Inspired by, ehm, school.

Carolines World | The Wiktor Diet   14 sep 2012 12:53   by The Wiktor Diet
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Yes, school! Grasslands this(natural science) Mesopotamia that(religion) nomads(history) and so on and so forth.
Speaking of school-so bloody fucking busy! Got a test tomorrow morning, history 3 million BP- 500 AD. Shouldn't be too hard, I mean, nothing really happened during the first 2999999 years. Part from evolution, killing Neanderthals and..yeah, all we really did back then was fucking, killing(animals, Neanderthals and babies if we got 1 or 2 too many) and eating. Maybe we spared a though to why the stars moved over the dark depths of they night...t nah, other than that, not much.
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