Sunday just got a bit more fun.

Carolines World | The Wiktor Diet   24 feb 2013 10:18   by The Wiktor Diet
Looove "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"

How(not?) to give trainers and edge.

Carolines World | The Wiktor Diet   23 feb 2013 20:28   by The Wiktor Diet
Kimono from one of the Chicago stores in Tokyo// See through vest second hand// Tank dress Alexander Wang/ Jeans Cheap Monday// Shoes Nike

With a good pair of shoes, one can get away with pretty much anything, outfitwise. Trainers ain't great shoes, if they aren't from...I dunno, Mr Qwen or Mr Assche for example. But they do make you look less pretentious when wearing something complicated. Or well "less pretentious" i guess that depends. I mean, I look rather if not very hipster pretentious, cap, sneakers and all, but...oh well . Saturday outfit(flue almost over)

Hey y'all! I work in fazhion, mhm!

Carolines World | The Wiktor Diet   23 feb 2013 11:27   by The Wiktor Diet
Feeling rather oblivious atm. Fucking flue!
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