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Monday, kill me already! Puffy face, pimples, stubble and A. Mc Queen lips.

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I've been going back an forth, trying to figure out what to do with my life, or at least what direction to take. Without wanting to sound all to...confident, my plan was to apply and get accepted to Oxford, Edinburgh uni. or Cambridge, though preferably Oxford. Imagine floating around in those Harry Potter styled cloaks and...ahh, dream a little dream, as Mama Cass would have said.
No I, as you may know, went back home to Sweden to finnish secondary high school, and have so far kinda...well, excelled, if one can say that about oneself(and if excelling in secondary high school's something even worth mentioning) Straight A:s part from one subject. Naturally, one won't get accepted to Oxbridge if one don't excel and pass the dreaded, infamous interview. But then again, i do have a couple of " when I was sitting in this little fishing-village in the southernmost corner of Japan i realized.." or "...and then there was this time at the UN headquarters in NYC"

But academia? Hmm i dunno. Been eyeing on molecular biology, biological anthropology and development studies. But once again, academia? Really Wiktor? Nah...
I had a minor life crisis(one of far too many this year) earlier in january. Or well it was more of a "fuck that" period, where I, quite literally, fucked everything up school, work, relationship. Though unfortunately i didn't actually fuck anything or anyone á "Shame" style, celibacy you know. A couple of month later i received a mail from Guildhall School of Music and Drama. I had a date for an audition. Apparently I had applied for a bachelor in acting. Hmm...

So like mentioned above, i've been going back and forth, trying to see my options from different perspectives. Do a bachelor in Scandinavia and finish my master in UK/US? Skip uni and go to Tokyo and work? Audition for Guildhall and try to get in, which is almost harder than getting a letter of acceptance from Oxbridge.

But i've now decided what to do. One's moving to London in May and, no matter whether i get accepted to Guildhall or not, i will stay there till the beginning of next semester. Then i'll hopefully, probably, be in NYC. Studying. So yeah...London, god bless the (Mc)Queen!
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