Carolines World | The Wiktor Diet   16 feb 2013 11:03   by The Wiktor Diet
When in southern Sweden, I won't let anyone touch my hair but Isabella

Friday, friday! One had plans for an evening filled with friends and joy. My friend Barbara had a bday bash, celebrating her 30 years on earth and in heels. Andreas wanted me to meet his new beau, Christoffer. Lovely guy. And then...migraine. So no bday party for me, no. Shame i must say. Got a haircut and everything.


Day in Gothenburg

Carolines World | The Wiktor Diet   14 feb 2013 12:41   by The Wiktor Diet
Jacket bought in NYC, can't remember store(tailor)// Sweater Givenchy// Shirt Hugo Boss// Jeans Crocker's// Shoes Underground// Backpack Zara

...forgot i had my camera in my bag.


Carolines World | The Wiktor Diet   14 feb 2013 12:06   by The Wiktor Diet
Shirt Unknown// Knit H&M// Trench Tailored// Fur Second Hand
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