


I’m obsessed with eyedews. Love them! They are transparent undereye jellies that sooth the area under your eyes. Perfect to wear whenever feeling a bit puffy and tired. They really do wonders. Get them here.

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skin care

New favorites on my bathroom shelf is this body lotion and all over balm from danish brand Organic M.A.K.E. Like the brand name kind of hints they make ecologic products, both skin care and mineral make up. The lotion smells really yummy and the all over balm is great for all over, lips, hands, face, elbows, wherever it’s needed. I’m a big fan of all over products. Check out the brand and read more about it here.

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L300 is my favorite Swedish skin care line. It is based on the skin’s own ingredients such as ceramides, hyaluron acid and other natural moisturizing factors. Growing up this was the only moisturizer I used. The tube looks slightly different today but the content is still the same great one, and I still use it! New for now is that the otherwise unscented ‘Intensive Moisturizing Face Cream’ and ‘Hydrating & Protecting Face Cream’ now has a twin tube with a mild scent. If you prefer that. You can read more about the L300 series here. You can buy the L300 range at the swedish pharmacy’s.