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Vinn den perfekta julklappen till dig själv – en iPhone5 med valfritt 3Details-skal. Gör så här: Skapa ditt eget stilleben kring din mobiltelefon, lägg upp på Instagram och hashtagga bilden med #3details för att vara med och tävla! Jag utser tillsammans med 3Details en vinnare som annonseras på och på @carolineblomst 22/12 kl 14.00. För att vara med i tävlingen måste du ha öppen profil. Tävlingsperioden är mellan d...
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måndag 1 dec 2014 kl 19:35 | details | 3details details tech


My tech sports gear! Dr. Dre beats - wireless earphones. Thesa are perfect for training (they are sweat and water resistant)! Right now I donx27t do a lot of training but I try to do one hour of cykling a day (I have an indoor bike in my home) and then I either listen to music or watch something on my iPad. Psst. If you hashtag your gymselfie with #3gymselfie on instagram and motivates why you need a pair of wireless earphones you can win a pa...
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tisdag 25 nov 2014 kl 08:23 | tech | sportluxe tech inspiration


My travel mates. A Balenciaga pouch, a Chanel creditcard holder and wireless headset from Beats by Dr. Dre.
måndag 14 jul 2014 kl 22:31 | *** | travel details tech

3 details

Summer details: A 3 details iPhone case in copper, a electric blue wallet from Warehouse, sunnies from Dolce & Gabbana and Essie nailpolish.
tisdag 10 jun 2014 kl 11:09 | Accessories | details inspiration tech


On my desk. A tiny cactus in a Iittala candle holder, i-D with Daria on the cover, Celine sunnies, a bracelet from Givenchy and my new black marble iPhone case from 3details.
onsdag 21 maj 2014 kl 11:10 | *** | tech interior details


Golden earplugs from Happy Plugs. The coolest gadget right now.
torsdag 10 okt 2013 kl 22:45 | tech | tech happy plugs gadget gold silver

iphone 5s

Now Apple announced that iPhone 5s will be in stores october 25 (here in sweden). Just in time for pay day. Personally Ix27d love to get the gold/champagne one. But I donx27t think Ix27m gonna buy a new one right now since the one I have is working fine. Which is your favorite color of the three?
onsdag 9 okt 2013 kl 20:30 | tech | tech iphone news

Lenovo YOGA 11s Contest/tävling

Click here to compete. Lenovo Yoga 11S is a tablet but also a laptop. It has a super sleek design and it can be folded both up and down in two directions. A great work and surf computer but also great for gaming. Lenovo Yoga 11S comes with new Windows 8. Now you can win a Lenovo Yoga 11S, click here to compete. This post is creted together with Lenovo Yoga....
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onsdag 11 sep 2013 kl 21:09 | tech | tävling contest lenovo yoga tech gadget


Lovely x27marblex27 cases from
måndag 9 sep 2013 kl 11:57 | tech | wantneed shopping fall tech gadget iphone


Happy Plugs launches real 18 karats solid gold ear plugs. The ear plugs are handmade by a goldsmith in Stockholm and the price is 95.000, available from september 6 at If that feels a bit too much to pay they are also launching a more affordable alternative. Metallic colored ones in both gold and silver color, the price will be 249 sek and 349 sek dependning on model (in ear or earbuds). ...
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torsdag 5 sep 2013 kl 10:11 | news | tech happy plugs gadget news gold silver


Just bought this laptop case before I left for Paris. I needed something to protect my macbook during travels. Thought this one would cute and cool to have in the bag. I got the blue one but it also comes in black.
söndag 30 jun 2013 kl 10:52 | tech | new in tech shopping


My sparkly iPhone case, the sparkles are almost impossible to capture on camera but itx27s real sparkly live. Ix27ve been using this since a few years back. And I know many of you have been asking about it. Ix27ve had silver/gunmetal, gold with silver stones and now my latest is a bronze/rose gold case. The case is from 2 Me Style, an Italian brand, and they have a webshop here. You can also buy the cases in selected stores, I have bought mine a...
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måndag 10 jun 2013 kl 13:05 | tech | new in inspiration tech gadget

sony nex-3n

I know you guys are interested of what Ix27m shooting with, and right now I have this on trial. Itx27s Sonys new NEX-3N. This camera is actually amazing. Especially for the beginner since it describes everything in the menus so you basically donx27t need to guess when to use what setting. Also itx27s a great blog camera since it automatically snaps a pic of you (with timer) when you turn the viewer screen around and press the snap button. It also...
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måndag 20 maj 2013 kl 10:36 | stuff i like | new in inspiration tech gadget

in case

I just got a new iPhone case and I just had to share this one with you. Looks just like a Leica, but itx27s for iPhone - how cool?!? You can get the cover here and the leather cover with strap (which is additional) here.
torsdag 21 feb 2013 kl 07:03 | Inspiration | new in inspiration tech shopping fun gadget

spot on trend

I first noticed the Valentino x27Pop Dotx27 collection then I just saw dots everywhere. Itx27s a real cute spring trend and I would never say no to those espadrilles. In the notepad you see: runway photo from Nina Ricci spring 2013 (picture from, dotted bag and espadrilles both from the x27Pop Dotx27 collection that you can find at Colette, the small mixed dot bag comes from Jerome Dreyfuss, the iPad case and denim are both from Marc b...
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I get a lot of questions about my iPhone cover. Itx27s from 2meStyle and I got mine at Colette in Paris. You can get it at 2meStylex27s online store. This is the one I have this one in gold. If you are going to order make sure you buy a cover that suits your iPhone, they have covers for both iPhone
fredag 4 jan 2013 kl 10:44 | Inspiration | tech inspiration shopping

C Mode issue #20

Santa Claus is soon knocking on your door, but herex27s an early Christmas present from me! A free issue of C Mode. This issue is packed with inspiration and things to wish for. Check it our yourself, get yours (for free) here! If you have downloaded the app already open the magazine stand and download the latest issue from the library. Ix27m so proud of C Mode and what we have achieved during 2012. C Mode is one of the most popular iPad magazin...
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lördag 22 dec 2012 kl 11:26 | Inspiration | tech ipad cmode inspiration


I just had to show you this. The new mini iPad. It fits in almost any bag. Just perfect. Oh, my sale blog is back online here.
måndag 19 nov 2012 kl 21:34 | Inspiration | tech ipad cmode inspiration


Wishing for this Kikkerland iPurse iPhone case right now. How cute!?!
söndag 18 nov 2012 kl 17:47 | Inspiration | inspiration tech wish

new in

Today Ix27ve been busy shooting a photostory for the blog. Ix27m real excited about this one, the pics turned out soo good and inspiring. When I got back home my new camera had arrived, yey! Itx27s a polaroid camera and Ix27m already madly in love with it!
fredag 29 jul 2011 kl 22:23 | Accessories | new in tech camera
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